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Topic Title: Meniscus tear rehab
Created On: 11/29/2001 11:29 AM
 09/09/2004 08:36 PM

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Marvcross, check with your gym to see if they have any trainers that can give you some pointers on strengthening your quads, hams and calves. Nautilus machines work nicely, but keep in mind that unless they are PT’s they might not really have a clue to the type of damage you have, so take it easy. I agree with not overdoing it. I have a complete acl and lateral meniscus tear and am scheduled for arthro recon, and have been instructed to do “aggressive PT” pre-op to increase my ROM. However, dealing with my insurance on benefits coverage is far worse than PT. I went for a session and got a complete regime for exercise and am doing it locally at my health club. I was told to do stationary biking (low intensity) and swimming to get the joint moving. Darlene, first check with and orthopedic get his/her professional opinion on the MRI then discuss a plan of attack on surgery or not. Surgeries now a days has progressed to the point that it can be done through arthroscopy, so it is not as invasive as it was years ago. These procedures are usually done on an “outpatient” status, which means you’re in and out (around 4-5 hours then go home –someone should drive you home). Surgeries will help you walk better along with rehab; so stronger knees and less pain are part of the hypothetical benefits. These variables you can control even though everything in life involves certain risks. The decisions you have to face know is what you’re going through worth the risk to make it better. Take care and good luck.
 09/08/2004 06:43 PM

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I am 52yrs old. I have torn cartledge in my right knee. This problem had been around for years, but I never thought it was my knee, because I had no pain. Well now I do have pain. I'm taking celebrex, its not doing much good. Weight bearing getting out of a chair and walking up stairs are a nightmare for me. Sincenone of my doctors recommended a mri. I took it upon myself to get one done. Well well,well....I wasn't losing my mind after all. Indeed I had torn cartledge in my knee. Ok now what? Do I try Physical therapy , or would that just be a waste of my time and money,ending up having surgery anyway. What kind of surgery is common for this type of problem? Is it invassive? Would I be out of the hospital the same day as surgery? Will the surgery help me walk better, have more strength in my knee and will I be out of pain? Generally, what is the recooperation period for this type of surgery? Will I be able to play tennis and ride my bike again? Anyone PLEASE SEND FEEDBACK I'm desparate!!! I can't live like this anymore Thanks, Darlene
 11/29/2001 11:29 AM

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I had my left medial mesniscus tear repaired in 1996 and all went well. Now I am slated to have the same operation for a torn medial meniscus in my right knee. Both injuries could be traced back to squatting when doing a construction project and being on my knees when doing some fence repair. I want to rehab correctly and have very strong knees but do not want to overdo any exercise that can do more harm than good to the meniscus. What are the best knee/leg exercises for me. Also, would orthotics make a difference. I am a member of a nice health club and could work out every day. I am a 53 year old male that is not overweight and in good health.

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