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Topic Title: Abbott FreeStyle Libre Flash CGMS (only in Europe)
Created On: 09/26/2014 07:43 PM
 12/13/2014 10:52 AM

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<p>I've been reading some interesting insider discussions on the following [url=http://www.cafepharma.com/boards/showthread.php?t=568880]link [/url] (if the link does not work - look for ... FreeStyleLibre - Cafepharma Message Board). I added my two cents worth as a user of devices that have advanced how we take care of our health - if you have time to read the thread ... you may have your eyes opened as to how these products we so rely on - come to reality (in some ways - I see myself as a puppet on a string with medical companies after reading some of the posters who work in this industry). </p>
<p>And yes, I did identify myself to them, which if you did submit a statement, can go as Anon - which I was orignally with my question to the group dislcussion. </p>
 12/12/2014 11:38 PM

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<p>Here's a picture of the FreeStyle Libre - my previous post didn't allow me to upload - so figured I'd give this another go.</p>
<p>I found out from an endo at a Montreal hospital a few weeks ago - that Canadians should be seeing this in 2015 ... if it's more affordable than the Dexcom I'm presently looking at ... I may go this route ... depending on reviews / research that I come across. I presently use Freestyle for my blood glucose testing - I've found it very dependable up to now - and hope the same will apply with this CGMS.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>[img=474x461]http://ams.body1.com/assets/FatCatAnna/freestyleDELETE.gif[/img] </p>
 09/26/2014 07:43 PM

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<p>If you live overseas (Europe) - and one of the seven countries this device is coming to - then consider yourself lucky.</p>
<p>What I like so far in reading about it, is this sleek little CGMS doesn't even need you to test your own blood sugar (#BGNow) for calibration like many of the CGMS's that are on the market at the moment.</p>
<p>The display device takes a few seconds to take the readings from the sensor to show the results of 90 days of historical trends.</p>
<p>A few other details from the press release are:</p>
<ul class="press">
<li>Disposable, water-resistant sensor can be worn on the back of the upper arm for up to 14 days</li>
<li>Glucose readings can be taken as many times per day as needed or desired, with a painless one second scan</li>
<li>Each scan provides a current glucose reading, 8-hour history and the direction glucose is heading</li>
<li>The data generated by the system is designed to provide actionable trends and patterns that may help people determine how to modify food and other behaviors to better manage their diabetes in consultation with their healthcare professionals</li>
<p>To find more details go to this [url=https://www.abbottdiabetescare.com/press-room/2014/2014-e.html]<strong>link</strong>[/url].</p>
<p>I'm unable to post a picture of the device - so in order to see it ... go to this link - hopefully the Admin of Diabetes1.org will fix things up for me - since I have no control over my postings at time on this website - .... http://www.onlinetmd.com/medic...lt;/p>
<p><img src="[L=http://www.onlinetmd.com/FileU...image/abbottlibre.jpg" alt="Abbott FreeStyle Libre Flash CGMS" width="500" height="265" /></p>
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