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Topic Title: Sometimes I just don't want people to know...
Created On: 04/13/2009 06:34 PM
 04/14/2009 01:03 PM

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Hmm... I have no idea why this seems to be a change of heart for you. Maybe it's just a general thing, that you've gotten tired of it over the years but so many people already knew. In your new location people don't know so you can stop it before it starts.

If that's the way you feel I see nothing wrong with it. It's a personal thing and you're right, it is none of anybody else's business. If you can handle the added stress of having to sneak off to take care of shots/tests then I say go for it. You handle it in the way you find easiest.

Personally I'm kind of the opposite. I kind of like people to know so that when they do make a stupid (*ahem* uneducated) comment then I can educate them on the disease and what we can and can't do (read: eat) with it. I find most people are fascinated and I've been lucky enough to not have any that have tried to argue with me or continue making the "should you be eating that?" type of comments. But then I've only been diabetic for about four years and all but about six months of that time I was a stay-at-home mom so I didn't find myself often in situations where people could make such comments.

Good luck...and like I said, you do what feels right to you. Though I would maybe suggest you find one co-worker you can trust or your boss (both would be bound by HIPPA laws) to tell in case you would have an extreme low or high at work so that somebody would know what to do and/or to tell the paramedics. Other than that nobody HAS to know.
 04/13/2009 08:45 PM

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Wow Aimey - you've actually got me stumped on your questions <lol>. This is a great discussion!!

I'm sort of thinking that perhaps why you are feeling the way you are is that you want people to judge you who for what you are - without the diabetes baggage attached - which is sort of understandable. Maybe once you've gotten to know people - you'll let them know in time - especially if you're needing help during a hypo (which luckily has never happened to me in the work place - cringe of embarrassment here). I would think tho' that due to your company medical - either your boss or HR knows you have diabetes.

I have a friend that is like you - and she would often move from a job - once people got to know that she was diabetic. I always used to find this abit strange. She'd also not take very good care of her diabetes - skipping out on meals due to deadlines (she's a hardware engineer). I think she's changed abit over the years as she's gotten older. You're question is a good one that I'll have to ask her about (she's actually now on a pump as well).

As far as I go - I pretty well do it all in public (I'm a semi-exhibitionist I guess) - injections / BG testing. I don't mind people asking me about diabetes - often they don't know much about it - and I feel I educate them abit. Perhaps with time - you'll be more comfortable with being more open - there's nothing to be ashamed about in being a diabetic if that's how you're feeling right now! I'm similar in age for diagnosis of diabetes (I was 6) and I don't remember feeling that I should hide my diabetes. I guess it's because I don't know any other way of living - it's been drilled into me all these years like a soldier. I'm "normal" is how I perceive myself and have been told by many nondiabetic friends that I'll probably outlive them all due to being so healthy (define "healthy" - now that's a good topic of discussion!).

Good thing is - you have a great sounding board here!
 04/13/2009 06:34 PM

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I've had Type 1 Diabetes for over seventeen years. I'm 25... recently moved to a new city (sadly I left Los Angeles for Houston) and for the first time in my life I don't want my co-workers to know that I have Diabetes.

Maybe it's because I'm in an office environment? I just don't feel like explaining my condition, explaining my diet, answering tons of questions, being the focus of conversation whenever we have potlucks and catered lunches... I don't want people to be like "Aimey! You're not supposed to be eating that!" when in reality they know little to nothing about the disease, let alone how to manage my condition.

Is this wrong? Sometimes I feel like I'm being sneaky when I hide my insulin and testing supplies in my purse and head off to the bathroom without telling anyone what I'm doing. But honestly, I feel like it's none of their business... which is strange because up until now I've always been very open about it. When I was a child my parents always made sure that my teachers and friends were very "aware" at school and that they knew all about my condition. We even had a Diabetes support group/club after school! I used to tell my bosses/co-workers/friends all about it, explain how the disease and diet and exercise affected me, but now? Nah. I don't feel like having to explain anything. I want to be treated like a "normal" healthy person, and just keep my syringes & lancets (and privacy!) to myself.

Is it just the change in location? The new job? Or am I just growing up and realizing that I AM a "normal" healthy person... and Diabetes doesn't have to always be the center of attention in my life?

Thoughts? Anyone else feel like sometimes you just don't want people to know?


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