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Topic Title: Debating Good Control Video
Created On: 02/21/2009 05:26 PM
 02/22/2009 03:45 PM

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Hi Anna,

Being that I only have dial-up access I can't watch the video (at least not at home). So I had a "buddy" translate it via instant messaging yesterday. As she put it, it was nothing I didn't already know.

I have been a Dr. Bernstein believer since I read his book almost three years ago. It is well worth the $20 and the cost of a highlighter. It is not a difficult read but it is very technically informative. I haven't written a book review on the new version yet; simply because I try to read a variety of books and, hopefully, capture new (to me) information.

While the ADA "recommends" <7.0 and the Endocrine Society recommends <"6.5" very few practioners other than Dr. Bernstein have bothered to discuss "normal." Personally, I am sick of the excuses that they all use in justifying their use of "recommended" targets versus "normal" targets. I understand that Dr. W. in this video says something to the effect of "it might be too hard on people if they don't reach a normal goal" (meaning emotionally). Well, what's harder - picking your butt up and trying harder or losing an organ, an appendange or having heart attaacks?? That is emotionally taxing!

You mention they both say "whatever works" for the patient. Well define "works." All of those years of me following the ADA recommendations - testing 4-6 times a day, targeting 110-140 and an A1C in the 6's may have worked statistically but it didn't work logically and it sure as heck didn't work for my body. I am one very fortunate long-term diabetic who has no major complications but that doesn't mean life as deemed by the ADA is a picnic. I think they should try life with blood sugar in their target levels and see how they feel!

Also, Dr. Bernstein often holds free teleconferences (via telephone or via internet). The notifications are posted on http://www.diabetes911.net/askdrb/callsamples.php. In fact there is one this week (the 26th). Pre-registration is required. I've listened to some on the past ... I love New Yorkers! Blunt, bold and to the point.

 02/21/2009 05:26 PM

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Just wondering what your opinions are on the video that has been posted.

I myself have been very interested in Dr. Bernstein's approach to maintaining A1C's at levels many would feel uncomfortable with (I believe in the 4.0 mmol/dL to 5.0 mmol/dL range was what he said). The level of A1C's that diabetics should attain has dropped over the years - as medical research has proven patients have less complications from diabetes. The present level by ADA/CDA (American Diabetes Association and Canadian Diabetes Association) is under 7.0 mmol/dL.

Dr. Bernstein is a diabetic himself - and I guess like some of us - living with it for so long - has been a human guineau pig - and found a method of eating (low carb) - that maintains lower A1C's then the regular diet that both ADA/CDA promote. I personally try to follow the ADA/CDA diet - but not completely.

As both doctors say - it's whatever works for you. Also, attaining better A1C levels can take abit of work and dedication - that some may find difficult to do. I know I have over the years - as sometimes I get tired of being like a soldier - having to eat at this speicific time due to when insulin is working, etc. As most of you know, who may have read my dribbles here on Diabetes1 - I am now using a pump - and finding more freedom - and experience very few ups/downs with blood sugars.

Anyway, hope to hear from a few of you - to see how you found this video. Just nice to put a voice and a face to Dr. Bernstein finally!

BTW, my husband just found where DL comes from - which is once a week on CNBC Newsworld (we don't get it thru' our satellite company here in Montreal unfortunately).

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