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Created On: 11/19/2008 07:56 PM
 03/07/2014 02:37 PM

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<p>If you are wondering why Medtronic has taken over from Patton Medical Devices for distribution of the I-Port - it's got a few of us wondering the same thing. Probably all down to profit margin for both sides.</p>
<p>The sad thing - if you've been reading my blogs (this is the latest one - http://diabetes1.org/blogs/Annas_Blog/Update_on_I_Port ) on the product (search using i-port) - you'll see that that currently there are NO 6mm / 9mm I-Ports available to the consumer - not here in Canada at least.</p>
<p>I'll be out of my supply of 9mm in 18 days. The best I've been told is maybe 2-3 month wait.</p>
<p>Never had problems before Medtronic came into the picture - sigh - are they wanting us to switch over to purchasing the more expensive option of an insulin pump I wonder???</p>
<p>To read more about KK's invention - Katherine Patton - you can check out her video here .... http://www.i-port.com/aboutus.html</p>
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 11/19/2008 08:28 PM

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UPDATE: Just spoke with Lise from Patton Medical Devices. If you were having to pay out of pocket for their I-PODS - it will run you about $120 USD for a box of 10. Not a bad deal IMHO. I did ask her if eventually they might come out with an automated version - since some people do not like manually inserting needles into themselves - and she says they are looking into that for the future.

I think it's a good product from the sounds of it. Very supportive team to help out anyone wishing to use it. I can't wait to hear from anyone that maybe is already using it or thinking about trying a different approach to taking care of themselves with multiple injections!
 11/19/2008 07:56 PM

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<p>I read today about a woman by the name of Katherine (KK) Patton - who became diabetic when she was pregnant back in 2001. She hated giving insulin shots - and she came up with something similiar to what I use with my insulin pump which is a port for the insulin to go thru'. Instead of pumping with a pump - you simply use your needle/pen needle to inject the required doseage of insulin thru' the cannula inserted under your skin! I have used my port from time to time this way - when I am wearing a tight dress and don't want the bother of wearing the pump (I am from Montreal - semi-Fashionist ) - and it's worked for me - just at a box of 10 for $200 CDN - it's abit pricey - so I'm curious to know what the charge is for this device. Catherine by the way has been wearing this device now for the past 3 years. Would you consider using this if it means you only have to place this port into your body every 3 days rather then multiple injecting? When I was MDI - I would inject as much as 10 times a day with two types of insulin - so that's 30 pricks into your skin over 3 days. To have the option of simply injecting into a port like this might have been something I'd be interested in rather then perhaps plunking down the big $$$'s for a pump (mine was $7,000 CDN - 80% covered by private work insurance - still abit of change when you think about it). Plus for some people - wearing a pump with tubing, a mini PC strapped to their waist/thigh - no thanks - I don't want it. I have called up the company - and they will be getting back to me on costs associated with their product(s). Unfortunately, for those of you living outside of the US - it's not available to us. I know here in Canada - many medical products go thru' a barrage of tests - so things tend to come out abit later for us - and the same may apply to other countries around the world. Once they've coughed up some info - hopefully I'll be posting abit more here for you to read. Here's the website for further information - I'd love to know if any of you would consider giving it a try - I know I would (and maybe I will one day!) .... http://www.i-port.com/</p>

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