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Topic Title: Insulin pump gives lethal dose to 27 year old man in Canada
Created On: 08/25/2009 11:44 PM
 12/28/2014 01:37 PM

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<p>If you are unsure if the pump malfunctioned do not send it to mini med. Contact the law office of Matt Harmon, he is handling several cases of this nature. You can find him on the Internet. He is trust worthy and though and knows a lot about the pump. You can also file a complaint with the FDA as there is a class 1 recall of some pumps.</p>
 12/13/2014 10:47 AM

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<p>Glad you are alright. Are you wearing an insulin pump? </p>
 12/13/2014 07:58 AM

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<p> I sympathize with the incidents. I would like to share mine which took place a year back when I was caught with a severe heart attack and my neighbour saved me who was pursuing his [url=http://www.code3cme.com/]paramedic refresher course[/url]. He helped me with the medical aid on the route to hospital. I have not recovered completely but would have been into a much bad condition if that paramedic was not at the rescue.</p>
 09/06/2013 03:10 PM

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[size= small; font-family: verdana, geneva]I had written a [url=http://www.therollercoasterrideofdiabetes.com/2013/06/my-heart-breaks-for-t1d-in-coma-for.html]blog[/url] at my private blog site a few months ago - about Amanda*, an RN - who was found unconscious at her home last summer (2012). [/size]

[size= small; font-family: verdana, geneva]I was once again at the IP (Insulin Pumpers) meeting in Cornwall, Ontario a few days ago - where she had been highly involved (there are over TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY insulin pumpers in the area!). A few of the members in attendance asked about her. I found out the lastest info from Amanda's friend yesterday - and just now sent out an email to them - informing them of her condition.

She still can't get over the fact that Amanada was a 1 (18) when paramedics got into her locked house. How long, we're not sure - but her pump had 6 hours of date missing from it. [/size]

[size= small; font-family: verdana, geneva]Last time my friend went to see her - she found it very hard to see her friend in this state (she is able to move arms - but not able to make sense when talking). Amanda is now in a long term care facility - her parents are fighting a legal battle with the pump manufacturer - and again - as Martin stipulates below in this forum thread - do NOT send your pump if it goes back to the pump manufacturer before having a third party test it first - you will never know the truth. [/size]

[size= small; font-family: verdana, geneva]I can't reiterate this enough - and let your loved ones know of this wish - so they can assure the pump is not whisked away without your knowledge from your body. I pray that none of you go thru' what some diabetics have gone thru' over the years - who have written to me privately - or allowed me to share their stories to you.[img]http://ams.body1.com/assets/FatCatAnna/cryingeye.jpeg[/img][/size]
[size= small]* Name changed to protect privacy[/size]
 07/05/2013 02:46 PM

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[size= small; font-family: verdana, geneva]Martin!!! I have tried locating your group on Facebook with no success - until I hear back from you - I will not be releasing the info via the social media that I'm deeply involved in due to my work here at Diabetes1.org . I did send a private mesage to the one Martin Altizer that I could find that is registered on FB. You can also find me on FB - under the same name that I go by here - FatCat Anna - if we are not already friends - friend me - I can hopefully help you - otherwise my hands are tied at the moment.[/size]
 07/03/2013 01:28 AM

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Don't, repeat DON't return the pump to Medtronics- these people lie through their teeth, and once you give up the pump, they will say there is nothing wrong with it, he must have made a mistake , etc. I have started a Facebook page, Insulin Pump Deaths, please copy and paste your information on Andy to it, and give me a 'like'. If you know of anyone else using the pump, that has had ANY type of problem, please ask them to post and like, also.

Medtronics customer service and legal dept told me that my wife's death was the first they had heard of this problem- 2 year' after your son's death. They were extremely concerned if I had hired counsel- so much so that I balked at giving up the pump, and am moving on blogging or posting information any and everywhere I can. I'm going to translate it into every language where Medtronics sell these devices. . My goal is a complete recall and issuance of a differant model to everyone who uses one of the MMT series, and a fair compensation to the families of all who lost a loved one.

My e-mail address is [email protected] If you write, please put PUMP DEATHS or DIABETIC PUMPS in the subject line, in caps, so I can find it- I get so much in the way of tech and info mail, make it junp off the screen. Should you wish to call, my cell is 575-694-4230- anytime! Ask or tell your health care organization of what's happening, cast a wide net...let's have justice, not corporate indifferance . Most of their pumps work just fine- 'til the one time you may not come back from.

My deepest sympathy on the loss of your son Andy. Let's paint these folks into a corner where ther is no retreat.

Martin B. Altizer
 07/02/2013 05:50 PM

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Hi, Anna- I have started a page on facebook, under my name - Martin Altizer- and 'insulin pump deaths'. Please circulate this info among your membership, if anyone has lost a loved one due to a runaway Medtronics pump. There is a strong probability that all case may be tolled, or, have the statute of limitations removed. Please note- do NOT return the pump to Medtronics- they have lied to me about the number of occurrences, telling me my wife was the first instance,
I am working with my elected representatives from New Mexico, one of whom is on the FDA oversight commitee. I intend to paint Medtronics into a corner, require them to replace the complete series of pumps, and make at least a $500k compensation to families.
If I can't do this through legal channels, I have some plans for extra-legal operations that will at least bring this issue to public attention.
Have a wonderful and sfe 4th with your family, and, God bless us, each and every one. Freedom from corporate corruption and tyranny!

 05/13/2013 12:34 PM

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I spoke with a local lawyer in PA who got us in touch with an attorney in Philly who deals in these kinds of cases. I sent them the info I had and they said it was not enough to file a case. I also contacted a lawyer on line and they said the same. As I stated in my online comment we did not have an autopsy done, but we still have the pump. It's past the 2 year time line to file, but if there is a problem we can certainly get a warning out so this does not happen to others. Andy was on the pump for 11 years and was very good at dealing with the pump. He had no other health problems, other than diabetes. He was a healthy robust young man.
 05/12/2013 02:15 PM

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[size= small; font-family: verdana, geneva]Oh Martin - first - I am so so sorry to hear of your wifes passing away due to her pump emptying it's insulin cartridge into her without her knowledge. I am going to pass on your message to a few people I know - who have been having to deal with similar circumstances as you are right now. Hopefully they will be able to help you.[/size]
 05/12/2013 12:26 PM

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2-23-11 my wife refilled the syringe for her Medtronics Paradigm, ate diner, then went to bed. An hour later I noticed her breathing was raagged, attempted to wake her and coulld not, checked her BS (28), called EMT's, she was at the ER within 10 minutes, gettin 2 liters of dextrose with an IV in each arm on the way. I had disconnected the tubing at the cannula as I was dialing 911, one of the paramedics examined the pump, and found the cartridge totally empty.
She never recoveed from that massive overdose, and passed away 3-17-11 I neede a lawyer, and for everyone who has lost a familiy member to an incident likethis to contact me ASAP.If you e-mail. please put the single word 'Diabetic' in the subject line. If you want to call instead, please o not call before 8:00am Mountain time, but I will he happy to take your call up to midnight.

I called Medtronics. I want to have them analyze this pump, but requested a very low settlement in exchange for that return. The next thing I heard from them was, had I retained counsel, which I had not, preferring to deal directly with a company who I still think makes a pretty good product(s). The only concession offered was to pay my way to and allow me to watch the the diagnostic process, adding that tof culpability or intent to make any compensation.his was in no way an admission of responsibility.
My wife is dead. Dead as a direct result of a failure of a device of their manufacture. She had used a Medtronics pump since 9-11-01,was quite competant in all facets of its operation During that time, she had to return at least 3, possibly 4 pumps for non-delivery, or a pump refusing to function, or a defective display
My wife is dead. I was pressured by Kaiser Permante that an autopsy was not needed,as well as pressuring me for permission to remove life support earlier than I would have wanted. If anyone out there is a KP member and was issued a pump of a differant make than Medtronic, I would like to hear from you, also. I suspect a sweet-heart deal for exclusive provision of Medtronics pumps to KP members.
Death, serious injury, pump overdoses, and KP members with differant make of pump than Medtronics. I really need to hear from you. And please, if you have or know of an attorney with the the moral fortitude to stand against Medtronics (and maybe Kaiser) let me know who they are, or have them contact me. My case can only be tolled for so long.

Martin Altizer * [email protected] * (575)694-4230

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