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Topic Title: Do Pigs Really Fly? I think these Auckland Island ones do!
Created On: 03/09/2011 04:56 PM
 03/13/2011 03:12 PM

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Okay mynewislets - I was under the assumption that LCT (the research company in New Zealand performing these clinical tests) - were using encapsulated porcine islets? That is one of the reasons that the Auckland Island pig islets are more successfully transplanted into the human body. Also, the Auckland Island pigs are almost hyperallergenic free (I'm probably not wording this in the right medical terminology words here - but I'm just a layman here ) - so when their islets are transplanted into humans - less problems with us rejecting them. I'm wondering if there are also less anti-rejection drugs that are taken compared to the Edmonton Protocol recepients. I know this was one of my endo's concerns when I had applied - he said sometimes the anti-rejection drugs can be hard on the body - along with the expense that may not be covered by some medical plans.[br][br]Are you an islet transplant recepient yourself? I couldn't help but notice your name. If you are, maybe you'll have to blog abit about your experience without daily injections, etc.![br][br]Yes, hopefully whatever is being done in Russia - that all research around the world can be compiled to bring this to fruition for those diabetics that can't managed with the regular way of taking insulin shots to keep them leading normal lifes. I did go to the website link in my posting below - and alas - I'm too healthy to be considered a recipient at the moment.
 03/10/2011 08:11 AM

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I am excited by this company and its research. Using pig islet cells will allow more patients to have transplants and is expanding the research by using encapsulated islet cells. I see that they are performing this in Russia now, but not at LCT. I am hoping that the results from Russia are positive enough to speed things along and to help to get this option over here as well.
 03/09/2011 04:56 PM

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[br][font face="verdana,geneva" size="1"]Cells from Auckland Island pigs may be the way to go for future islet transplants in diabetics. The final stage of the second clincial trial - [/font][url=http://www.nzdoctor.co.nz/un-doctored/2011/february-2011/17/revolutionary-treatment-for-type-1-diabetes.aspx][font face="verdana,geneva" size="1"]http://www.nzdoctor.co.nz/un-doctored/2011/february-2011/17/revolutionary-treatment-for-type-1-diabetes.aspx[/font][/url][font face="verdana,geneva" size="1"] involving New Zealand volunteers with Type 1 diabetes will be starting in the year 2012. One volunteer from the initial phase is still producing insulin with these implanted cells after 10 years. The company that is behind this is called DIABECELL - [/font][url=http://www.lctglobal.com/Product-Pipeline/Diabecell/][font face="verdana,geneva" size="1"]http://www.lctglobal.com/Product-Pipeline/Diabecell/[/font][/url][font face="verdana,geneva" size="1"]. Two International charitable foundations, New Zealand-based Cure Kids and U.S.-based Children with Diabetes Foundation are now helping to fund the second phase as well.[br][br]I'm hoping like pork insulin did for my diabetes earlier where porcine insulin is as close to what we make ourselves - will have great rewards with cell transplant into humans as it already seems to be proving. These pigs from Auckland Island were used because the population they came from had been largely free of human contact for hundreds of years. You can read more about them here at Diabetic Duo's blog page that was posted last April - [url=http://thediabeticduo.com/?p=988]http://thediabeticduo.com/?p=988[/url]. Renata Porter who writes this blog has two teenage sons with Type 1 diabetics and currently lives in New Zealand. [br][br]If you're interested in seeing how you could become part of the ongoing study - click on the following link - [/font][url=http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00940173?term=porcine+islets&rank=1][font face="verdana,geneva" size="1"]http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00940173?term=porcine+islets&rank=1[/font][/url][br][br][font face="verdana,geneva" size="1"]I know I'm interested in seeing if I could qualify (I didn't for the Edmonton Protocol - [url=http://www.islet.ca/]http://www.islet.ca/[/url] here in Canada 10 years ago when I applied).[br][/font][br]

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