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Topic Title: Do you bring a spare blood glucose meter when you go on holidays?
Created On: 01/16/2013 11:35 PM
 10/04/2014 11:41 AM

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<p>Hey Sherly800 - really? You feel handicaped when you bring your monitoring equipment with you on holidays? That's too bad - since without it - or at least for myself - I'd be lost - not knowing how much insulin (bolus) to give for a meal, etc.</p>
<p>I agree that a CGMS is good to have - but for some of us - the cost of one far outweighs what a regular handheld monitor costs. If you have insurance coveage (are you American?) - then you've got it made.</p>
<p>The one thing - with any CGMS system - you still have to use a hand held blood glucose monitor with you to calibrate the CGMS. So far, there doesn't appear to be any CGMS that doesn't require this step to ensure that it's performing 100%.</p>
<p>I know as a CGMS user - the lag time with what my hand held meter showed - when my CGMS was alarming - helped me in not over correcting - or not correcting. I believe since the time I tried it (in 2008) they have improved the lag time between finger tip testing and subcutaneous blood testisng for the CGMS.</p>
<p>Thanks for the link ... again ... for M. Zilber's online books ... would love to have him/her come on to Diabetes1.org to say hello - and give us more insight into their book (no luck in finding them online searches sad to say - except all these e-books they've put out).</p>
<p>Peace be with you.</p>
 10/01/2014 04:24 AM

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<p>I have always felt like an handicap when I bring all those monitoring equipments with me and when it's missing, I feel like the whole world comes crashing down on my head. I was reading on monitoring methods for diabetes patients and I found this material to be helpful [url=http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MUZ7TTI]SWEET MEASURES: BLOOD GLUCOSE MONITORING: FIXING THE ERRORS[/url] It explains the reason to use continuous glucose monitoring method. </p>
 01/16/2013 11:35 PM

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[font face="verdana,geneva" size="2"]I've never brought a spare one when I travel (sometimes I'm away for a whole month) - but lately I've been wondering if I should. Because of attending a few diabetic conferences every year - I often am given new [url=/Education_Center/Blood_Glucose_Monitoring]blood glucose meters[/url] to try out. Sadly tho', some of the ones I really like, my pharmacy here in Quebec has either never heard of the meter or it's just not worth their while to order up strips just for me since I am [/font]the lone user of that type of blood meter.[br][br]So, I'm hoping when I go to my pharmacy next week - to pick up some more blood meter test strips (I use the Freestyle Lite) - that I can perhaps either purchase a new meter or bat my eye lashes and have a free one. To be without a functioning blood meter is a scary thing for me - even more so [font size="2"]since going off the [url=/blogs/Annas_Blog/Going_off_the_insulin_pump_for_a_few_months]insulin pump and onto MDI[/url] (multi dosage injections)[/font]. I'm sure some of you reading this feel the same way - and [font size="2"]to think before I only knew my control via urine testing.[/font] [font face="verdana,geneva" size="2"] I'm glad I wasn't around in the days where [url=http://www.myuniversalfacts.com/2005/05/doctors-of-old-test-for-diabetes-by.html]tasting the urine[/url] was a way to know of your control - ick, ick, triple ick.[/font]

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