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Topic Title: Diabetes and Exercise - Any limitations?
Created On: 10/16/2008 05:31 PM
 01/04/2010 02:04 PM

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[p]hi there!! well i came across a acquitance who had been suffering from diabetes for a long period of time.. somewhere around 15-20 years.. i think it was just inherited by d genes.. that is what i assume..the diet and the working schedule seemed to prety good.. very timely meals with proper yoga sessions for an hour or so..but as age seemed to climb up the working ability of the body gave in.. not because of weakness or somethiing.. but owing to the development of a completely new thing 'Vertigo'.. there used to occur some kind of blockage of blood supply to the brain while doing yoga.. it even happened while doing the daily chores.. thus limiting body to certain physical measures.. as a result the sugar level showed a considerable rise in the graph.. [/p][p]so i feel its better not overstress oneself and keep the endurance level of one's body in mind and do tasks accordingly..[/p][p]Have a safe workout .. [/p][p]Cheers !![/p][p] [/p]
 03/19/2009 09:48 AM

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You got a lot of responses to yoru post but I'll ad one more. I have type 2 diabetes and was diagnosed last year. With diet and exercise I've reduced my A1C by .7 points and lost 46 pounds so far. I have a nutritionist and she recommended weight training for me. Since I was unsure about all of that she also recommended a personal trainer that specializes in working with patients that have had heart attacks and are those suffering from diabetes. She's amazing! Has taught me how to push myself and when not to because it's not safe. I do find that I tend to go hypo during or after working out so I make sure to eat a light snack - like a granola bar - before our workouts. I find this gives me extra energy to tap into and helps me from experiencing the lows in BS.

Good luck!
 10/18/2008 06:14 PM

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Hi Doris - nice to meet you here in the forum. You use very little insulin! I average about 22 units a day of Novorapid. Before with MDI - I took a total of 16 units Lantus (split a.m./p.m.) - about 10-15 Novorapid. I used to have less control when on MDI tho' when it came to hypos. Don't like hypos at all which I'm sure you don't as well (when you are fighting within yourself to be normal). When I exercise - it's less insulin being pumped as well as fewer hypos if any.

I hear you on the frozen shoulder (FS) - been there done that! When I forget about having the FS - ouch - it hurts initially when I do the "wrong movement" - but it actually feels better later on - since I've stretched things abit. Am I a glutton for punishment or what?

I may be misreading what you wrote tho' - as applying your comment to myself - no insult taken (I'm Canadian - we can take alot <lol>). For me it's not a "pain in the butt" so to speak to monitor my BS levels as I have an amply sized butt!!! It's just something I have always done even prior to pumping. I average about 10 tests a day (before a meal/3 hours after or before/after exercising). I know of some people who test every hour who want tighter control and maintain better A1C's then I have ever had. If that's what they feel comfortable with - go for it! For myself, it's not my cuppa tea (I hate tea by the way - espresso all the way - and that's another subject ... caffeine for another discussion one day).

Take care - and stay healthy!
 10/18/2008 05:07 PM

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Well first of all, I think there is a difference in exercise between a type 1 and a type 2 especially if the type 2 is overweight and has secondary complications. There is always a difference especially if a type 2 does not take insulin. Case 1 has a lot more to worry about. Case 2 at least doesn't have to worry about insulin-related lows.

As a type 1, my mouth would want to tell you I can do anything. After almost 32 years my brain knows I and my body won't do anything. Most of the time it is "feature" related - e.g. frozen shoulder, tendonitis or herniated disc related limitations. It's also related to the fact that there is a certain point I couldn't be bothered with worrying about everything that must be worried about in order to do a certain energy exerted task - whatever it is. If the fun is taken out of it, I'm just not that interested anymore.

I take very low amounts of insulin (for example 3, 2 1/2 and 2 1/2 units of Levemir) and though I don't have and do not want a pump, I can adjust in 8 hour increments. But honestly ... the things I'm interested in doing I can't do and most other things are just too much effort. I'm not depressed trust me. I just have other things I would rather do than worry about my blood sugar in 15 minute increments.

So ... reality ... unless you are one of those who likes to run high all the time (just so you can avoid running low) or doesn't mind the constant interruptions of testing or drinking juice (or whatever), then some things are going to be a big pain in the butt.
 10/18/2008 02:33 PM

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Hi RH,

I can only speak for myself - as a Type 1 diabetic - from my own knowledge over the years of course. I don't really think there is any difference from Type 1 / Type 2 diabetics as far as what type of excercise they can do (well - if you have a fear of heights - hang gliding might be out - but I still say go for it - and I'm afraid of heights - just don't have the $$$ to do it).

Of course, you should always make sure your BS are not too low or high and take into consideration the meds you are taking. I tend to always carry a glucose tablets with me as I'm sure most diabetics do (Dex4 are the best in coconut LOL) - as well as a few juice boxes. I find since going onto the insulin pump tho' - I have more freedom with choices of what I can do - not that I was stopped before when I was MDI - but now I have less hypos since I have more control over the continuous flow of insulin into my body. I can alter my basal rate to slow down if I'm doing a strenuous exercise - so I don't go into hypo state. It differs from activity to activity.

Are you a student studying diabetes or know someone with diabetes? Just curious.
 10/16/2008 05:31 PM

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If you have Diabetes are you limited in your freedom to exercise? Are there differences between type 1 and type 2 related to exercising? How often do you exercise? Do you have an exercise buddy or even a group?

Although I do not have Diabetes I am interested in how people with Diabetes work out. I often encourage people - not knowing whether they have Diabetes or not - to exercise, whether it is as simple as going for a walk, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or not parking the car "in" the grocery store. Personally, I like to bike, run, and try all kinds of sports. But I feel I should know more about each person's personal, emotional, and physical situation before I act as their master trainer.

I would appreciate if you could share the exercise habits, limitations, objectives and whatever comes to your mind. Did I miss anything?



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