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Topic Title: Rights vs. Responsibility
Created On: 12/07/2010 11:43 AM
 01/10/2011 11:12 AM

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I don't see an issue with Dr. Baldwin tellling Rich that he was being irresponsible with his diabetic management. As Rich's doctor, it's kind of his job to tell Rich if he's being irresponsible with his health. And to be honest, it was irresponsible of Rich to have waited until he was out of strips to call for a new prescription. Yeah, it happens to all of us. You think you have more than you did, you were distracted, busy, and you're out before you know it. But still, Rich even said that "I knew I was low but it's a cartridge type of unit and I thought I had one or two more strips to go." Personally, I think that at one or two strips to go, he should have already called for the new prescription. What if he hadn't been able to reach his doctor or fill his prescription that night? It could have had serious negative effects. [br][br]However, I don't think it was necessary for Dr. Baldwin to be insulting or overly irritated while telling Rich that he was being irresponsible. He could have calmly told Rich that it was irresponsible to wait until the last minute and he needed to be more careful in the future, and remind him of the risks of poor diabetic management. [br][br]And really, for all we know, that is what Dr. Baldwin did. We only have Rich's side of the story. [br]
 01/05/2011 11:36 AM

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[br][font size="2"]I personally think Dr. Baldwin did not have the right to tell Rich Holler that he was being irresponsible with his diabetic management (of not knowing how many test strips he had left). I also don't think Rich is "blaming" his HMO being responsible for the management of his diabetes - maybe I'm reading your words incorrectly? [br][br]I have been in the same boat before as Rich, where life gets busy. I forget to order my supplies and then discover #### have run out of something. Usually I wait until the next day to be able to call in for my prescription refill as we don't have many late night pharmacies, and often they won't take another prescription from another pharmacy (this is Canada remember - not the USA). [br][br]One time I had to do something similar like Rich, with getting in blood test strips late in the evening, and I had to buy the strips outright. The pharmacy which wasn't my ususal one - but one that stayed open until midnight would only give me medical receipt that I need to give to my insurance company in order to receive payment back for my medical supplies with a legit prescription from my endo/GP. This meant having to call up my endo, to get a separate refill just for this ONE time situation at this pharmacy (I felt they were rude to me - but they were only following how the government system dictates this procedure should be done). Luckily I wasn't charged extra for my endo writing this prescription (they are known to do that here in Canada if it's not just the usual visit). [br][br]Maybe this will be a wakeup call for this guy to make sure he's aware in future when he's running low? I know I've never had it happen to me again - especially when I test my blood sugars on average about 6X a day (sometimes more - depending on the situation).[/font][br]
 12/07/2010 11:43 AM

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Stumbled across an [url=http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/bridge-street-medical-associates-c393784.html]interesting post on another Board[/url] about a guy who noticed he ran out of test strips late at night and called his HMO to get an immediate prescription for more. There are two sides to this story as I read- 1. the guy's, which says that the HMO is responsible for facilitating his need for tight BGM control vs. 2. the doctor at the HMO's - who implied that the guy was irresponsible in not keeping track of his strips and getting a refill when they were running low. Wondering which view others think is right?

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