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Topic Title: Reducing Insulin Resistance using Transcendental Meditation
Created On: 10/03/2009 09:35 PM
 10/06/2009 03:39 PM

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I agree with FatCatAnna in that if meditation works to lower your heart rate/relax/etc, then more power to you.  Though it's true that you probably won't find too many "legit" studies on the effectiveness of meditation compared medication in terms of insulin levels, I don't think that it necessarily means that it doesn't work.  In other words, I truly believe that the mind is capable of inexplicable and crazy things.  The placebo effect exists for a reason, ya know?  Not to say that I think you (19556) should ignore your doctors' advice and go for the meditation thing, but I don't think it would hurt to give it a shot, as long as you don't put yourself in any sort of danger.  You would probably need to consult with your physician about it.. Ask him/her what they think about it.  Granted, scientists and medical professionals tend to be wary of a lot of holistic medicine so you might have to write up a very convincing speech or something, but I digress.

My point is merely that it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot if you're interested in it.  Also, any cult or pseudo-religious aspect to the process is kind of a moot point isn't it?  because what does it matter who they associate themselves with and whatnot, if it helps? Granted, if (let's say for argument's sake) they were affiliated with a cult, but you found that the technique worked for you.  Would you stop using the technique just because the people who came up with it have different beliefs than yourself? See? Moot point. :)

On the flip side, if your physician tells you that attempting this would be too dangerous for you (in terms of your insulin level, not the relaxing thing), then I think you probably would want to listen to what s/he says. 
 10/05/2009 01:24 PM

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Well, personally I don't think there is any cult/pseudo-religious aspects to it - but that's just my opinion. I guess if you get with a group that is pushing things that seem abit odd - then - run like you have the demon up your backside - but that's my opinion.

Like [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVdD0ZxPq_g]yoga[/url], meditation from what I know about, relaxes you, takes your mind into an alternative space. If you perform the steps that are required to lower your heart rate, then I say more power to you if it works for you.

Though I'm not sure about the insulin resistance bit, I can't seem to come up with much proof here on my Internet search to find any solid facts that it does this. Though, if you have less stress in your body/life, am sure that your insulin requirement may be less.  There are so many ways to do this though, to destress (petting my cat slows my heart rate, except when she bites me that is). For other people, it's exercise. 

I'm not able to find much current information on this - as everything seems to stop after 2006. I did find one article that is similar to yours at this [url=http://www.theheart.org/article/714763.do]link[/url] .

All I can say is, give it a try. Keep us posted!
 10/03/2009 09:35 PM

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My doctor is recommending that I consider Transcendental Meditation (TM).    I'm wondering if anyone has tried this?     Apparently [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transcendental_Meditation]Transcendental Meditation[/url] both reduces insulin resistance and high blood pressure.    I searched online and found a number of studies saying this is true - & they look legit.   Here's one example: from the "Archives of Internal Medicine":   http://archinte.ama-assn.org/c...t/abstract/166/11/1218 (Effects of a Randomized Controlled Trial of Transcendental Meditation on Components of the Metabolic Syndrome in Subjects With Coronary Heart Disease).    
Curious about this.   Are there any cult or pseudo-religious aspects to TM?    (I want to avoid those).   Thanks!

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