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Posted: Jan 3, 2011

On Christmas Eve we went home to visit family and friends.  Our first stop was to see our God daughter Catherine and her son, Aaron who was diagnosed with diabetes at the same age as I was.  I was excited to see him because I’d picked up this nifty little waist pouch from Spibelt for part of his Christmas present.  I have a few of these little waist bags – which are meant for runners – but a few of us insulin pumping diabetics have discovered that they also hold our insulin pump securely to our bodies where it almost feels as if we don’t have the pump on us at all (most of the time we clip our pumps to our pant waistband).  It’s also very handy for keeping blood monitor and supplies in there – as it can hold quite abit despite its little size.  They do make one specifically for pumps now (has a hole for the infusion tubing), but it’s abit more expensive and I find the original one works fine for me.

So, into the house we went, and we surprised Catherine’s parents who we hadn’t seen in a long time (and a surprise for my hubby as well – as he didn’t know they’d be there).  There was Aaron, all bundled up on the sofa and we found out that he’d experienced his first night time hypo since starting on the insulin pump (he only started pumping in October – after over a year’s wait to be approved for the program that the province of Ontario has set up).   

Yuppers, that evil hypo fairy (this is what my friend Jennie and I call this phenomena) had paid a call to Aaron.  What really got to me was how he handled the hypo, all by himself.  It was like seeing my twin as he described it all.  He told me that he didn’t know he was having a hypo, and went downstairs to the kitchen as he wanted to eat chocolate (yum).   What he could remember was that he took out the weight scale to weigh the chocolate.  When he said this, I told him I was the same way when I was having a hypo at night time.  It’s built into us, to calculate the carb count of everything that goes into our bodies, hypo or not.  Yes, we laughed abit, but inside I was so grateful he was okay because what follows in the story could have been worse.

Somehow, he grabbed the microwave (it’s in the garbage now), and that ended up crashing down on him!  That woke up his Mum upstairs, and she came running downstairs to find him trapped under the microwave, completely out of it.  He got a pretty good gash on his forehead, and later it was discovered he had a few bruises along with some scrapped flesh under his pj’s.   His blood sugar reading was somewhere between 0-1 mmol/l – he was that low – but like many of us – he somehow managed to get himself down to the kitchen.  

All in all, most of us can laugh about these hypo fairies that visit us at night time – it’s the ones that don’t make it and die due to having low blood sugars – are the ones we cry for – that we can’t laugh about.

We are Diabetic Warriors – hear us roar!!!


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