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Posted: May 10, 2011

Well, today is le deuxieme jour (second day) for the Blog Week topic – and the topic is “letter writing” to your condition, or whatever tickles your fancy (you can check out what the topics are for this week at this link – there are also “wild cards” for those of you that maybe stumped as to what to write – which I have to admit – today’s topic is abit difficult for me – but I’m giving it a whirl just for the heck of it while my brain is able to function).


Dear Viral Pneumonia,

Currently I hate feeling the way I have been for over a week now – life is such a B****.  You have made me an unproductive member of society and I do not like feeling out of control.  Diabetes rarely does this to me, and usually there is a reason for a low or high blood sugar but with you, I am a slave to the manufacturer of snot rags that make my nose raw and red along with not knowing when my strength will ebb to nothing but a limp noodle.  What started off I thought as a simple cold after coming back from a holiday in Spain, has now blossomed into yet another week of depression with getting hit by you.  I hate, loath, detest feeling drained and unable to think with you in my body and I want you to take a hike.  You fool me into thinking I’m having a low blood sugar as well - with my feeling drained – and when I test my blood sugar - it is perfect – go figure that one out you evil little virus.

So, many thanks to my Facebook friends/Mummy that have encouraged me to get checked out despite my aversion to health professionals.  I took the courage to go back to the same clinic that fixes me (this is same clinic that a GP misdiagnosed my eye problem back in November).  I am hoping that today’s diagnosis of you – evil viral pneumonia, is what it actually is.  I will be patient as I await better health and the ability to function (e.g. go on my motorcycle, sailboat, and the simple task of grocery shopping).  I want my life back with my partner in life, diabetes by my side knowing it's the only one that gets up close and personal with me!

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