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Posted: Mar 4, 2009

Well, I’m marinating up a block of tofu for tonight’s dinner.  I get a pretty good deal on a 3-pack of tofu for just $3.00 CDN at Costco. A block of tofu – feeds 3 nicely in the recipe I’m using and just by itself is about 17g of protein and 2g of carbs.  Not a bad deal – and change from the usual pork/chicken/lamb/fish dishes I cook up.


I know a lot of people aren’t into vegan foods.  I have a few meat ‘n potato friends that go “yuck” at the mention of tofu, lentils, beans – thinking that you have to wear love beads and go tripping thru’ the tulips. I have surprised them a few times when bringing a dish to a party.  As they’re gobbling it up – licking their chops – they do not realize they are eating the stuff they go “yuck” at (I bring out the love beads at that point).  Yes, I do tell them later what they have just devoured – and then I’m being asked for the recipe.  I personally think it’s all in the mind – vegan food – as long as it tastes good – that’s all I care about – and is somewhat healthy.


The recipe I’m using for tonight’s meal is called Asian steak tofu (cooked up on the BBQ even tho’ it’s only -10C).  We either eat along side of it some brown rice that I mix in with abit of  wild rice from Lundberg Family Farms in California.  Their rice isn’t exactly cheap – but I only use ¼ cup with ¾ cup of brown rice – but it just adds that little extra bit of zest.  The way I’m serving up the tofu tonight is with salad – lots of it as I got a good deal on romaine lettuce (some of that will be incorporated into a soup this week – yes – romaine lettuce soup – delicious).  With abit of triple rye bread on the side you have yummy meal less than 25g of carbs (yes Brad – I said yummy).

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Posted: Dec 25, 2008

Well, all I have in my fridge is a block of tofu as far as protein goes.  Yes - I have some fish/chicken/sausages in the freezer - you know the regular everyday food - but I feel like something different for our meal tonight.  I'm searching the Internet to find what I can do with that block of tofu - that will somehow make my mouth water at the prospects of what it will become.  I've come across some great links - and so far - have come up with soup for a starter (roasted red pepper soup) - that doesn't require potatoes for a thickener since I used the last of the potatoes the other day.  I tend to be abit European when it comes to my shopping - only keeping what I need over a week at a time.  I'm very lucky to live in a small community here in the 'burbs of Montreal that caters to ethnic folks - so there is no shortage of foods available to meet some of the ingredients that are required to make up tasty food in my household - and also to test on my oh so obliging hubby Mike.  A few of my previous mates - did not go for my way of cooking off the cuff so to speak.  Mike bless his soul - will eat pretty well anything I plunk down in front of him.  Many of my friends have been taste testers of my meals - and so far - have not had to be rushed off to ER with life threatening food poisoning.  Some have even said I should open up a little cafe - but cooking in quantity is something I would not want to do.

So, the first course is taken care of with the soup, along with a salad, it's that tofu that has me scratching my head as to what to whip up - with the ingredients I have in my pantry and fridge.  So, it's either tofu or lentils for dinner tonight (check out this recipe using lentils which I'll convert into a "meat loaf" instead of burgers - yum, yum -  Now I know that many of you reading this will go - yuck - lentils or tofu - for Christmas dinner or any meal in particular.  Trust me - it will taste good - and I've fooled some meat lovers over the years with my veggie recipes.

The only problem with some of these recipes for me tho' - being a diabetic - is the nutrition count.  Armed with a few of my many nutrition books (I should have gone to uni and become a dietician) - I will quickly work out the nutrients - and of course - the evil but not so evil carb that is to some diabetics the evil twin of the devil.  Trust me - carbs are not evil - they are what gives us our bodies fuel like petrol is for our 2 wheels/4 wheels that get us around from A to B. Just don't overload on the carbs - otherwise watch your waistline increase - as well as your BG if you don’t take the proper meds/insulin to cover them. Quality I say - over quantity.  I feel like Sir Winston Churchill here with my jowls trembling as I tell you this.

Anyway, that's it for now - I'm going to trot off to the kitchen and start planning a Christmas meal for my hubby and myself.  If all else fails - there's always Chinese take away (haven’t done this in many years – and I doubt I will – I am a stubborn gal – and refuse to pay for food that I know I can make at home)....

Happy Holidays to all!




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