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Posted: Jul 28, 2009

Well, I don't really have to be told this - though I sometimes wonder about my earlier years of not really caring - and just living for the moment.  In a nutshell the article points out that with Type 1 diabetics, " very intense glucose therapy reduces the risk of complications."   Diabetics that test their blood sugar levels 5 or 6 times per day are less likely to experience vision loss, kidney failure, heart disease, or to need an amputation when compared with those who check their glucose levels once or twice per day.  I know for myself, I average about 8 times a day - and there are others who test even more then that (if they can afford the test strips that is).

So far the only problems I have had associated with my diabetes has been trigger finger many years ago, frozen shoulder, and diabetic mastopathy (wierd noncancerous growths in the breast). My eyesight is checked twice a year - as well as following up with an endo twice a year along with other specialists that take care of my aging body. 

It's strange though that in this article it states that frequent blood sugar testing is fairly new - but I've been doing this type of blood testings for at least 10 years - and to me - it's not new - just having the use of a blood meter rather then having to test urine is still relatively new to an old timer like myself .

To read more of the article - which is very informative and has some other good links to help you in your goal for attaining good health with you diabetes go to :

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