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Posted: Dec 20, 2010

NOT - like WHATEVER - is a term used by alot of people these days.  Since I try to write in proper English these two words sometimes make me wonder what is happening to the English language.  The definition of NOT as it's used in today's communication does not exist in my 2004 dictionary - but I did manage to find it of all places at Wikipedia.

Today is my first day back into the work force. I arrived back home mid-week from holidays that I spent with my hubby's family (more will follow on that - especially with my views of how CATSCA / TSA treated me at the airport).  All I had to do before starting to let my fingers flow across my keyboard was to get some groceries, Christmas stocking items, along with a gift for my family.

I am now realising - as my friend Diane said to me on Facebook - that I should arrive at the parking lot at 08h30 - otherwise you are fraked (my words, not hers). 

Entering onto the TransCanada I realised something was not right.  I only had to go by one exit and that was backed up at 11h30 as if it was rush hour traffic in the afternoon.  Shifting down into 3rd is not usual on a highway where the speed limit for me is usually 100-120 km/hr.  People were trying to skip over 3 lanes of traffic to get off at this exit.  Going by that exit, things cleared up for about 1/2 km - then bingo - my exit - Toys R Us and Costco - the two shops I had to go to in this neck of the Island of Montreal.  Not so bad for getting off, but I noticed people on the service road driving unreasonably calm as usually Montreal drivers are fast on our service roads, despite the speed limit (doesn't this happen everywhere?).  I easily went over the lanes to the Costco side street after realising that the line up ahead was for the Toys R Us.  The onslaught of Christmas shoppers were coming out of the woodwork - but it's not even the 24th December yet!

Costco was full of frustrated drivers in mini-vans, cars backing up, trying to jockey into position for any available parking spot they could find - scary stuff.  Now if some of the cars were Smarts like mine, there would be no problem - right?  I couldn't even see a spot for my little car.  So, I turned tail, weaved around cars, to slowly head back home while trying to figure out where to go that wouldn't be crowded.  I knew at this point, shopping anywhere on this Monday the 20th of December is a pretty futile mission. 

So, in the end, I went to a local grocery store near to my house, found what I needed at prices almost as good as Costco (I'm having second thoughts about renewing my membership there).  Gave up on buying any bread as it's so expensive at almost $4.00 a loaf, so I'll find time to make up my own this week.

The drive home was abit slow due to clearing snow off the streets from recent snow fall (it's like - nothing - I can drive through that - but the big trucks and snow eating machines might goggle me up).  I made it home, exhausted and by then a hypo had started where I was registering at 3.6 mmol/l (65 mg/dl). 

Shopping is stressful and as I've written in the past - I really hate shopping which is uncommon for a woman to say.  So, sorry to my hubby your stocking won't be filled with little things Christmas Day unless I get the gutts to go out again - but not to big box stores - I think small independent places are my choice for this time of the year.  I refuse to go to a big box store until mid-January - I'm all tuckered out (thank goodness we have enough staples to keep us going until then and that I like to cook from scratch).

I swear I wrote a similar Baa Humbug blog last year :)

Lamb made of a humbug by trevorandthea at Photobucket

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