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Posted: Mar 13, 2012

On one of the groups I belong to on Facebook – a member had posted a link for a low carb egg dish called Shakshuka.  It reminds me of huevos rancheros – except  I’ve never made that before at home.  I’ve only ever eaten that when I was in San Diego (and it was delicious but high in carbs due the corn tortillas that the eggs are served on).

This dish is very popular in Israel (it originates from Algeria and Tunisia) – and if you click on this link – it will describe abit more of the history  – as well as the recipe that I followed to make my tasty “brunch” that I had about an hour ago (yuppe;s – this blog is HOT off the press – sort of like a news breaking story … NOT).  Seriously though, I had been very busy since waking up this morning and only had a coffee to tide me through until I got the hankering to have something to eat.  I know – not good diabetic or not diabetic – and as you will tell by my blood sugar picture in the link below).  I went up abit past my happy point that I like to be at – but corrected it while I prepared the dish – and bolused with insulin accordingly for the carbs in my homemade flax seed bread.

So check out the step by step pictures at this link – and perhaps you’ll want to give this a go yourself.  One thing, I could have halved the amount of chipotle pepper I put in my version of the recipe – but if you like it HOT – then you’d love this version.  The original recipe is for 6-8 people – and I just “winged” it with making it with 2 eggs – but still it was VERY good.

Shakshuka FatCatAnna Style

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Blog: Gizzz

Posted: Jul 18, 2008

Finally FDA declared that the cause of Salmonella was not tomatoes - my FAVORITE tomatoes.

I eat a lot of them - of different sizes and shapes - but def. the tastiest veg. in the world - tomatoes. I am so glad they are back in all the stores and restaurants. The summer vegetable - red juicy TOMATO!

Please try my summer salad I make frequently:

You need (for one portion and about 120-150calories):

1. 2 small fresh tomatoes or 1 medium tomato

2. 2 small cucumbers

3. 1 medium radish

4. 3 table spoons of sour cream + salt


olive oil + pepper + salt

The salad is very refreshing and filling at the same time. Take a try and you will love it forever!

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