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Posted: Jul 22, 2013
I am really saddened at this news report of a woman (Revina Garcia) in Santa Fe, New Mexico - who apparently was having a low blood sugar (the news media is calling it a "diabetic episode") - which caused her to have a car accident.  

Yes, many of you will go - she should have checked her blood sugar (BG) before driving - maybe she did - maybe she didn't - as the news video and article do not state too many details.  Still it's very sad the way she was treated - and hopefully those officers who "attended" her - will in future - NOTtreat a person this way - before seeking more info if the person is not responsive (e.g. was she wearing an ID bracelet - wallet ID??).  

I know that I am aware of my BG variations - I can tell when I'm going low - I can tell when I'm high (though sometimes when testing - I'm not high - but in a good zone - just dehydrated).  I don't always test my BG before going on a short errand around town - maybe I should start this practise - maybe all of us should?  When I am driving a long trip - by MYSELF - I am very anal about testing my BG - pulling over to check every few hours (this is where a CGMS could be useful).  I always have quick acting food close by - incase I can't pull over safely.  Do you do the same thing?

Here's the link - (

Image of handcuffs
or more info on driving as a diabetic - you can check out the links below - that may help you understand more - why perhaps the police suspected Ms. Garcia had been under the "influence" -

1) American Diabetes Association - Diabetes and Driving
2) Canadian Diabetes Association - FAQ's on Diabetes and Driving
3) Becton Dickinson webiste - Driving and Diabetes 
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Posted: May 30, 2009

Well, I have finally had to start using my forearms full time for testing my BG's this week.  I find now since I've started taking my diabetes abit more seriously after having it for so long - that I've become slightly addictive to blood testing. Okay, not to the point like one of my fellow bloggers here does (Doris Dickson) - but let's just say a wee bit more then I used to do when I was multiple injecting.

Porky Pig

I average about 8 times a day for testing - and lately have been finding that my sausage fingers (aka Porky Pig fingers) - are getting abit thick skinned.  I actually had to adjust my vampire blood letting contraption to a deeper depth.  Sometimes that didn't get enough blood out of my finger tip for my blood meter that uses the teeniest tiniest droplet of blood.  I think  pricking my finger is worse then needles - as I'm sure some of you can vouch for!

A few nights ago I was up every hour - testing my basal settings on my pump as I was experiencing unusual high BG's when I woke up (15 mmol/l  -  270 mg/dl).  Anyway, discovered where the adjusting of my basal settings needed to be changed on my pump - and so far - I'm back to having BG's in the morning that allow me to at least have a breakfast.  I tend to not eat when my BG's are high in the morning as I don't usually feel like eating when I'm that high.  To have to bolus/inject with not just insulin to cover my elevated BG but also my meal I'm consuming freaks me out - as I average about 2-3 units per meal when my BG's are normal (4.5 mmol/l - 81 mg/dl).  To bolus/inject anymore freaks me out when I'm high.  To think that much insulin is pooling up under my skin - shudder.  So far, I'm very lucky that my carb ratio to insulin is still relatively good (I average 1 unit of insulin to 13 grams of carb) - but have friends that that are 1:5.  Ouch, I can't imagine the amount of insulin that I'd be taking to cover both a carb and BG correction!

I don't think it helps that I'm doing alot of gardening - and loath wearing gardening gloves.  Therefore, the earth really dries out my skin on my finger tips (clay based soil where I live -  mini-hand facial ). So, I'll continue testing on my forearms until my finger tips become abit more soft and pliable. 

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