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Posted: Jun 3, 2012

I've been undergoing physio for a tennis elbow problem (see earlier blog at this link).  Well, that all ended this past Friday - since the anti-inflammatory medication I was prescribed by a walk in clinic doctor seem to be doing the job (if not - I have to wait for an appointment in August for a cortizone shot - which I'd like to avoid if I can).  I'll still have to keep up with the exercises that my physio therapist had given to me - to strengthen up the muscles in the elbow area - but for now - I can type away much longer (and I'm not wearing the tension elbow band - since I left it at the sailboat last week - oops).  The main thing - I have my work station set up - so that is one step in the right direction.

I had asked the prescribing doctor at the time if the medication she prescribed would affect my blood sugars - and she said it wouldn't.  I must have been doubting this doctor in my mind since I asked the same question to the pharmacist when I picked up the prescription.  They said the same thing.

Well, THEY ARE WRONG!!!  My blood sugars since starting on them have been more wild then the craziest roller coaster ride I've been on.  I am unable to get my blood sugars to my happy zone - so riding in the 180 - 250 range - even with corrections via syringe - increasing basal rate.  I was not a happy camper - if you follow me in Twitter or Facebook - you would have seen my meows of frustration.

Today, I was in a discussion on one of the diabetic groups I follow on Facebook for insulin pumpers - and a gal was having problems with her own BG's (maybe due to an infection we think - but not certain).  I told the group of my problems lately - and found out that anti-inflammatory I'm taking is a steriod  and these WILL alter your blood sugars ((though the website for what I'm taking doesn't seem to mention this).  Also, a pharmacist friend (also a T1D and having probs with her own blood sugars) had mentioned that even if what I'm taking is NSAID, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, we all differ in how we react to medications we take.  Another point she made, which makes sense, it could be from the cortisol release from the pain or inflammation I'm taking and not directly related to the medication. All good points to consider, and great to have a medically trained member on some of the groups I belong to!

One fellow mentioned that I should up my basal rate on my insulin pump by 30% while I was taking these meds.  So, off I went since 10% isn't working for me, changed my settings on Michael George and he started alarming. WTF?  He was only set for no more then 1 unit of insulin per hour for my Maximum basal rate - so he was alarming that he  would not deliver due to my settings.  I've never had this type of warning before - so learned something new today. I also had to change the Total Daily Dose (TDD) setting so George is permitted - otherwise he'll alarm again.  Now you can see, that we humans still rule what our pumps do for us, without our permission to override the program we've set up for them - they will alarm, and alarm, until you follow the simple procedures to change your settings.  There are alot of safety factors in operating and using an insulin pump - to protect the user.

I have to admit.  Since I had DKA as a teenager in the 80's - I don't think I've ever used this much insulin before.  I'm not sure if it's also to do with the weight gain from menopause - but feel probably the hormonal issue is what is adding to my blood sugars going wacky.

All I know is, hopefully I will be able to eat my meals abit better now.  I mean, why shove food into my body, when my blood sugars are so high?  Food only contributes to make my blood sugars wacky!!  I know, I know, we need some sort of energy food, so I'm doing my best, but very difficult especially when I have to eat in order to take the anti-inflammatory medication since you can't take these pills without food - or nasty tummy problems occur.

Ahhh - the life as a diabetic on a roller coaster ride - sometimes it's not all fun and games - but we survive - especially when we've got mates out their in the D-OC (diabetic online community) that come to your rescue with advise when you need it!
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Posted: May 9, 2012

Well, joking aside.  I’ve been having a few health problems lately.  Not diabetes related, thank goodness, just plain ol’ normal human being ailments.  One of them being a gynecological problem – which I’ll find out more about after having finally seen a gynecologist  (over a 2 month wait for an ER visit - welcome to  Quebec’s health system – and the waiting game we play).  The gynecologist is suspecting endometriosis – but until the samples she took are analysed – and I see her mid-June – I’m in a holding pattern while I cope with feeling like a bloated pig and not having much energy.

So, what I’ve been diagnosed this week is tennis elbowBillie Jean King – look out!  Not!!  What my physiotherapist is calling this condition for the 21st century is “technology elbow”.  She sees a lot of folks like myself, who work at computers all day long, as well as, and this surprised me, folks who text on their cells a lot.  Well, I have been sending out more text lately on my cell phone, and also since earlier this year, I’ve been working from my kitchen on my netbook (yes – I’ve amazed a lot of people that I can actually perform work from this little thing).  So, of course, kitchen table isn’t exactly ergonomics.  Since my first physio appointment a few days ago – I’m now religiously working from my basement office – but will get tips on how to make it more ergonomic hopefully not cause this problem anymore.  Check out this great video from an ergonomics consultant who knows her stuff!

The other thing going thru’ my head … change occupations – but I love writing, researching, and heck it’s what pays my bills along with the other work I pick up here and there (I’m a Jill of All Trades).  So until I figure out another way to make a living – I’ll stick to what I am doing for now (though pole dancing is still one of my #1 dreams – to keep me fit). 

So, while I get myself repaired (many thanks to my DH for finally giving me the shove to get this looked at – he’s worried I’ll be useless as crew on Jenna’s Journey <lol>), I’ll not be online as much as I like to be (sorry Facebook / Twitter followers).  My next step is to perhaps get a voice recognition program for my computer – that will allow me to compose what I type out manually, to give me some relief – but I’m thinking positive that once I’ve mastered how to not allow this to occur again – I’ll be back in the saddle again full time.

Off to do some exercises – and take a break from this machine that goes bing!

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