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Posted: May 26, 2010

Life has been busy lately - between having gum surgery (will write about that experience later) - and just the fact that suddenly "summer" is upon us with temperatures of 32C / 90F - no time to sit down and type out my usual entertaining thoughts.

Most of you know, I'm taking a break from my pump aka Salvador Dali and back to my grassroots so to speak - of MDI (multiple doseage injections).  I started back in April - and so far - the experience has been interesting - and the results of my next A1C in July will show if all of what I have learned while using the insulin pump.  I have much more awareness of how my insulin(s) work - along with carb counting.  It also has helped with having other MDI experts helping me out when I ask for help.

I finally finished up my Lantus supply of insulin - and began to use Levemir insulin.  I wanted to go onto Levemir mainly for the fact it is not supposed to cause weight gain which Lantus has a reputation for.  I've read though in forums that Levemir doesn't have as long a life span in our body as Lantus does and wondered how it would work.  With Lantus, I was taking 2 shots a day and my blood glucose (BG) have been pretty good and not many hypos which is one reason I had gone onto the pump in the first place.

I had to stop after 7 days sad to say with the Levemir. I was waking up with fasting BG's between 8-13 mmol/l (144-234 mg/dl) - and having problems with bringing them to my normal range of 4-7 mmol/l (72-126 mg/dl).  I've read in some forums that with Levemir they have to use double the amount of insulin that they used with Lantus, and they still did not have good BG control. 

Also, one thing I'm curious about, has anyone experienced hard/hot/swelling in the site that they inject their Levemir?  I was getting this a few times with Levemir injections, and on those days, of course, BG's were out of whack.  I have a feeling that the insulin wasn't being absorbed properly at that point.  The picture below  my thigh, and it remained like this for a few days (swelling was about 3.8 cm/1 1/2" in diameter).

One thing that I'm still having to do some research on is that one reason for my wanting to go onto Levemir was due to the news release last year that Lantus could cause cancer.  One of the diabetic forums I belong to has mentioned that the actual research done on Lantus was funded by Levemir.  Hmm, can pharmaceutical companies be this nasty with getting their market share? It makes me shudder to think so.

On the bright side of this post, have a laugh at what I woke up to on my face today.  No, I did not have any nip tuck done, this is how I woke up this morning.  I just seem to be a gal prone to swelling lately don't I?  Perhaps due to the heat we are having here in Montreal? I have no idea, all I know is, Lady Gaga look out, you've got competition.  Revlon if you need a lip model - you know who to come to!

Lady Gaga aka FatCatAnna

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