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Posted: Feb 16, 2014

I wrote this back on the 13th of February (no - not a Friday ) - my 2nd day of a 3 week holiday in the French Antilles (sailing for 2 weeks - 1 week on dry land).  Have a laugh NOT - especially if you've done a similar thing - but in my case - this was my FIRST time in all my years as a T1 diabetic (I was diagnosed in 1967).  Live and learn - right?  You'll find a link to Zouk music further down - which I found I quite liked.

It’s just after 22h00 and I was all set to go to bed after my basal shot of Levemir.  I’ve done something I’ve never ever done in my life as a diabetic.  I’ve read about it in forums.  I’ve helped people through their fear of what they’ve done - many of us have stayed up late in the night to help them thru' it.  Sadly, due to where I am in Le Marin, Martinique ... I’m stuck without access to high speed Wi-Fi – so unable to get onto FB to post in the appropriate groups – to have someone help me feel more at ease as I play this waiting game. 

I'm feeling very alone right now without my DOC (diabetic online community) and D-friends nearby to talk me through my fears.

What have I done you are wondering?

I’ve just injected my rapid insulin used for meals and corrections to my blood sugar aka bolus  – but it should have been my slow insulin injection aka basal.  Crikey – panic set into me at that point very quickly.   Why it did not dawn on me at the time I did this – as the needle seemed dull (it had been used all day to inject into the I-port for my bolus shots and was bent out shape) – is beyond my comprehension.  Double crikey!!!

Alot has to do with STRESS (you will see this word ALOT in this post) - being on holidays - different routine – which seems to be a thing for me as I become older (plucking my grey nostril hairs out).  Not like when I was younger – when travel was so exciting – and I didn’t seem to worry about diabetes the way I do now.

What stresses you are all saying?  .... "You’re on holidays - we aren't - quit complaining!!!!"   Well, one of them was getting in some of the provisions for the catamaran we are chartering  with some friends over the next few weeks in the French Antilles (the shopping market was so packed, itt was like people were preparing for a tropical storm).  Of course, it was a Friday, and people preparing for “les weekend”.  STRESSSSS – did I tell you that I’m not a big lover of crowds?   In my little brain I was playing Zouk music - to stay sane with getting around the cramped store with shelves fast emptying out.

Along with getting the car back to the rental agency before noon when they close (and sometimes they close before – things you learn about places you visit).   STRESS – if only we could have had a full 3 days rental (it was a total of 140 Euros – which to most North Americans – is ALOT of money – but then taxi fare from Fort du France for 30 km distance to Le Marin – is 60-90 Euros – so win-win situation for a car rental despite the return time). So, trying to get all we had to do before it was to be returned ... STRESS.

Top it with with trying to find a restaurant in Le Marin that night which realistically in the North America wouldn’t require 2 billion days advance for a reservation -  STRESS!! Yes, life in a foreign country can be fun sometimes that often differs from what we’re used to at home – but  ....

NOT as fun as when a diabetic injects with the frigging wrong kind of insulin!!! 


Alright – it’s only 4 units of insulin that I’ve injected – for some of you it doesn’t sound like alot – but I’m very insulin sensitive.  On average – I take about 25 units a day of insulin I use (when on the pump).   With the MDI method that I’m using while on holidays – I use less insulin – and average about a total of 5 units of rapid insulin for meals/corrections – with the rest being taken care of by a basal insulin of about 12-18 units a day depending on my activity, etc.    In my case, 1 unit of rapid insulin – takes me down 3.5 mmol/l or 63 mg/dl – and my reading of my blood sugar (BG) just before I decided to go to sleep was 7.4 / 133.  Except I still have 2 units of rapid insulin on board (IOB) – due to a pizza and a few sinful cookies that had high fat (yes - a no reservations place near our boat - thumbs up to Pizz'amis Martinique!!).  So who knows what will be in store for me over the next few hours.

Yes, I am staying fully awake – and I’m composing this #dblog for posting when I get back home in 3 weeks.  I’m Fing freaked out by this error.  Have not even fathomed if I should take my Levemir shot or not (as my DH was saying before headed off to bed – with an insulin pump this would never have happened – one insulin – no mix up with injecting with the incorrect insulin).  I now finally after almost 50 years of diabetes – know what some of you – who have done the same thing – feel like.  PANIC!!!

I’ve already consumed the breakfast guava juice (it’s about 30 grams of carbohydrates) – inhaled a few Dex 4’s  – I am playing a waiting game of making sure I don’t go into la la land – but hoping I eventually can get some sleep – since we have to move our bodies out of the quaint little hotel we’ve been at here in Le Marin.  Walk down the hill to the marina in the AM – with all the foods we aren’t having delivered to the boat (yuppers – found a good deal for someone to get some of the bulky stuff in for us instead of us heave hoeing it). 

So, if I can post this on without access to Facebook – this is what I’ll be doing.  If not – you’ll be reading this later on – when I have Wi-Fi access again – that is of better speed – and nodding your heads in agreement .... Been there done that ...

I hope to never EVER do this again – and will faithfully check the pen needle BEFORE proceeding with the dart board practise on my behind with my basal insulin.


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Posted: Oct 21, 2011


Finally, normal BG's - between perimenopause / fighting off a bug / stress from a recent problem with a blog posting at one of the websites I volunteer at - my fasting BG this morning was 5.9 / 106  - better then the last week with over 10 / 180+ readings.  Tweak of basal's in my pump - just by 1 1/2 units - makes a HUGE  difference.  Thank goodness for my insulin pump - aka Salvador Dali's  technology and my ability to use him to my best advantage.

It doesn't help that I've not been as active as I usually am - I've been doing more volunteering at some diabetic websites where I help as moderator - so sitting on my buttocks rather then running around like a chicken without my head on.  I have my fingers in too many pots when it comes to diabetes - so I'm having to take a breather from one of them - handed in my notice - but so far - the owner of the website doesn't seem to be allowing me to leave my post - and it's volunteer!!!  Urrrhhhh.  All the emails from other members that I can't leave is very nice and sweet - but still - when volunteer work starts to affect your life both personally and in the work area - that's not good.  We are such gluttons for punishment sometimes.

One thing I was amazed at when I was going over my basal rate at the ungodly hour of 02h00 this morning - was I thought I used more insulin during these days  - due to the weight gain I've had (I dare not step on the scales - I just know my belly is hanging over my waist band of my jeans - thank goodness for spandex in denim - a girls/guys best friend).  It turns out - I'm not using that much more  - the only difference is - for corrections of my higher blood sugars - I have been resorting to using my pen needle for larger doses of insulin - but that ony occurred for a few days this week.

The funny thing that had happened last weekend, was I had a bizarre hypo - unexplained - no IOB (insulin on board) - that came out of the blue.  It's the first time I've tracked my BG's within a 1/2 hour time frame.  I was that puzzled by how I went from 3.5 / 63 - and due to not feeling like myself - tested almost every 10 minutes - and watched my BG go down to 2.1 / 37.  It was really freaking - even more so - when I tried to get my hubby to help - and he wasn't able to.  Here I was sitting on thekitchen floor, screaming in frustration where to find my spare lancets to see if I was going up as I crammed Dex4 and OJ, and he can't find my hiding spots (I have since told him where ... again).  I'm so used to taking care of myself - that it's sometimes hard to let someone else help.

Ahhh, the life of a diabetic - it's such a roller coaster ride at times (I not only like roller coasters - but also tight rope walking as you can see by the picture) - but as I type this out - I'm smiling - since in away - it keeps me on my toes - and ready for the next adventure in life.  I have to look upon these things in a humorous way - it's how I deal with my chronic condition.

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Posted: Dec 20, 2010

NOT - like WHATEVER - is a term used by alot of people these days.  Since I try to write in proper English these two words sometimes make me wonder what is happening to the English language.  The definition of NOT as it's used in today's communication does not exist in my 2004 dictionary - but I did manage to find it of all places at Wikipedia.

Today is my first day back into the work force. I arrived back home mid-week from holidays that I spent with my hubby's family (more will follow on that - especially with my views of how CATSCA / TSA treated me at the airport).  All I had to do before starting to let my fingers flow across my keyboard was to get some groceries, Christmas stocking items, along with a gift for my family.

I am now realising - as my friend Diane said to me on Facebook - that I should arrive at the parking lot at 08h30 - otherwise you are fraked (my words, not hers). 

Entering onto the TransCanada I realised something was not right.  I only had to go by one exit and that was backed up at 11h30 as if it was rush hour traffic in the afternoon.  Shifting down into 3rd is not usual on a highway where the speed limit for me is usually 100-120 km/hr.  People were trying to skip over 3 lanes of traffic to get off at this exit.  Going by that exit, things cleared up for about 1/2 km - then bingo - my exit - Toys R Us and Costco - the two shops I had to go to in this neck of the Island of Montreal.  Not so bad for getting off, but I noticed people on the service road driving unreasonably calm as usually Montreal drivers are fast on our service roads, despite the speed limit (doesn't this happen everywhere?).  I easily went over the lanes to the Costco side street after realising that the line up ahead was for the Toys R Us.  The onslaught of Christmas shoppers were coming out of the woodwork - but it's not even the 24th December yet!

Costco was full of frustrated drivers in mini-vans, cars backing up, trying to jockey into position for any available parking spot they could find - scary stuff.  Now if some of the cars were Smarts like mine, there would be no problem - right?  I couldn't even see a spot for my little car.  So, I turned tail, weaved around cars, to slowly head back home while trying to figure out where to go that wouldn't be crowded.  I knew at this point, shopping anywhere on this Monday the 20th of December is a pretty futile mission. 

So, in the end, I went to a local grocery store near to my house, found what I needed at prices almost as good as Costco (I'm having second thoughts about renewing my membership there).  Gave up on buying any bread as it's so expensive at almost $4.00 a loaf, so I'll find time to make up my own this week.

The drive home was abit slow due to clearing snow off the streets from recent snow fall (it's like - nothing - I can drive through that - but the big trucks and snow eating machines might goggle me up).  I made it home, exhausted and by then a hypo had started where I was registering at 3.6 mmol/l (65 mg/dl). 

Shopping is stressful and as I've written in the past - I really hate shopping which is uncommon for a woman to say.  So, sorry to my hubby your stocking won't be filled with little things Christmas Day unless I get the gutts to go out again - but not to big box stores - I think small independent places are my choice for this time of the year.  I refuse to go to a big box store until mid-January - I'm all tuckered out (thank goodness we have enough staples to keep us going until then and that I like to cook from scratch).

I swear I wrote a similar Baa Humbug blog last year :)

Lamb made of a humbug by trevorandthea at Photobucket

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Posted: Apr 11, 2010
This is a short blog - as I'm pretty well freaking out at what is happening.  Again, have a feeling due to stress of work lately that this is one of the causes for what is happening.
I am presently disconnected from Salvador Dali (my Animas 2020 pump) - as I've been fighting BG's in 8-10 mmol/l / 144-180 mg/dl range for the past week - can't bring them down. Went to bed last night with 22 mmol/l / 400 mg/dl - haven't had this since I ate 16 slices of chocolate cake (only kidding - only had 1 chocolate chip muffin the other day for a birthday treat).  Darn, I never stop making fun of this diabetes we suffer from can I?  My way of handling this disease I expect, but probably not alone in how we cope with crazy periods like this. 
Anyway, I decided to pull the plug (pump) at this point in time. No air bubbles in tubing, did a test to see if insulin coming through tubing, fine.  I injected my basal insulin (Lantus) and correction insulin (NovoRapid).  Had a glass of water (hello - blood sugars are high). 

This morning, 8 hours later, 16 mmol/l / 295 mg/dl. WTF???  BG correction with Novolin R- 4 units!!!  Another basal shot (oops - forgot to write that down - used to insulin pump keeping all that information for me - must be more diligent with writing down what I'm doing here).  

So I'm abit worried, will be calling up endo tomorrow to ask for help, as I'm not sure what to do.  Could be changes in life as well effecting how my insulin is working besides stress?  Maybe I have become insulin resistant over my 43 years of having diabetes?  Maybe I have  ..... ??? Too many questions, and yes I am scared here.

Wish me luck!  Any suggestion of what my next step could be - other then ER (hate HATE doctors) - I'm all ears!


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Posted: Oct 31, 2009

Morning Stress

My blood sugars the last few days have been abit wacky in the morning as well into the afternoon..  I reached a high of 20 mmol/l the other day, something that occurs once in a blue moon for me, even when I was on multiple doseage injections (MDI).  It was to the point where I wanted to chuck out the insulin pump the other day and go back to 8-10 injections a day!  Then I thought, hang in there, life will get better and you'll be out $7K if you throw out the pump. Sometimes diabetes can take a nose dive and not do what it's supposed to do, and it gets pretty frustrating for us all as we try to maintain blood sugars that aren't dangerously high.

I think my problem was probably due to stress.  Having been away from home for a whole week, things didn't get done since the Domestic Engineer, moi, was away.  Facing mounds of laundry, housework, along with my going thru' the piles of info I'd collected at the IDF World Diabetes Congress and other work I do I was finding life a bitoverwhelming.  I've not felt this way in along time!

I was beginning to wonder, should I quit some of my jobs, and just take it easy?  Being the type of person that I am, I resisted the urge to pack it in, and managed to stride on, as we all do, and now with the change of the infusion set, blood sugars appear  to be better, but I think I'll have to be performing some basal tests when I have time.  Actually, I WILL find time (and by putting it in writing to you all I hope to take a breather aka time out), as my health comes first.  Something we diabetics have to think about constantly and can become abit of a pain in the buttocks from time to time, but that is life!

Another problem I think may have made my blood sugars worse was the area I had my infusion set in.  I've been using my thighs more often, due to the fact, I have lots of places to plunge in the sets, rotating 1" at a time every 3 days.  I think I've now discovered, the closer I get to the inside of my thigh, is perhaps not a good place to infuse!

Curious - for those of you that are using insulin pumps, how often do you test your basal rates?  When you are having weird blood sugars like I have been experiencing?


Happy Halloween



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