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Posted: Sep 23, 2013

I’ve been taking part in a Photo Challenge for the past month on Facebook where those that participate change their cover picture daily/sharing it at the groups wall – explaining why they chose that particular photograph.  It’s been nice not to be involved in something that isn’t ALL diabetes related – but guess what – with some of the topics …  diabetes somehow sneaks itself in!!  It plays a role in some of my picture descriptions for one reason or another – yuppers – always the advocate – that I am!!!

Today’s topic was difficult (so far – as I compose this blog – I seem to be the only one that’s posted a picture on the Photo Challenge group page).    I actually was stumped  - Day 23 – A Gift Day – but then something dawned on me today – after meeting up with someone – of all places – Wal-Mart – in the baking isle – and my picture idea came to fruition ....

To fully understand the meaning behind the picture posted above – click on this link

Here I was, shopping list in hand (for items that were on sale from the flyer  - trying not to veer off track– you know me – Frugal Queen) .  Meanwhile, trying to cope with lugging a hand cart around as my strength started to ebb (I’m so dumb at times - why not choose a cart with wheels) –since I was now dealing with a low blood sugar (BG).  Glucose Stick (formerly known as Quick Sticks) to the rescue as I try to make my brain function just abit longer – to get the last items on my list.  Trying not to drip sweat all over the isle floor (I’m not sure if it was a heat flash due to menopause or the low – it’s sooooo confusing sometimes to distinguish between the two that make your hormones go flippy flop all the time).  I then come to what I am wanting …. cake mix (think of the Simpsons theme  playing here) – sinful to many die hard low carb eats – but in my low flying BG mind –a quick little treat to make up for those “I want to have something sweet treat” or be a bad-A** diabetic.

I noticed a woman pulling a package out of Butter Pecan  – and she started to tell me in French that this cake mix was so good – just warm out of the oven … and then she lost me – while my low in gear brain tried to keep up with the fast pace of French.  Hmmm, did she say she put frosting on it? Isn’t that high in sugar?  Diabetes – rears it’s head again - stop taking over my sponge brain  ….

I then started to tell her I was a Type 1 diabetic – blah, blah, blah – she then switched to English when she heard me stumbling with my French (later I told her – glass of wine – or funny smoke stuff makes me better at understanding ANY language thrown at me – or my speaking it).  Then she reveals - she is diabetic too - a Type 2.  Je suis trop bête!! 

Of course, her Type 2 is not your usual  diagnosis – being overweight / older / etc. – but because of  having pancreatic cancer.  What is left of her pancreas (and here I was invisioning how small the pancreas is – and that the surgeon managed to leave a teeny tiny portion of it there) seems to be performing okay but her doctor was talking to her about going onto an insulin pump.

Viola!! As my blood sugar started to creep back to normal  - and my lips keep on flapping (yes – I was breathing inbetween my yapping – and listening to her as well) – up goes my t-shirt – George Michael my pink insulin pump flashes his pearly whites - "hello baby" – and well – you know the rest – showing the infusion set (now – who doesn’t do the same thing as I do – I’m proud to show my tummy to total strangers).

So, the good thing out of all of this?  After exchanging contact info - I now have someone who is interested in learning about insulin pumps - how I've done it all these years since the 60's (I guess they think I know what I'm doing ).  Though I may try to educate her on trying out MDI ((multiple dosage injections) ) prior to going onto a pump first – since she’d be paying out of pocket as she’s self-employed (I can give her suggestion for applying for Disability Tax credit (put link here).

In the end?  I got home, feeling so hungry that even the cat food I doled out in their dishes made me lick my lips (oh oh – is the real cat woman coming out of me again???) – I realised that the gift I really appreciate is the food I can buy – that normally is considered not good (though in the picture there is some “not so bad” food – remember – I can cheat – I’m on insulin).  

BTW, the pizza ... DELICIOUS ... the almond chocolate milk (my first time having this) ... OMFG DELICIOUS (forget beer with pizza - chocolate milk wins hands down - well at least for me today).

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Posted: Jul 29, 2010

Okay – I’ve been out of the loop lately with the D-OC (diabetic online community) – summer is here – so I try to get away from the screen that wants to lure me away from the real life outside (remember summer is over with a blink of the eye here in Canada).  Anyway, I’ve been reading other PWD’s (people with diabetes) blog posts – that are plugging away #DFeast (thanks for correction from AmariT) in Twitter.  Take for instance, George Simmons aka Ninjabetic and his yummy burger aka Ninja Burger recipe (hope to sink my teeth into these this weekend with some friends we’re visiting in Seneca Falls, NY). 

UPDATE:  To participate - go to This Is Caleb - and the instructions on how to participate are all there.  It's that easy!  You can also click the picture above to add your recipe to the D-Feast Friday list. Put the name of your recipe in the "Your Name" box and the URL of your blog post in the "Your URL" box.

The recipe I made last night, uses a flatbread which I’ve never bought/used before in my life (I know, I know, I live in a cave).  I discovered this great low carb bread here at where “someone” was posting a product from their company.  I have no problems with their promoting their product, but after doing research, I realized it’s only available online and/or around certain areas of the USA – not all over their country (and sadly – not here in Canada – the Mounties refuse to let their product into our country?).  Instead I found another product that's available ALL across the USA, and I posted it a few days ago here).

I’ve had a few people asking for the recipe since posting the picture in Twitter/Facebook – drum roll – here it is – I did use the Flatout Flatbreads pizza recipe they have online – but I spiffed it up like I always do with a recipe.  You can either follow theirs or mine – but I’m living proof that it works and tastes good using my own version! So, scroll down below the picture (warning - do not lick screen) to find out how to make this easy pizza!




1 Flatout Flatbread (or whatever is similar for “rolling”)

½ tomato diced (I used Roma)

½ Tbs chopped basil (or more which is what I did)

1 Tbs balsamic vinaigrette (I used Kraft Fig Balsamic Olive Oil)

1 tsp of minced garlic (or to your taste preference)

3 oz. part-skim mozzarella – cut into 1-inch cubes)

1 Tbs of your fav tomato sauce (I use a Puttanesca Sauce from

8 Kalamata olives – remove pits and slice up

Preheat outdoor grill to Medium heat. Marinate mozzarella, tomato, garlic and basil in bowl with Balsamic Vinaigrette for about 10 minutes (I did it for about ½ an hour).  Lightly oil both sides of flatbread – place directly on grill for no more then 3 minutes.  Remove, and spread tomato sauce, marinated mixture, top with olives.  Place your piece of artwork directly back onto grill for 4 minutes (watch carefully) with lid closed.  Remove and gobble up.

You can also cook this in your oven:  Preheat oven to 350F, place lightly oiled flatbread directly on grate for 4-6 minutes.  Take out of oven, and then arrange toppings as above.  Remove to oven and cook for 5-7 minutes – or until cheese has melted to your satisfaction.  Remove and enjoy!

Best served up with a side salad – and like George – a beverage of your choice is best enjoyed while preparing / consuming meal.  I had a glass of Bottle Shock – Bloc E Signature from Julia Wine during the preparation of the above meal.

Bon appetite!! (in Julia Child style)
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Posted: Aug 5, 2009

Well, last time I wrote I was hoping to go on a motorcycle trip to Mount Washington. In the end, we left abit late, decided to just cruise closer to home in the Adirondacks.  We had intentions of going to Whiteface Mountain - but ended up in a Saranac Lake, a quaint little town.

One thing I noticed on this ride (was in the saddle for almost 6 hours) - either the tires, which  are designed for on/off road riding - cause a lot of vibration - or my buttocks are getting older - and can't handle sitting in the saddle for as long as  I used to .  Ohhh, my aching cheeks (I now TOTALLY can relate what my friend Jaimie went thru' on a trip from Seneca Falls, NY to Montreal)!!!  There were a few times when I thought I was going to have to turn my head aside and hurl - it was that uncomfortable.  Now, I don't get this when I'm the driver - but as a passenger it's another story.

The scenery though made up for a lot of the discomfort, plus the stop off for lunch at this little restaurant that makes up wood fire pizzas.  Being on the bike, you don't get much of a chance to a) hear you pump beeping to tell you to test blood sugars (BG); b) get a chance to shout to the driver that "I have to test my BG's NOW!"  I didn't want to be a pain in the "you know what" to Mike (my hubby) - so I just hung on, nausea and all.

Pizza and beer

It turned out, 3 hours later when we stopped, that my BG's were good despite my thirst making me feel I was high.  I was amazed that for sitting still for that length of time, I was reading 4.2 mmol/l (75 mg/dl)!  Obviously basal settings are good - pat on the back to moi.  I was so hungry, so decided to splurge on a good dark ale from Lake Placid along with a few slices of pizza, followed up by a sinful dark chocolate dessert.  I did a guesstimate on the amount of carbs for everything - and managed to come out pretty good when testing my BG 5 hours later with a small correction to bring me back to what I like my BG's to hover around (long wait at the border to come back into Canada - Ovey - my aching buttocks).

We've now decided that a) we need to get my other motorcycle up and running as I'm fed up with being a passenger; and b) take a break at least every hour.  When I think about it - motorcycling is abit like sailing, something that can't be rushed, just take your time and enjoy the scenery!

Motorcycle FatCatAnna

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Posted: May 22, 2008

There's a neat story in the Tacoma News-Tribune about a diner that is making diabetes-friendly pizza: whole-wheat thin crust, and low-fat toppings. Even better, the diner is helping to raise money for a Walk; half of all sales of those pizzas go to the foundation hosting it.

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