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Posted: Oct 14, 2012

Okay - I swore I'd written about this skin problem of mine before - but apparently - after searching every nook and cranny here at - I think it was a figment of my imagination that I had or like usual - my best blogs occur during my brief sleep periods I have been having at night these months - and then BING – GONE - lost in the recesses of my sponge brain forever.

So, here's the deal.  Back in the Spring, I saw my GP, who is VERY difficult to see (average 3 months to see her – welcome to Canada’s medical system – or at least Quebec).  I explained that I was having some issues with very itchy skin; she looked, and commented ... "it's nothing to be worried about, are you stressed?”  That's the usual response I've had from doctors in the past when I have seen them with something that can't be explained medically – it’s like … it’s all in my frackin' head.  At the time, no stress was happening, just average everyday life things happening, you know, staying employed, wondering what to cook for dinner, when the cat will pee in the bathtub next, etc.

I did mention to her at the time – which had nothing to do with my skin problem – that I often find the Internet very useful for helping myself and others in health areas (e.g. how to test your blood sugars correctly, how to perform a surgery on a banana).  Her comment was … "If everyone went to the Internet for medical advice - you wouldn't need doctors like me".  As you can see, she was not pleased with my using the Internet – but at the same time was happy that I was so proactive with my health – and looking into matters – but apparently not discussing what could or couldn’t be the problem.   So, after that, I slinked away - to continue scratching (my vet is really good at this).

Well that was over 4 months ago, it hasn't stopped, and it's gotten worse (more so at night time - man oh man - I'd rather have my back scratched then rolling in the hay with my DH).  It's that much of an O experience to have my back scratched that is sooooooo ITCHY.  Now, personally I think he finds it disgusting, especially when I ask him to rub some cream onto my back (it "sort of" helps cool things down abit). All I can say is, I'm lucky if I get about 4-5 hours of sleep each night - with scratching all the time (I wake myself up doing this to the point I've rubbed myself raw - which isn't good - especially for diabetics like ourselves).

This itchy / crawly feeling of the skin that I've been experiencing is something I’ve seen alot when using the search engine for hypothyroidism problems.  I have done some research that also says a similar problem happens to women in peri-menopause stage - which I am as well.  I'm like a mixed douche bag of hormonal upheaval right now – scratch, scratch, scratch.   On top of all this, let’s not mention – anxiety, mood swings (both not usually me at all), depression, weight gain - just all common things for these types of hormonal changes.  Oh the joys of aging!!!  Can I click my heels together and be taken back to earlier days???

So, thanks to the Internet (sorry to all my doctors).  All I have to do now is await my appointment in December with my endo - where I will pounce upon him (claws retracted – I like him too much as he’s my Pimp for Legal Drugs).  I will present him with what I've come across in my quest for the itchy skin problem – that’s if I have not scratched myself to the bone (though I've got LOTS of fat to go thru' before then - that's the only good thing with this weight gain).

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Posted: Oct 21, 2011


Finally, normal BG's - between perimenopause / fighting off a bug / stress from a recent problem with a blog posting at one of the websites I volunteer at - my fasting BG this morning was 5.9 / 106  - better then the last week with over 10 / 180+ readings.  Tweak of basal's in my pump - just by 1 1/2 units - makes a HUGE  difference.  Thank goodness for my insulin pump - aka Salvador Dali's  technology and my ability to use him to my best advantage.

It doesn't help that I've not been as active as I usually am - I've been doing more volunteering at some diabetic websites where I help as moderator - so sitting on my buttocks rather then running around like a chicken without my head on.  I have my fingers in too many pots when it comes to diabetes - so I'm having to take a breather from one of them - handed in my notice - but so far - the owner of the website doesn't seem to be allowing me to leave my post - and it's volunteer!!!  Urrrhhhh.  All the emails from other members that I can't leave is very nice and sweet - but still - when volunteer work starts to affect your life both personally and in the work area - that's not good.  We are such gluttons for punishment sometimes.

One thing I was amazed at when I was going over my basal rate at the ungodly hour of 02h00 this morning - was I thought I used more insulin during these days  - due to the weight gain I've had (I dare not step on the scales - I just know my belly is hanging over my waist band of my jeans - thank goodness for spandex in denim - a girls/guys best friend).  It turns out - I'm not using that much more  - the only difference is - for corrections of my higher blood sugars - I have been resorting to using my pen needle for larger doses of insulin - but that ony occurred for a few days this week.

The funny thing that had happened last weekend, was I had a bizarre hypo - unexplained - no IOB (insulin on board) - that came out of the blue.  It's the first time I've tracked my BG's within a 1/2 hour time frame.  I was that puzzled by how I went from 3.5 / 63 - and due to not feeling like myself - tested almost every 10 minutes - and watched my BG go down to 2.1 / 37.  It was really freaking - even more so - when I tried to get my hubby to help - and he wasn't able to.  Here I was sitting on thekitchen floor, screaming in frustration where to find my spare lancets to see if I was going up as I crammed Dex4 and OJ, and he can't find my hiding spots (I have since told him where ... again).  I'm so used to taking care of myself - that it's sometimes hard to let someone else help.

Ahhh, the life of a diabetic - it's such a roller coaster ride at times (I not only like roller coasters - but also tight rope walking as you can see by the picture) - but as I type this out - I'm smiling - since in away - it keeps me on my toes - and ready for the next adventure in life.  I have to look upon these things in a humorous way - it's how I deal with my chronic condition.

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Posted: Jun 25, 2010

Photo credit: bekkahrae at Photobucket

Have you started menopause yet?  Curious because I started about a year ago, aka peri-menopause as they call it these days.  I never had the regular PMS issues that many of my friends had during the years of "regular" menses.  I always had interesting periods mind you but not PMS, WARNING the next sentence gets abit more descriptive - but if you dissected worms / rabbits in biology class - you'll be okay.  I tend to have periods that are just blood clots due to polyps that I have (which are examined every year - if they become size of grapefruits - then they get nipped in the bud aka surgery ).

Starting on this new "life" which seems to have really hit me full force lately with headaches, bloating (I'm too old to be pregnant right?), fun times on the Porcelain Goddess from the derriere point of view (sorry - but have to be honest here) - I am ready to hit the looney bin.  Instead of just a few days to a week of this, I'm now going into my 3rd week!!!!  I'm so exhausted and of course with the hormones making the emotions wacky, I'm having to bite the bullet sometimes when I'm about to lose it (Mike my hubby wears a great shield of armour lately - bless him). 

Yes, I've now become one of those women that I used to think were making the PMS bit all up (well except I did have a boss that when she had PMS - you knew it for sure - scary stuff - stay clear - be careful what you say).  Of course, on top of this, my basal settings, bolus settings are now totally screwed up.  What was working for me prior - throw it out the door - and just inject more - wait a few days to see how it works - inject more.  I've now tripled my amount of basal (Levemir) twice a day injections.  Yes, still having the issues with lumps forming at the injection site, and now with the larger dosage, they are no longer little tropical islands but the size of Russia (no offense, but figured Russia is the biggest country I can think of that came to mind in my strange mind I have these days).

I cannot WAIT to see my GP who I had tried to see back in March and she was only available to see in July.  I think she may regret having me as her patient as I babble on about what's been happening.  Of course, I see my endocrinologist and gynecologist within a few days of each other.  It's see the doctor month for me - oh joy!!

Next life, I come back as a man - they get manopause later in life though - right?

Photo credit: jazzy1453 at Photobucket
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Posted: Mar 1, 2010

Light bulb

I think I have finally found the answer to this.  Maybe women will understand this better then men, but I will do my best explain this in a nutshell (big one).

PMS, perimenopause - this is what a hypo feels like when your mood/body is out of control! 

I just realised this on the weekend.  I have never experienced some of the mood swings and other things that are associated with the monthly curse until now, when entering into the next phase of life - perimenopause.  I used to think my friends that would take time off for this monthly occurrence were off their rockers, but now I'm beginning to understand what it's all about, as I'm experiencing these emotions at the ripe old age of 49! Ugh!  Now I get what you were going on about (am I a late bloomer?).  It is not NICE!!

How this all dawned on me was on Saturday night, after dinner, time to relax and enjoy the evening ... right? No, not for this Tasmanian Devil - aka Fat Cat Anna.  I could not find a coupon that I had clipped out for a hair colour product ($4 dollars off!).  I started to go into a frenzy, looking for this little friggin' slip of paper.  My poor husband Mike, is wondering ... WTF as I keep on saying "Sorry, sorry it's this hormonal thing" as I go around our little house. looking for this slip of paper!  Anyway, I was fighting an inner demon inside of me, trying to stay the normal calm/happy Fat Cat Anna, while the other side of me was wanting to cry (and yes, I did cry and scream and stomp - see Taz clip above to have sample of my behaviour).

My emotions were all over the place, and yes, my blood sugar (BG) was fine, neither high nor low.  I was just freaking out with all the hormonal overload.  Trying to be me was a real challenge during this little light bulb moment for me.

This is how it is when we diabetics go through a hypo (or low BG).  We are not in control.  Some people become quite violent (have a friend who says her hubby will hit her - ouch), we all vary with how we react to having a low, we are NOT OURSELVES.  I know for myself, I'm not always this bad, but it all depends on the situation at the time.  Imagine if I was having a hypo at the time I was looking for this coupon (which was found in the end by (( hug)) Mike).

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