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Posted: Jan 12, 2013
Fists with RANT on them
I'm now going into my third week without my insulin pump, GM (aka George Michael).  It's been a challenge this time, compared to the last time I did it in 2010 (for some reason I didn't keep a log).  I am frustrated as all heck - as I go up and down - like on a roller coaster ride - but those are more fun - since they are just temporary ups and downs with abit of screaming.  You eventually get off - and get on with life and it's regular routine.

I'm finding that I am living by the clock / alarm - for my basal shot (I have split up my Lantus into 2 shots - in AM and PM).  I sometimes have forgotten an hour or so later - I have forgotten one of the shots.  Kind and experienced MDIer diabetic mates (gag - I used to be one of those) - have told me - "don't worry - you're off by a few minutes or an hour - it won't effect you".  BS is what I say to that - maybe for them - but not for this ADH D-gal - who is used to having pretty level BG's that when they do go on  roller coaster ride - it's due to inaccurate carb count, hormones, or some other little glitch that sometimes can't be explained.

I now have my android phone set up with alarms - I feel guilty sleeping in (not that I did too often - but when I did - I knew my basal insulin in GM was working away).  When I just want to have a little nibble - I have to go and test my BG - which I always did before - but sometimes - I could get away with not doing it - and just do a "guestimate bolus" and usually things were fine.  Not so with MDI , in order to maintain my standard of BG level - I have to be constantly thinking of what next - did I miss a bolus - did I / do I? 

Eating has become a somewhat of a chore - I feel like my Mum - who eats on time  (she should be a  diabetic - she's more controlled then I am) - she has no change in her routine or foods that she eats.  That is not me - SCREECH - I'm a Bohemian type of gal - I can't live this way of life - I must be freeeeee!!!!

My other option, which I'm surprised isn't giving me sleepless nights - is just to go back onto GM - admit defeat - I can't do MDI.  Alright, you ask youselves - why isn't FatCatAnna going to the endo for advise?  Frankly, I only go to him for prescription refills - at one point many years ago he actually semi-belowed as to why I was injecting with rapid insulin in his office - when my BG reading he took was high.  His thoughts at that time was - you only inject for meals.  Oh, and even better, going onto a pump - he was dead set against it - but I went ahead - without his approval (but in end - when it came to purchasing - I needed him signature - by then he realised going from an A1C of 7% to 5.9% in less then 6 months with trial pumps - meant I was doing something right - and it wasn't due to having lows to even out the A1C number).

So, to make a long rant short.   A D-mate of mine whose pump warranty ran out the same time as me - and as disgruntled by all of the recent releases - encouraged me to call up Animas Canada - since apparently my scribbles here at and other forums where I post made them decide to stand up for themselves.  They did - and are now a brand new owner (received the day after they called) of an Animas Ping (and they like it better then their 2020) 

I proceeded to call up Animas Canada as they encouraged me to do the same as they did and spoke with Jessica at Customer Care.  She very nicely listened to me rant (am I Rick Mercer - I mean I am CANADIAN - just not from the east coast).  I explained about what I was doing with MDI while off the pump temporarily due to fear of GM going wonky on holidays like others before him. Told them to check out my blog after I jabbered on - look for my postings in Facebook and Twitter - just to be aware of how serious the problem is with selling a product that the buyer was not aware of - our pumps die December 31, 2015 - plain and simple! 

I explained to her - if she wished me to have issues with GM (she kept on questioning me about the component issue from January 3rd Urgent Pump Recall) - then I told her I would gladly put GM back on - go on my holidays.  If he is the same as previous Animas 2020 pumps or perhaps a different issue - it IS a SAFEY RISK.    I told her, by weaning myself off from GM to relearn MDI due to my distrust with their pumps - I'll be better prepared in my humble opinion.   Even perhaps too honest - was my telling her that I'm looking a purchasing a used Medtronic pump as a back up - but so far - Medtronic Canada when I inquired about the safety of that basically warned me against it.  So, I await to hear back from Animas Canada on the problem with their Animas 2020 - they'd promised to call back the day I called - but so far - nothing.

So, my fellow MDIer's (thumbs up gang on Twitter) don't panic yet - I am determined to get this MDI sorted out before I leave in a few weeks - this is the reason I started a month prior to departure.  I do not want to be a heaping sobbing blob on the floor in a panic as I try to sort out my insulin requirements via pen needle - and ruin my fellow sailors holidays as well as mine.  I want to enjoy my holidays - plain and simple - but have to admit - I do wish I had a reliable pump - that I could trust to take on my holidays. 

I miss you George Michael - all tucked up in the zip lock bag - safe and sound - battery taken out. Sleep tight until I unzip you in Feburary to start pumping with you again (and hopefully you still function).

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Posted: May 13, 2009

Even though I've had diabetes for so long - I still feel like I am learning new ways of handling my diabetes at times.  Especially since going onto the insulin pump. For example, on the weekend I experienced an interesting scare of high blood sugars - only for a period of 8 hours mind you - but it wasn't something that I'm used to - as I tend to keep my blood sugars pretty stable with or without an insulin pump.

I had changed my infusion set on Saturday - to me - it went in smoothly - I was using the Animas Inset II - which is an all in one automated 90 degree infusion set.  Like I always do - before bedtime - I tested my BG to see how I was doing - as I'd had abit of rhubarb/strawberry pie in the evening and figured I'd maybe not given enough insulin to cover the pie.  Well, I hit the jackpot in reading with 25 mmol/l (450 mg/dl) - and I was trying to figure out how much sugar this pie I'd made contained (damn it tasted really good).  So, a correction bolus of 6 units was needed - the biggest amount of insulin I've ever bolused so far since pumping.  I set the alarm on my pump to go off in a few hours - yes - disrupted sleep - but not having had this type of high in about 10 years sort of freaked me out a bit - as I'm sure it would any diabetic. 

Two o'clock in the morning - half asleep here - yawn - BG is now at 20 mmol/l (360 mg/dl) - something isn't right here I'm thinking - as Manouchka winds herself around my legs thinking it's feeding time (scat cat!).  Time to use the pen needle rather then the pump. I'm starting to worry about stacking my insulin at this point in time - as I've given the amount of insulin I usually use in ONE day.  I figure now things should be back to normal - so set alarm on pump for 3 hours. 

Vibrate, vibrate, vibrate, 3 hours later - it's now nine o'clock - go test my BG - it's at 18 mmol/l (324 mg/dl)!  I'm starting to really get concerned here - I want my morning coffee - but it'll just spike up my BG's - so I have to hold off.  I decide at this point that perhaps the vial of rapid insulin in my pen needle is not working - so change vial - inject again to correct my BG (usually at breakfast I'm reading between 4 mmol/l to 6 mmol/l - 72 mg/dl to 108 mg/dl).  I consult my bible of insulin pumping by John Walsh called Pumping Insulin - and do what I know I should have done earlier - take out the infusion set that I just put in the day before.  So, throw $25 CDN ($21.40 USD) into the garbage and put in another infusion set - tho' I almost felt like going back to MDI at this point in time.  I mean, I know I've been told off by other pumpers when I've said this - but heck - pumping is a LUXURY - if it wasn't we'd all be on one - right?

The results of taking this infusion set out - if you care to take a look it is HERE (it's just my chubby tummy  - site isn't irritated as it appears in photo).  As you can tell - the cannula was never in my body - bent sideways on TOP of the skin - no insulin was being infused (wierd tho' that I wasn't leaking insulin - area was dry).  Urrrhhhh!!!!  The strange thing is - the inserter needle that places the canula into the skin - had come out straight - so either in the factory where the infusion set is produced - the needle had gone poked thru' the side of the cannula. That's the only thing that Mike and I can figure happened with the bend in this one.  For comparison of what the Inset II infusion set looks like when it is in properly - take a gander at this picture

Anyway, I'm hoping this doesn't happen to often - as it could get a wee bit expensive along with being annoying and destructive to my health!

NB: Harold - hope you get your BG's sorted out soon - if not - I'll do the 2 hour drive to your house to put in the infusion sets!!

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