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Blog: Gizzz

Posted: May 2, 2008

In a few months Sasha's dad had a terrible heart strike. She spent days and nights at the hospital hoping he would survive. Right half of his body was paralized and for the first time in his life he admitted that he was helpless without his daughter and his wife (Sasha's mom). He was lucky to have the best doctors in the city and his friends also made sure he would get the best recovery medicine too. Unbelievable also happened: Sasha's dad quit smoking and never drank again. By now he is almost fully recovered, although some of the functions of his right hand such as strong grasping were completely lost. For the first time in many years Sasha's dad came back into the family: regular family dinners and gatherings became a normal part of their lives again.For the first time in 10 years they went on a family trip. For the first time in many years Sasha experienced what it feels like to have dad.

How many of us really have to come through all these struggles in order to realise that their family and close people are the most important part of their lives?! How many of us think that diabetes is harmless and can wait until we are done with "more important" things in our lives such as work and money?! I wish people could spend at least an hour every day with their families and on monitoring their diabetes.So simply and so hard at the same time.

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Posted: Apr 21, 2008
Sometimes you never know what little thing will start a new friendship. My 9 year old son Joe attend a birthday party on Saturday with a gang of ten other kids. While they sat around ready to pound down cake and ice cream, Jason, a child who Joe had not yet met sat in the next chair. Jason reached down and with one eye on the food and the other on the testing, proceeded to check his BGL. Joe had never seen someone test before and at the sight of just a drop of blood, slowly stood from his seat, turned white and nearly fainted. I watched but could not get around the table to do anything. For a minute I thought Joe was going to fall into the birthday cake! I looked but found no other parent aware of the impending disaster. Jason didn't seem to notice as Joe finally rebounded and sat down. Later Joe started chatting with Jason to inquire about his device and how it worked. Turned out that Jason was easy to talk with and they had much in common. Jason was an expert on monitoring and explained about why he had to test. Joe listened and learned, and in that time a friendship was begun. They also quickly discovered the both love hockey, soccer and bunch of computer games. I noticed that the two of them were chatting, laughing and playing laser tag for the rest of the party. Joe asked if Jason could come over to play next week. I'm really glad that they had that “monitoring moment".
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From: ekc

Posted: Feb 27, 2008

I'm feeling a little less angry today. Went back and read my posts from the other day - must not have been a good one for me. Should check back to see what my levels were like - maybe that had an effect on my mood.

I'm considering going back to school for my MBA. My company would pay for it and I think it would be good for me on a lot of levels. Maybe after that I can look for a job that's more related to my interests - something in health or medicine.

Also thinking about getting a pump. I have good control now but have been reading a lot and think that it could be even better. I'll be doing my research and will try to share it here so maybe if anyone else is on the fence it can help.


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Blog: Sharings

Posted: Jan 30, 2008

I'm delighted to see this blog site, having been a primary care provider for many years. I think it will be great to have a site where people can share their experiences - both providers and patients.This will also aid in the education of both patients and providers and that way really empower the patient to really take control of their problem.

It's hard to know where to start but perhaps it's best to start with sharing information on what appropriate ongoing care for managing diabetes looks like. This is not the final word on managing diabetes but it's a good place to start your learning. Since managing diabetes is a life-long endeavor, it is important to develop a good interactive relationship with your primary care provider. This is the provider who is aware of your personal medical and family history which will allow for better optimization of your diabetes care plan.

Here are some guidelines to consider:

As well as having a comprehensive history and physical on record you want to consider counseling on overall diabetic management and nutrition. Your doctor can make recommendations on how to find these resources.

There are a number of evaluations you should keep in mind for your routine management. These include:

Monitoring of hemoglobin A1c (glycohemoglobin) and blood pressure - 2 to 4 times per year

Initial evaluation, monitoring, and treatment (if necessary) of:

  • cholesterol profile - yearly
  • kidney health - yearly
  • eye health - yearly
  • skin and feet health - yearly
  • Additional concerns would include:
  • Flu vaccine - yearly

Pneumococcal vaccination - per primary care provider's recommendation

Finger stick or self-monitoring of blood glucose - frequency determined in conversations with your primary care provider

You should discuss with your primary care provider if you should be considered for aspirin therapy on a routine basis.

I look forward to sharing additional thoughts on these topics and others in upcoming blogs.

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