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Posted: May 12, 2010


Today the theme is supposed to be about " Your Biggest Supporter " but I'm stumped on this one as I've pretty well been a lone ranger in taking care of my diabetes.  So, I've chosen to use up my " Wild Card " that Karen so nicely offered to those bloggers like myself who are stumped.

Instead, I'm going to blog about an interesting experience I had a few weeks ago for the yacht club I belong to in Long Sault, Ontario - called Stormont Yacht Club.  A little slice of heaven along the St-Lawrence Seaway west of Montreal.  This is where we keep the Fat Cat (our Catalina 25 which needs a new home/owner) and now our latest floating cottage Jenna's Journey (30' Catalina).  We love to sail as you can " sea "!!

 I volunteered to make a soup for 75 people for Docks In Day.  Yuppers, more then my usual soup recipe for 10 people.  I took it upon myself to prepare this soup (Minestrone) at home, since the club kitchen is an hours drive away.  I had to make the soup the day before, so it would taste better then being made the same day (tho' after making the same soup today for my nephew Chris and his friend Karyn who came to visit from Ottawa - I probably could have made it the same day - since it tasted just as good). 

So, the day before the event (docks into the water) - I was chopping up vegetables galore, about 20 cups of them!  I started at 09h30 in the morning - and by the time I was finished - it was close to 15h30.  I have now decided to not go into the dream of owning a cafe - it's alot of work with all the prepping, etc. or else I should hire some prep staff .

Again, with not being on the insulin pump, I had to try to remember to make sure I tested my blood sugar (BG) on time (my pump used to remind me to do this) - and also to make sure I did eat something and inject accordingly.  Amazingly enough, my BG stayed so perfect, it made me think, multiple doseage injecting (MDI) is just as good as an insulin pump.

The next day I was at the club house for 08h30 and back in the kitchen again - and I was go - go - go until 16h00.  Luckily,  Connie who had asked me to assist her for this lunch, came in abit later, and with volunteers she managed to put aspread  that was better then what we would get from a caterer!  Again with no breaks like the day before (I didn't have time) this was a good test of how MDI would work, as now I was out of my home comfort zone.  Amazingly, with nibbling on desserts that I was cutting up for the gang (prepared by Marjorie - if you're reading this - thank you VERY much) - my BG's stayed within 4 - 6 mmol/l (72 - 108 mg/dl) range.  Yes, there is a Diabetic God!!!!

To see all the pictures of the soup making process - check out my photo's here - (

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