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Posted: Oct 13, 2009


Well, I've been having a fun time dealing with the dreaded menses (guys - you can stop reading if this doesn't interest you - but for us diabetic gals - it can play havoc in the control of our diabetes).  I can't remember if I had written about this before, too lazy to search back into my blogs to find out if I did, but if I did, here I go again.  For my latest "bout",  having the monthly dreaded has made me into a slug like you see above.  It just seems as I'm nearing closer to the age of menopause, that things are changing for me in how it affects me.  It never has before, and I used to go "poo poo" at women who would miss work because of how they felt.  Now I go back on how much of a workload they left me, with being out of the office, I know exactly how the feel!

Today, I signed up to a new GP, one that I hope to be with for many years to come.  I haven't had a GP in almost  15 years, let alone find one that takes on new patients, and the ones I've found here in Quebec, tend to not be proficient in English, this one is - hallelujah!  She seems quite satisfied with my handling of my diabetes, and didn't pressure me too much in seeing an endo that understands pumping, unlike my present endo.  He has always let me do what I want to do, which for now is fine for me.  I am fortunate that I take my health into my own hands, not everyone can do that, but it is good for me to have some medical advise when I've tried different ways of keeping myself alive and healthy with diabetes.

Anyway, back to the menses bit. Seems that now as I near that time of life, that my periods will be more like when I was a youngster.  Ohhh, I feel ready to leap thru' meadows with wild flowers again!  She advised me to take Advil to control the discomfort, which for the past 3 days has left me a quivering weakling.  I fought with all my will to not let it conquer me, and the wierdest thing was, my BG's remained below normal, which for me in the past, I've had to increase my insulin doseage due to hormonal imbalance.  Combined with low blood sugars, lack of energy, this was a new experience for me in the 41 years of my having diabetes!

So, with that bit of advise given to me. I know next time I will be able to cope better.  I'm still feeling like I've been hit by a truck as I'm typing this out to you.  Resisting the urge right now to go to take a nap.  I am a cruel one to my poor body sometimes, driving it past it's limit, but that is how I deal with little hiccups like this.  I fight back.  Not sure if this is to do with having diabetes, and not allowing it to take over my everyday life.  Hard to say.

Alright, my energy is just about zapped from doing this blog. Time to test the BG, find out what's going on, then rest in front of the telly for abit, catch up on Coronation Street!


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