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Posted: Nov 1, 2013

Last week I had gone to my local clinic (CLSC) for my blood work for my endo appointment I had on Tuesday. Two hour wait – fasting – wanting to pee like a horse – but I held fast – and wished I lived in Cornwall, Ontario – where you can make an appointment for a diabetic blood work – no waiting.  Welcome to my province of Quebec – where we diabetics get NO RESPECT !!  It's like lining up for a loaf of bread in Russia in 1915 !

Fast forward to this week – and I’m waiting in anticipation for what my results are.  Don’t we all go thru’ this (well – maybe not for you folks that can get your results the next day).  Here in my province in Canada – unless you go private - $$$ - or have private insurance coverage - you out of luck - you wait).  For some reason, I lucked in on only waiting 10 minutes (usually it’s much longer) – and my endo called my name. 

The first thing he said to me as I entered into his office …. “You’ve put on weight – what’s happened?”

I wasn’t really shocked by that statement – since I know I’ve been gaining weight (thryoid tests are normal - I'm just perimenopausal).  It's not from over eating – my habits haven’t changed - I actually am eating less due to work load – but my emotional state of being over the past year has been abit fragile plus … I’m a lazy cow (the job I do requires a lot of sitting on my behind).

Of course, as I explained this to him, he nodded, saying “Good excuses Anna”.  Onto the scale I went – since my last visit to him in July – I’ve blossomed.  I’ve never ever been the weight that I am – even after I’d had my DKA experience as a teenager – where I’d put on weight (memories of my Mum buying Hefty Boys corduroy pants for me always makes me cringe).  My Mum was often picking on me about my weight, and made me feel guilty about eating – sigh.  Writing these blogs sometimes brings back memories I don’t like to remember.

Promptly he took my blood pressure (BP) and this is sometimes the worst part for me – as I have the well-known ‘white coat syndrome” – my BP is never as good as what I have at home.  His first reading out of the corner of my eye was something like 185 over … at that point he said something that wasn’t good.  Meanwhile, in my brain I’m going WTF???  He retakes it on another machine – the regular wall version (before he was using one of the home versions we can buy) – and this time – it’s abit better – but still higher than my normal readings – 135/120.  Of course, at home, mine are in usually in the 115/70 area – sometimes lower.  I’ve never had a problem with high BP.

Of course, he says this is all to do with my increased weight (jab, jab, JAB) – and then asks – “do you eat a lot of processed foods?”  I tell him no, that I rarely eat processed foods;  when I have time/money I try to do all my own cooking without adding extra salt, etc.  Hmm, but inside my head I think … I DO LOVE CHEESE - which is high in salt!!! 

So, the jist of the whole visit was that I’ve REALLY got to lose weight - especially with his concern over my BP.  He stressed that I become active (he still insists that sailing is a lazy man’s sport – which in away – as a cruiser – it is – you don’t do much – not like he does with his golfing – where you have a goal – to find the hole).

And yes, my A1C despite my DKA episode over my holidays this summer – was pretty good (he says normally A1C will rise due to DKA) – it was abit higher – but still excellent.  And he admitted, if I’d been on multiple dosage injections (MDI) – that probably the DKA would never have occurred – which I totally agree with him.  Pumps do have their benefit - but not when they don't alarm for an occlusion, etc. like George Michael apparently didn't do in my case.  

So, now I’m off to test my BG, hopefully accomplish a 30 minute walk, then test my BG again, and post my results for the Big Blue Test that I partake in every year.  I’m hoping unlike the other day when I did it, I don’t drop in BG to the point of hypo land, and will be reducing my basal rate on my insulin pump abit (thank you Petronella Peach for that suggestion).

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Posted: Jan 28, 2011


Last week I wrote a blog with a few details of my latest 6 month visit to my endocrinologist. I'm the opposite of many diabetics who fear the outcome of their A1C. I don't have that problem as I've pretty well got that one down pat especially since going onto the pump (but I still don't think I'm using that piece of equipment to it's full advantage - in April I finally get to see a endo and their team of experts to drill them with my questions). My problem is with that aging thing of inactivity, peri-menopause, yadda, yadda, yadda. I'm basically a lazy cow most of the times. Yes, I try to "walk the talk" when I can, use the stairs instead of lifts, I park my vehicle as far away from the shopping centre as possible to get abit of exercise. It's not enough - to me that is - and I'm trying to fit in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day - but it's tough - and I'm failing pretty miserable in that area.

So, my next goal in life is to shed that weight that's crept up on me since last August. My fav jeans that I love to wear feel like I'm squeezing my lower half of my body into a sausage skin. I refuse to become a more plump sausage (banger) in a frying pan - I MUST resist the heat of the frying pan. I'm hoping to have an online blog diary elsewhere other then here at because frankly, it could be pretty boring stuff for you to read. Main thing, I've just started a food diary when coming home today from the shops - and as you can see not that interesting - but I'm hoping by putting everything in the open for anyone to see and me too - that it'll help me stick to what I'm trying to accomplish. Shed at least 20 pounds - I have no time frame set in mind - but a year would be nice to accomplish this in - I just want to lose this weight - if I can shed more - even better!

Example of my food diary I just started a few hours ago (it's going to be abit of work typing this out - but I feel I need a 2 week record of what I "normally" eat to figure out where to go to shed the weight).

Friday, January 28, 2011 13:25:33

150 calories - - Red River Cereal - - 28 g carbs minus 6 g fibre = 22 g carbs

34 calories - 1 Tbsp - brown sugar = 9 g carbs

40 calories - Big dollop of coffee cream = 2 g carbs

55 calories -  - 2 Tbsp of protein soya powder = 13 g of protein

BG - 3.7 mmol/l  - Bolus? - pump saying I'm low - to not bolus - will check later

Yes, some of you who have met me say - "You're not overweight!". My Mum actually said this to me this week on the phone - very unusual for my Mum to compliment me! Just step me on the scales today - and I am topping abit over .... to say this in public ... 160 pounds. There said it - can't take it away - resist the Edit button.

Off I now go, away from my netbook (it was fun posting this blog thru' this device), to do abit of cycling on my stationery bike! Wish me luck! Oh and my BG is currently 5.5 mmol/l (99 mg/dl) - an hour after eating my cereal - so still no bolus - and good range to be in for exercise.

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Posted: Jan 24, 2011

Today is one of the coldest days we've had this winter.  Temperatures today with the wind chill factored in ... -42C / -42F (when it gets this cold - Celsius/Fahrenheit read the same - I don't have to calculate for my American readers).  In the province of Quebec that I live in, we are being asked to reduce our power consumption, by keeping our houses heated abit lower (mine is at 17C / 62F) - along with not using major appliances.  During these types of temperatures, I conserve power due to being on a special Hydro plan - where we pay less for power usage when the temperatures are normal, but when the climate dips between -12C to -15C we pay almost triple the amount per kWh.  It does work out cheaper in the end, since we only usually have no more than a week of these types of "extreme" coolness.  Let's just say, for those of us who have this hydro plan, the dishes stack up in dishwasher, the laundry doesn't get done, and we are even more bundled up in warm clothing than normal.  Welcome to Quebec – home of Captain Crusty Underpants

Of course, I'm feeling slightly lazy today (okay – I feel like this most days during winter months), despite having to do abit of research work today. For some reason, the coolness makes me just want to go into a little cocoon world of warmth and be a slug.  I've been going to one of my cats to warm my finger tips on him, lazy bugger; he's all curled up in a ball sleeping away as if no care in the world.  Next life, I come back as a cat.

Of course, this isn't conducive to my goal of being more active this year (don't I say this every year in the month of January?).  Sadly, since my last visit 6 months ago to my endocrinologist, who I saw last week, my weight has increased by 10 pounds.  I knew something was up, since my jeans seemed tighter in the midriff and leg area.  Yes, have been reducing my food intake, but it doesn't help that I'm going through the peri-menopause time of my life.  My body just wants to keep all the comfy fat to itself, though I have to admit, for infusion sets in the stomach, its perfect real estate.  That's a bad excuse though.

So, today, I'm going to either peddle on my bike inside or do a combination of weight lifting/cardio during my lunch break.  I've got basically a home gym due to my husband being a workout freak after he’d lost about 50 pounds by eating sensibly/exercising about 20 years ago. I just don't use it that often - and try to dust it off from time to time.  Again, horrible excuse for avoiding doing exercise - but I'm sure I'm not alone with these thoughts.

The one good thing with my visit to the endocrinologist - my HbA1C
was 6% - so I'm happy with that.  It's not the results of having lows; it's all to do with staying on a pretty even level for blood sugars (BG's).  I hate bouncing low then high radically - it's hard on the body.

Also, a low TC/HDL-C reading in my blood work which when researching what this meant (and freaking me out due to a study indicate older patients in mid-life developing memory loss) – is nothing to be worried about according to my endocrinologist.  He says it’s a good thing and not to be worried, especially with my cholesterol total being within a good range.  I am still going to inquire with my GP next time I see her – just to make sure I have two opinions on this – since the study did make me worried.

Off to save the world!!!!

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Posted: Jun 11, 2010

Recently I’ve been following Ginger Vieira on Twitter.  Originally it was due to the fact we live within a few hours of each other, and she’d commented about the upcoming Montreal Jazz Festival that I'd tweeted about.  From there, we connected, and I discovered that she’s not only a Type 1 diabetic like me, but also a power lifter and competed in a few national competitions over the years.  Imagine, dead lifting 315 lbs, squatted 265 lbs, and bench-pressing 187 lbs! Serious training and commitment needed for that!  Not only does she deal with diabetes, but also with Celiac disease , which means she has to eat a gluten-free diet.  Not easy in today’s world of over processed foods!

What is even better, is she is like myself, on MDI (multiple dosage injections) and managing very well with all the exercise she does (I feel lazy compared to what her daily work outs are).  She used to be on an insulin pump for 6 years, but after experiencing DKA (diabetic coma due to high blood sugars) – she decided to go back to daily injections – and so far – she has much better control.  Like she says, “

She started a mission a few weeks ago to lose 10 pounds by August 15th – you can find her blog here.  She put out a call to others to join her and a few of us have – among those are Sarah at Sarah Loses It, as well as Cherise aka Diabetic_Iz_Me who posts once in awhile here at and at Diabetes Daily.  We all have goals to lose weight and have better control of our diabetes.  Mine is to gain more muscle, which in the end will mean better insulin absorption and hopefully more level blood sugars (BG's).  Not sure if I can lose 10 lbs in such a short time, but I’ll be happy with whatever I can lose (remember muscle weighs more then fat).  It'll just be nice to do it with others that are trying to accomplish similar goals!

So far for myself – I started on Monday, June 7th – my initial weigh in is 152 lb / 69 kg and I’m trying to do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.  I try to aim to exercise with BG’s in the 100-200 mg/dl or 5.5-11 mmol/l.  Lately I’ve been fighting with BG’s in the a.m. of under 100 mg/dl / 5.5 mmol/l – when I have time to exercise.  I’ve managed to tweak my p.m. dose of Levemir to where I’ve woken up to good BG’s – so able to get in some cycling.  My food intake hasn’t really changed from before.  I try to eat no more then 120 grams of carb a day.  Due to another gum surgery, and being “forced” onto antibiotics, my appetite isn’t the greatest.  Main thing, I’m trying! I’ll be try to report back on a weekly basis each Monday with updates on how I’m doing.

So, anyone else wanting to join us?  Come on Summer Days are coming!!!


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