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Posted: Jul 29, 2009


This has been my year for forking out money to doctors for services that aren't really "medical" related.  You maybe asking yourself - what the heck is she talking about? 

Well, it's the fact that here in the province of Quebec - and perhaps it's the same in your province, state, country - that in order to keep my drivers license because of having diabetes I need to have certain forms filled out by doctor(s) in order to maintain that privilege of being able to ride my stallion (in my case, I drive both car and motorcycle).  This occurs every two years and for some reason it always makes me scared.  I almost feel like a criminal in a way.

Motorcyle Mama

These are expenses that I cannot claim to my private medical insurance, and for some reason the amounts my doctors' charge has risen over the years.   A few months ago I had to pay $30 to my eye doctor - to prove that I was capable to drive.  The day I went to pick up the completed form - I was almost hit by a driver who for some reason - didn't see me on my motorcycle.  Hello, am I that invisible (see picture above)?  Luckily, my vision is better then the driver was.  Being a motorcyclist I think has made me a better drive, as I do shoulder checks, look left/right when making turns.  It just makes me wonder why aren't they the ones having to pay for a form to prove that they can drive when they could have caused an accident?  Urrhhhh.

Tomorrow, I'm off to my endo's office, to pick up the last form that is required by my province in order to not lose my drivers license.  This time, a $50 charge for a form that I had already filled out that only required the doctors signature.  Maybe if I'd bribed him with some of my freshly baked bread, the charge might have been less.  Sigh.

So, I will once again, be able to roam the roads for another few years, no threat to other drivers. I dread the day that I won't be able to drive due to my inability to not drive safely, but  when/if that happens I will gladly give up my drivers license - wouldn't you?

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