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Posted: Mar 18, 2009

   Well, before I start on my latest bit of dribble to you - the good news on my insulin pump with the delivery message on the weekend - has all been sorted out.  Animas was very surprised that there had been no help for me when I called (they have taken note of what happened).  They were even more surprised I was able to sort through the problem on my own - since usually it is a problem that must be dealt with through their tech department.  They told me I should apply for a job at Animas here in Canada.  I may just do that - but now that I'm starting on another adventure in my “Jill of All Trades " type of work I do - I'm wondering .... "How many jobs can a person have?".  I do love a challenge though - makes life more interesting - and keeps me on my toes.

   My latest adventure in life is going to start next Monday - working in a quaint little cafe in the village of Pointe Claire here in Quebec a few days a week - called Cafe Marmelade. The owner, Eleanor Arless, a Type 1 diabetic like myself, offered me a job the other day when I brought a friend in for a coffee and nibbles.  I am so excited since I love to bake  and create healthy wholesome food for my family and friends.  Now I can learn off of a pro - since she beats me hands down with her tasty breads and sweet baked treats (have sampled a few)!

   Besides working there - I'm going to be helping Eleanor with learning how to carb count - so she doesn't experience all the ups and downs she's been having with her BG's (not fun if  you're wielding a sharp knife at the time).  She isn't very aware of how much insulin she requires for the amount of food she eats which I can relate to.  About 5 years ago - I started to figure out how much insulin I required to shoot up with in order to cover the food I was eating.  Now with the pump - because it's a more precise way of giving insulin - I had to tweak my skills of carb counting a little bit more. Along with the handy programming that I have set up in the pump I’m all set.  Remember though you are still the brains behind what amount of insulin goes into your body with the pump – it only “suggests”.  It was abit annoying in the beginning having to know the "exact" amount of carbs I was going to inhale - but in doing so - it's helped me to have fewer lows - and not do the roller coasters ride of shooting up high.

   One thing Eleanor has recommended to me - for treating hypos - is to mix maple syrup with some water. She vouches that it doesn't rebound afterwards shooting her BG up high.  I'm going to give this a try next time I have a hypo here at home (who carries a jug of maple syrup with them in their purse?).  I may have to buy maple syrup from her since it's a wee bit expensive due to supply and demand.

Bon Appetite!




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