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Posted: May 11, 2010

I guess you would say that I've got a horse shoe up my ass as far as hypos or lows go.  As a child I was probably running in the medium / high range for blood sugars (BG's) since in those days generally we only injected once a day with a long acting insulin.  No fancy stuff like today with basal (Lantus/Levemir) or bolus (NovoRapid/Apidra).  Also, A1C's weren't available to the general public until the late 70's and urine testing at home was the only way to see how you were doing (depending on how long that urine had been sitting in your  bladder <lol> ).  Having low BG's really only started to effect me when I entered into my 30's  and I decided to become  more tightly controlled with MDI (multiple doseage injections)  with testing my BG's more frequently.
My Mum used to pack Sunmaid raisins into my school bag for those times when I might need a low.  I still love those today, but I try to be careful when I am having a low, that I don't eat too many!  I'll have a few nuts / cheese afterwards to offset all the sweetness and hopefully cause less tooth decay.

My other favourite treat when I'm low as a child was Life-Savers.  We all know 4 of those sweet little candies equals 15 carbs but the only problem with these, it is hard to stop at just 4!  The next colour could be my favourite flavour (green). Shovel, shovel, shovel!!!  Rebound later on :(

Life Savers

Urrrhhh!!! Now you see why I detest hypos along with leaving you like a limp noodle.  I really don't have any favourite type of food to deal with them - Dex4 is pretty well what I carry with me all the time or a juice box.  I just don't like being low, plain and simple, I'm not myself and it's a fight to struggle back to normal.  Also, to have a bad low, and being semi-comotose  at the same time  I   don't usually recall what the heck I'm eating.  Ugh!
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