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Posted: Sep 8, 2013
Vain Little Cat I Am \\^,,^//A few years ago I wrote  a blog about a D-Mum (Joan Benz of T&J Design) who made great pump leg holders for those of us who like to wear a dress from time to time.  They were made to fit you like a glove and didn't slip down.  I'd tried a few other similar holders but they either irritated the heck out of my skin or slide down the leg. 

Sadly, the one she had made me, I left behind (how I did that I'll never know and I didn't realise this until many months later) when on holidays in the USA a few years ago.  When I decided to purchase another one - and at the time she was making them in black instead of the original white - I was going to purchase two.  I was disappointed to discover she would no longer ship outside of the USA - no matter how much I pleaded with her (a cat pleading is really cute).  Mainly this was due to time involved in going to post office, customs/duty forms.  Let's just say I was extremely disappointed.

Time Ticking By

I did manage to purchase similar material that she made hers out of at that point - with the intentions of making my own version - but so far - time has ticked by - SCREAM - and I've just not found the time - tick, tock, tick, tock.  I have found other ways to wear my pump though when wearing a dress - tucked in a sports bra - except when it comes to wearing a more skin showing dress - a sports bra just doesn't work well.  I've actually removed the pump when I do want to wear something "skimpy" - using a pen needle with rapid insulin to stay in the "zone" for a short time  - but it's kind of a drag - so I don't do that too often.  Ohhhh - I'm such a vain Fashionista!!

Just now, I came across a link by KimChal - that tells you how to make your own in EIGHT EASY STEPS.  It's not difficult to follow (I do sew for a living for other people - so of course - it may be easier for me than some of you).  If you don't sew - you can always sweeten up a friend that does - and they'll make one for you - that will custom fit it to YOU.

If any of you give it a try - either post your results here - and of course - let  KimChal know!!!  I did tell her that I was posting her instructions here at - so maybe she'll come by and say hi to us all (or look for us in the DOC - Diabetic Online Community via Facebook / Twitter / G+ ).

Dreaming of wearing a slinky dress - with my thigh pump holder .....

NB:  The hyperlink for my blog hyperlink  - still works (some have said it doesn't - I triple dipple test every link I put in my blogs to make it easier for you).  Sadly though Joan Benz is no longer in business - taking a break from sewing (I know the feeling - I used to do the same - full time job / sewing on the side).  She is still involved in JDRF events though (her daughter is a T1D).
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