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Posted: Mar 12, 2015


I would like to share a personal family experience of my aunt who is suffering from diabetes and arthritis and how she managed to escape a knee surgery just by performing cardio every day.

Few years back my aunt was diagnosed with diabetes and arthritis. After only a week of her diagnosis, she had difficulty in walking or standing up. We had to hire a physiotherapist who helped her to do some basic exercises as her arthritis was worsening. After consultation from an orthopedic surgeon, we were told that she had to replace her knee in order to make her walk, stand or sit properly. This was quiet a risk for her and she refused to go with the surgery. The procedure was quite painful as well as expensive.

She agreed to bear the pain but not with the surgery. The physiotherapist continued to help her with basic exercises which were showing very slow improvement. Many a times her pain flared up and we even thought of quitting the physiotherapy thing until I bought a treadmill.

I bought a treadmill when a sudden spark of being fit and healthy flared up inside of me. I used to run every day on the treadmill for 10-15 minutes. Seeing my progress as I began losing inches, my aunty one day asked me to try the treadmill herself. After helping her to walk on a very slow pace on the treadmill for some days she miraculously showed signs of drastic improvements in her walking and sitting style. Moreover she started using the treadmill all by herself.

We are still unsure whether it was due to the treadmill that she showed improvement or it was physiotherapy. But the most noticeable thing here is that she is showing amazing recovery from arthritis and can now even walk to the store all by herself. I am very amazed and hopeful that she will continue to use the treadmill and I encourage all of you to exercise daily at least for half an hour.

Let me know what you think in the comments section about what could be the reason of her speedy recovery after using the treadmill. One thing to add up here, if you are looking to buy a treadmill, contact these treadmill suppliers to get the best deals.

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Posted: Apr 12, 2010

As most of you know from my scribbles yesterday, I've been having some issues with my blood sugars (BG's) lately.  To the point that on the Sunday I was close to going to ER due to high blood sugars in the 400 mg/dl (22 mmol/l).  On the advise of some of my online PWD's (People With Diabetes) - I went to my pharmacy to pick up some Chemstrips UGK to measure the amount of ketones in my system.  For diabetics, ketones in the blood makes it more acid and is poisonous to the brain if left undected for too long (coma and death can happen - ugh).  I've been thru'  Ketoacidosis as a teenager where I slipped into a coma. Not fun at all for either myself or my family.  So, with the way my blood sugars have been lately, I was scared to the point of running around like a chicken without it's head on, but I stayed "somewhat" calm.

The short and the sweet of it.  I'm now back to normal.  Went to bed with 270 mg/dl (15 mmol/l) and woke up (didn't sleep well of course) with 74 mg/dl (4.1 mmol/l).  Still it's going to be a waiting game, as I've not been MDI (multiple doseage injecting) for the past 3 years since being on the pump.  Like I did with the insulin pump, I'm relearning how to keep my BG's in control via needle injections - compared to my pump which had all the calculations for IOB (insulin on board), I:C (insulin to carb ratios), and some of the other goodies that help make insulin pumping in my opinion a "slice of cake".  In my case, I wasn't sure if I was having issues with scarring due to infusion sites, so decided to take a pump break.

I called up my GP's office this morning to discover she does not have any available appointments until .... July!!!  Three months from now. I explained the situation - only suggestion they gave to me - " come into the clinic ".  Clinics are my last resort, having to go thru' your history with a GP that doesn't know you, been there, done that.  Next option was my Endo, this is where I lucked in, cancellation on Thursday.  I'll have to work something out with my clients for that day, but as you're all probably saying ... "Your health comes first".

So, for now, as I finish this up, I feel my BG's coming down.  I probably overdosed in the NovoRapid for my breakfast (yes - I had a normal breakfast of toast/PB/OJ - oh joy).  Off I go to test, report my results on Twitter and the other areas that I report my daily roller coaster ride with diabetes.

UPDATE:  Just Tweeted this -  #bgnow 13.2 | 238 So much for thinking I'm low.Either I:C ratio or basal rate is not correct with MDI.Used to work with pump :S #diabetes 
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Posted: Aug 26, 2009

Hostess Twinkie

As we all know, sugar has no nutritional value.  It makes food taste good, who can't deny that?  I know I can't.  I'm a diabetic, and I still use sugar in my coffee. Granted, I make myself feel better by saying "I use raw sugar" - but let's face facts - it's sugar - 10g of carb for a teaspoon of sugar!  Many people who eat sugar laiden food are not eating healthy food (are Twinkies healthy - they taste so good?) and of course there are the calories that are involved in high sugar. Which results in high calories and if we don't burn those off - well - you know where it ends up (I'm looking down at my belly here as I type this out - yikes).

I came across a Good Morning America episode today - that was informing the viewers about sugar consumption in the American population (though I think this applies all over).  Did you know that the average person a day consumes .... 21 teaspoons of sugar a day?  The American Heart Association (AHA) is recommending that we reduce that amount of sugar consumption by a third - to only 7 ½ teaspoons a day. 

Also, what was amazing - was when the doctor being interviewed (Doctor Johnson)  said that a single can of pop drink contains 10 to 12 teaspoons of sugar!  Ouch!  I mean I know they are high in sugar - who hasn't consumed a Coke when they need to fix a hypo (I have) - but there is that much sugar in just a can of pop floors me.   He continued to point out that boys (do girls not consume as much I wonder?) from the ages of 14-18 consume on average 35 teaspoons of sugar a day.

Reducing the amount of sugar we consume will of course help reduce our chances of having heart attacks, strokes and of course diabetes.  They are all related in many ways to our love of sugar in our diets.

I know that my parents many years ago decided to cut out excess sugar from their diets.  I'm not sure if it was because of my being a diabetic - but they have managed to wean themselves off of it in their tea and coffee and they also don't eat many sweet things.  Being of British descent - where we are known for bad  teeth (though have been told that's due to the bad dentistry at the time) - that's quite something else.  They are both in excellent health and they are in the 70's - so perhaps cutting out sugar has helped them - along with healthy eating.  I am hoping I can say the same thing when I reach their age - as I'm sure we all feel the same way.

To view the video - as well as read up abit more about our consumption of sugar - go to this link.

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Posted: May 30, 2009

Well, I have finally had to start using my forearms full time for testing my BG's this week.  I find now since I've started taking my diabetes abit more seriously after having it for so long - that I've become slightly addictive to blood testing. Okay, not to the point like one of my fellow bloggers here does (Doris Dickson) - but let's just say a wee bit more then I used to do when I was multiple injecting.

Porky Pig

I average about 8 times a day for testing - and lately have been finding that my sausage fingers (aka Porky Pig fingers) - are getting abit thick skinned.  I actually had to adjust my vampire blood letting contraption to a deeper depth.  Sometimes that didn't get enough blood out of my finger tip for my blood meter that uses the teeniest tiniest droplet of blood.  I think  pricking my finger is worse then needles - as I'm sure some of you can vouch for!

A few nights ago I was up every hour - testing my basal settings on my pump as I was experiencing unusual high BG's when I woke up (15 mmol/l  -  270 mg/dl).  Anyway, discovered where the adjusting of my basal settings needed to be changed on my pump - and so far - I'm back to having BG's in the morning that allow me to at least have a breakfast.  I tend to not eat when my BG's are high in the morning as I don't usually feel like eating when I'm that high.  To have to bolus/inject with not just insulin to cover my elevated BG but also my meal I'm consuming freaks me out - as I average about 2-3 units per meal when my BG's are normal (4.5 mmol/l - 81 mg/dl).  To bolus/inject anymore freaks me out when I'm high.  To think that much insulin is pooling up under my skin - shudder.  So far, I'm very lucky that my carb ratio to insulin is still relatively good (I average 1 unit of insulin to 13 grams of carb) - but have friends that that are 1:5.  Ouch, I can't imagine the amount of insulin that I'd be taking to cover both a carb and BG correction!

I don't think it helps that I'm doing alot of gardening - and loath wearing gardening gloves.  Therefore, the earth really dries out my skin on my finger tips (clay based soil where I live -  mini-hand facial ). So, I'll continue testing on my forearms until my finger tips become abit more soft and pliable. 

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Blog: Sassy C's

From: cynthiad

Posted: Apr 10, 2009

Attending diabetes education classes by Cynthia D.Williams


These classes were very helpful.They tell you about maintaining your glucose and how to use your meters.You learn  about weight problems that occur from different foods,Where  too much sugar’s obtained in the blood stream.You’re informed of the importance to regulate a balance diet regularly.


When dealing with our illness,family intervention’s key in understanding this condition.Once I told my sons they were assured  with my doctors help and their own research.It’s emotional but plausible to maintain safely a healthy productive life.Oh darling's don't forget to check me out at my main blog for more"positivity", until next post,I love yall smooches!.

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