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Posted: Jun 25, 2010

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Have you started menopause yet?  Curious because I started about a year ago, aka peri-menopause as they call it these days.  I never had the regular PMS issues that many of my friends had during the years of "regular" menses.  I always had interesting periods mind you but not PMS, WARNING the next sentence gets abit more descriptive - but if you dissected worms / rabbits in biology class - you'll be okay.  I tend to have periods that are just blood clots due to polyps that I have (which are examined every year - if they become size of grapefruits - then they get nipped in the bud aka surgery ).

Starting on this new "life" which seems to have really hit me full force lately with headaches, bloating (I'm too old to be pregnant right?), fun times on the Porcelain Goddess from the derriere point of view (sorry - but have to be honest here) - I am ready to hit the looney bin.  Instead of just a few days to a week of this, I'm now going into my 3rd week!!!!  I'm so exhausted and of course with the hormones making the emotions wacky, I'm having to bite the bullet sometimes when I'm about to lose it (Mike my hubby wears a great shield of armour lately - bless him). 

Yes, I've now become one of those women that I used to think were making the PMS bit all up (well except I did have a boss that when she had PMS - you knew it for sure - scary stuff - stay clear - be careful what you say).  Of course, on top of this, my basal settings, bolus settings are now totally screwed up.  What was working for me prior - throw it out the door - and just inject more - wait a few days to see how it works - inject more.  I've now tripled my amount of basal (Levemir) twice a day injections.  Yes, still having the issues with lumps forming at the injection site, and now with the larger dosage, they are no longer little tropical islands but the size of Russia (no offense, but figured Russia is the biggest country I can think of that came to mind in my strange mind I have these days).

I cannot WAIT to see my GP who I had tried to see back in March and she was only available to see in July.  I think she may regret having me as her patient as I babble on about what's been happening.  Of course, I see my endocrinologist and gynecologist within a few days of each other.  It's see the doctor month for me - oh joy!!

Next life, I come back as a man - they get manopause later in life though - right?

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