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Posted: May 12, 2011

Well, while having to cope with lack of energy due to this viral pneumonia – I missed out on being involved in Wednesday’s “D-bloopers” (my brain couldn’t really think of which blooper to tell about – too many over the past 40+ years).  So, while I have some renewed energy, here I go with today’s topic of discussion.  Can’t wait to read what others have to say – check it out them out at this link .

1)      How when I drink water – that it squirts out the end of my fingers due to multiple vampire pricks over the past 30+ years of blood testing.  I am like a fountain.

2)      Wondering if I’ll wake up in the morning with a good blood sugar (5-7 mmol/l) or bad blood sugar (over 10 mmol/l).  I’m anal about my blood sugars aren’t I?

3)      Wondering what it’s like to be not be a diabetic  – would it be any different then my life today as I play a game of poker at the casino each week?

4)      Depression goes along with diabetes (am going through this at present – not fun at all).

5)      Losing my eyesight – I wouldn’t be able to watch Glee or see Sprinkles the Diabetes Advocacy Unicorn!

6)      How I wish my significant other could understand how diabetes affects me even after almost quarter of a century of ball and chain with him - he still doesn’t know when I’m low!

7)      That diabetes is increasing in the our big blue marble population – according to WHO – 220 million people around the world have diabetes .

8)      What diabetic doesn’t dream of eating without having to think about blood sugar control and all the other crap we have to worry about?  I mean – imagine pigging out on bacon? (this one is for you George).

9)      Low blood sugars – I can function even at 2.0 mmol/l – but it’s not good at all for any of us diabetics to go low like this (does it kill off brain cells I wonder?).

10)      Other diabetics who ask for my advise – then tell me – they don’t have time to do what I do – they are too busy with work, etc.  Meanwhile they are having eyesight problems, not able to feel things properly with their fingers , etc.   It saddens me to no end (I couldn’t be a doctor – I think I’d have a nervous breakdown with patients like that).


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Posted: Oct 15, 2008




I have been using a pump for the past year after MDI (multiple dosage injecting aka “poor man's pump”) method.  The pump has proven itself to be a valuable tool in controlling my diabetes – and I find I am in more control of my life now.  No  more being the regimental soldier eating every “x” amount of hours.  Also, I have very few hypos now. Pumping is the best thing since sliced bread IMHO (and I make my own bread here at home – I am quite the Domestic Engineer since becoming semi-retired).  


The good news with my first “poke ‘em doctor” – my A1C instead of being the usual prepump 7.0ish reading was 5.9 (6 months ago my A1C was 6.1).  I was really amazed at the latest result with having just come off a 3 week sailing holiday. A wee bit of stress with some of the 3 tropical storms (Gustav, Hannah, Ike ... hmmm where's Tina?) that came up north hitting our little 25’ sailboat called the Fat Cat (oh and my marriage held together - swearing at my hubby that we're going to die in Lake Ontario while the boat feels like it's in a  washing cycle for heavy duty clothing - joy!).  Along with eating foods I don’t normally eat – I actually used less insulin and also my blood sugars remained very level during that time (I try to attain 4.5 – 6).


The other good news – I am not losing my eyesight!  A few years ago my ophthalmologist started to get worried about my eyes.  After that I was seeing her every 6 months instead of once a year (field vision test, dilation of pupil, yadda, yadda, yadda – you know the drill).  This time I “poised for the camera” (had an optic nerve test – where they take pictures of your sexy eyeball). Not covered by Quebec Medicare but it was done.  The results from all these tests – she is amazed at the quality of my eyes due to my length of having diabetes!  Losing my eyesight has been always a nagging thing with me – as I’m sure it is with others.


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