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Posted: May 14, 2012

Well, as you all know, I’ve been going to physio for a work related problem.  I’m wearing a tennis elbow bracelet as I type this out to you and today my therapist said to even wear it when I’m sailing!  Ovey!

While I was sitting with ice on my elbow after being shown some new exercises to strengthen up the tendons (she removed one exercise – which was really painful – and actually aggravating my shoulder) – I listened in on a couple of women next to me.

They were both runners – one lady - Sue – who is  my age – had gone running – but cross country – and sadly – this had aggravated her ankle she’d broken years before (Achilles tendon).  So, she has to take it easy for running while she repairs – but is planning on doing a 5K marathon in Ottawa in a few weeks.  The other lady next to her was a fit looking gal – who I took to be in her 60’s – 70’s – and she was … 85 years old.  Supposedly she is one of the oldest marathon runners here in Montreal / Ottawa area – and usually she’s the only female runner in that age category – so she always gets 1st prize!

I found out all this information after speaking to Sue as we made our way outside about how I envied folks like her that are so fit.  I explained that as a diabetic on insulin – it can be challenging – but that it CAN BE DONE (am I determined or what?)!  I told her that I used to run back in the 80's – and had gotten to that point of “runners high”.  Then sadly, I stopped when moving back to UK, since my father had told me “they don’t run over there”.  I wish I’d not listened to his advice – since I never took up running again.

I’ve never really been an uber active person.  In high school, I stopped taking physical education after having knee problems (swelling up).  So after Grade 9, that was pretty well it for any daily physical exercise.  Then of course, school finished, work started and … who has the time to exercise (well –the arm muscles for a pint of beer <lol>).  The only other time I really got active was when I worked downtown in Montreal – and running for bus connections / taking the stairs instead of the escalator for connecting Metro cars – I was in really good shape. 

Sue took up running at the Running Room after her father had died of a heart attack – and she was a few pounds overweight (she was that scared of following in his footsteps).   She started off slowly – and now 6 years later – is 40 pounds lighter – she runs every day – and actively participates in marathons.  So, after exchanging business cards (she’s like me – works from home) – I am going to seriously look into joining the free runs that they have Wednesday nights (and Sundays maybe) for now – and get my ass into gear.  I don’t plan on being faster than a speeding bullet – but like Sue says – whatever pace makes you happy – is the main thing.  And even better, maybe I’ll shed some weight, but that’s not my main goal for running.  It’s more about getting out there, being active, and being with other people that have the same goals as I do!

My big thing will be adjusting my insulin to suit what I’m doing for this activity – and this time I will not be on MDI (multiple dosage injections) – so I’m hoping I’ll be in better control due to being able to adjust since I’m only on one insulin type with my Animas 2020 pump – instead of two.  Anyone reading this – who maybe has some tips for me – let me know!

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Posted: Mar 12, 2012

Once again, we are very blessed to have Tori Davidson from Australia share some of her words about living with diabetes.  She had shared her story back on February 3rd about her 35 years of being on the insulin pump.  I'm very blessed that she allows me to add my little bits of artwork that I find - to make her great words have more POP!!! 

Now, I don't necessarily feel the same way as Tori does below here - but I know for some of you out there reading her words - you have also felt the same way.  Feel free to share your own thoughts!




Some degree of insecurity is endemic to most, if not all, people in general. Growing up and living with diabetes appears to cause a vacillation between insecurity and bravado. I have hated people for not understanding my diabetes, for not trying to understand what I need to do each day regarding my diabetes, and feeling insecure that I would not be completely accepted because of its existence. Conversely, I have hated them for wanting to know, or believing they understand what it is to live with Type 1 diabetes, when in most cases they have second-hand knowledge, if any.

Most type 1’s, I believe go through a similar seesaw of denial, insecurity, bravado and acceptance. Apparently we often like to see ourselves as “different”, as “brave” or as “better” than those who are pancreatically blessed. While understandable, these mixed emotions can lead to a complete alienation from the rest of humanity, and I feel fortunate that my own vacillations between these emotions seem now to be mostly absent. Do type 1 diabetics want to be pitied? We all say not, but I wonder if that is strictly true. The phrase “Oh, you poor thing” is ripe to make the hackles rise in most people, but particularly in diabetics, who feel they are coping well with their condition. But this brings an interesting question. If we feel we are “coping well” (or even not coping well), isn’t that a cry for sympathy? Asking for compassion, understanding and support, what do we really mean? We want the non-diabetic community to understand *what it is we go through*, in other words, just how hard life actually is.

To me, that sounds like a cry for pity. Do we want people to know that we have to inject insulin, do regular blood tests, watch our diets, balance exercise and emotions with everything else and how difficult this can be at times, and to shrug with a comment of “Oh well”? Surely that would be understanding without pity? Or do we want people to say “Oh gosh, that must be so hard”, which while indicating compassion also reflects pity. It is a very fine tightrope, and the animosity from the Type 1 diabetic community generally to the unaware non-diabetic community is ill-founded. I believe that type 1 diabetics must expect and indeed want a little pity to obtain the understanding that is so craved. If you really don’t want pity, you wouldn’t complain about how hard it all is, even if that complaint is only internal.

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From: bodytx

Posted: Jun 30, 2011

Since today, I would take notes everyday and encourage myself to do more exercise but eat less cheese.

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Posted: Jan 28, 2011


Last week I wrote a blog with a few details of my latest 6 month visit to my endocrinologist. I'm the opposite of many diabetics who fear the outcome of their A1C. I don't have that problem as I've pretty well got that one down pat especially since going onto the pump (but I still don't think I'm using that piece of equipment to it's full advantage - in April I finally get to see a endo and their team of experts to drill them with my questions). My problem is with that aging thing of inactivity, peri-menopause, yadda, yadda, yadda. I'm basically a lazy cow most of the times. Yes, I try to "walk the talk" when I can, use the stairs instead of lifts, I park my vehicle as far away from the shopping centre as possible to get abit of exercise. It's not enough - to me that is - and I'm trying to fit in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day - but it's tough - and I'm failing pretty miserable in that area.

So, my next goal in life is to shed that weight that's crept up on me since last August. My fav jeans that I love to wear feel like I'm squeezing my lower half of my body into a sausage skin. I refuse to become a more plump sausage (banger) in a frying pan - I MUST resist the heat of the frying pan. I'm hoping to have an online blog diary elsewhere other then here at because frankly, it could be pretty boring stuff for you to read. Main thing, I've just started a food diary when coming home today from the shops - and as you can see not that interesting - but I'm hoping by putting everything in the open for anyone to see and me too - that it'll help me stick to what I'm trying to accomplish. Shed at least 20 pounds - I have no time frame set in mind - but a year would be nice to accomplish this in - I just want to lose this weight - if I can shed more - even better!

Example of my food diary I just started a few hours ago (it's going to be abit of work typing this out - but I feel I need a 2 week record of what I "normally" eat to figure out where to go to shed the weight).

Friday, January 28, 2011 13:25:33

150 calories - - Red River Cereal - - 28 g carbs minus 6 g fibre = 22 g carbs

34 calories - 1 Tbsp - brown sugar = 9 g carbs

40 calories - Big dollop of coffee cream = 2 g carbs

55 calories -  - 2 Tbsp of protein soya powder = 13 g of protein

BG - 3.7 mmol/l  - Bolus? - pump saying I'm low - to not bolus - will check later

Yes, some of you who have met me say - "You're not overweight!". My Mum actually said this to me this week on the phone - very unusual for my Mum to compliment me! Just step me on the scales today - and I am topping abit over .... to say this in public ... 160 pounds. There said it - can't take it away - resist the Edit button.

Off I now go, away from my netbook (it was fun posting this blog thru' this device), to do abit of cycling on my stationery bike! Wish me luck! Oh and my BG is currently 5.5 mmol/l (99 mg/dl) - an hour after eating my cereal - so still no bolus - and good range to be in for exercise.

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Posted: Jun 18, 2010

Well, since starting Ginger Viera's 15 week weight loss challenge I've been having a few issues with trying to complete my 30 minute exercise every day due to low blood sugars in the morning.  I've managed to get in abit of exercise by parking the car further away from the store front (I've always done that - now I go ... further).  Last night I managed to get my hubby to go for almost an hours walk along the river, we haven't done that in years! Only thing I forgot to bring was my Dex4 since my blood sugar went down.

Also, I'm just trying to rethink how each little thing I do, can help burn off some of the foods I'm eating.  I'm using small hand weights every day (3 lbs) - nothing like Ginger does, but I'm pretty happy with the progress of building up muscles in my arms and upper back.  I need these muscles more then ever now for the bigger jib sheet I have to work with on our 30' sailboat  (I was cursing / grunting like a sailor on the w/e
even with the 2 speed winches we have as we were tacking alot for practise).

Today, I decided to step on the old scale.  I've never been a big lover of doing this, as I often find my bubble gets burst.  I go more by how my clothing fits me, and how I feel.  I'm now at 150 lbs / 68 kg and I'm really amazed at this.  I've not weighted this low for a long time.  I've been fighting not to go over 160 since I'm not a tall girl (my endo said recently that I'm 5' 3 1/2" / 1.61 m - my GP said last year I'm 5' 4 1/2" / 1.64 - go figure that one out).  I know, it's only an inch / 2.54 cm - but it makes a big difference to me!

One thing that I really owe to Ginger, is making sure I have a breakfast in the morning.  I've never been a big lover of that.  Usually an espresso would do and I'd eat later mid-morning.  She's like me, loves yoghurt, though I guess I'm the evil one, since my yogurt is 6% fat, compared to her 0%.   I sometimes find low fat yoghurt sold in stores is higher in carbs, and I'm trying to reduce my carbs.  Therefore, I have a smaller amount of yogurt, 1/2 a cup, sprinkled with fresh fruit and sometimes when I feel like going overboard, sprinkle on some museili. 

And since I won't have Internet useage on the weekend to write - as I'm heading off to the floating cottage - here's a little picture for all you Dad's out there - Happy Father's Day.  Don't do what the Fat Cat does below - and guzzle too much beer (it's got alot of carbs in it - belch).

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