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Posted: Sep 14, 2008

...  but not with myself or anything having to do with my diabetes.  I'm upset for a newly diagnosed "buddy."  She's only been at this a few months.  She's making incredible progress and has taken leaps into the veteran suggeston box that most couldn't take for years.  That's cool.  That means she is so far ahead of the game in the confidence department that she'll be able to skip so much of the "garbage" us 30 year plus vets faced. 

She had her first low.  Well, that low wouldn't be a huge deal if not for a few things 1) her husband had to wake her up 2) it scared her and 3) it's caused from way too much insulin as prescribed from her medical caregivers.  She's honeymooning, a type 1 and not insulin resistance.  They have her taking 4 times as much long acting as I need and a set dose of rapid acting per meal.  Then they told her how many carbs for that units but it's twice what I take per 15 carbs and I'm considered insulin sensitive for a veteran at 1:15 or 1:75 for a correction.  (I'm not buying the your mileage may vary stuff in this case.  It's TOO much insulin."

It's no wonder she had a bad low.  She's not "allowed" to carb count.  The peaks from the Lantus alone are bad.  What happens when they cross a rapid acting peak?  What happens when she doesn't want that number of carbs.  That's now how many carbs she ate as a non-diabetic, why should she try to eat that many now? 

I help newly diagnosed and veteran diabetics all the time with insulin requirements.  This time, I've got to patient.  She's got to feel comfortable about when to make adjustments by herself, when to buck the doctor, and when she has to trust.  I get that.  Truly I do.  But the pain in her "voice" and the fear from her first "low" are just hard for me to watch.  My first low was in an entirely controlled environment at the Joslin Clinic in November 1976.  She was not afforded that same comfort.  I'm just so upset I can't help her through this more than I am.  I can't "fix" the insulin instructions she was given even though I know they are wrong and I can't make her feel less frightened.  So ... I'm upset.


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