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Posted: Apr 7, 2011

Last November I wrote about having scratched my eyeball with an eyelash separator and previous to that I'd written about another blog on my eyes - all within a month of each other (when it rains it pours).  It was not a pleasant experience with having the scratched eyeball, and trying to seek proper medical help was a pain in the behind.  Trying to see my opthomologist who I see every 6 months was not an option and the only way I could see her or any other eye specialist besides just the clinic GP I saw required a ER reference from the attending GP I saw which they felt was not needed.  According to them, they could not detect much damage, gave me some antibiotic drops - good bye.

Forward now to the month of April, 5 days of torture with an eyeball - yes THAT eyeball - feeling like it's been playing in a sandbox in the beginning, and then the eyeball itself becoming a massive red, weeping mass in the eye socket.  Having to attend the JDRF Symposium on Sunday in this condition was not fun at all!  This experience was as unpleasant as what I went through back in November.  Due to a dermatologist telling me that having rosacea leads to scratchy eyes, dry eyes - I thought that I had the same condition as what my Mum suffers from - blepharitis (I mean - I have inherited most health issues I have now from her side of the family - e.g. diabetes, receding gum line, etc.).  I thought that this is to be my karma.

Wrong!  I lucked in on seeing my regular GP with an appointment rather than just the clinic GP and a 5-8 hour wait on Monday.  She told me that she'd never heard of rosacea causing dry eyes, etc.  That floored me abit, since according to Internet sites - it says otherwise - as well - the dermatologist she sent me to before had said otherwise.  She prescribed some antibiotic drops, and actually insisted that I see my opthomologist giving me an ER referral – I was amazed I didn’t have to beg for it this time!

So, two days later, I get to see my opthomologist.  It turns out that the original GP who examined my eye back in November should have given me the ER referral.  She was very shocked by that not being done, especially since I was diabetic (and trust me – I flaunt my diabetes to GP’s/etc. if it can get me one step ahead of the masses seeking medical help IF it is an emergency).  She said that the tear to the cornea (I was told by the November GP that there was nothing that they could really see) – was the cause of my latest problem – and sadly – it will flair up from time to time.  She didn’t say (and I didn’t ask but will when I see her in 3 weeks follow up) – that if it had been treated properly the first time – if it would have healed up.    The main thing is – it’s scared the crap out of me that doctors don’t all have the same perception of things and that if perhaps further damage could be done.

So, because of this “scar” to the cornea – and the thinning of my lenses (some folks have thin / thick – it varies for all of us – diabetic or not) – this will be another little problem my opthomologist will be watching carefully over the years.  As usual, she is amazed at my length of time with diabetes and the health of my eyes.  I’m amazed as usual at my stupidity at my stupidity for not having been pushier and having demanded an ER referral right from the start.  You’d think I’d know by now at my age!

For now, treatment of my corneal edema is being treated by very salty eye drops to reduce the swelling of the eyeball (which is what has been distorting my vision) and a similar gel drop I place in my eye at night.  All the other things that were prescribed by earlier GP’s which did not help at all – in the bin!

I am hoping I have learnt my lesson here to be upfront (but polite – I am a Canadian after all) – just like many of the D-OC (diabetic online community) Americans are with their health system and how they are treated!  

This picture was taken BEFORE any eye probs! If I'd had a willing photographer to snap my eyeball before - it would be posted here instead!

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