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Posted: Jan 4, 2012
I don't usually set NY goals - but this year - I've decided to give it a go - promising myself to eat breakfast in the AM - and hope that by doing this - it aids in losing that belly fat I have ( though it comes in handy for my infusion sets ).  I know - bad excuse to stay plump!!! 

One thing I've discovered with some of my fav shows I caught over the holidays since I had time to actually watch what I miss as a working stiff - is that missing out on meals does not help in losing weight.  Your body goes into panic mode and decides to hang onto those fat reserves when you don't eat on a regular basis.  Something I secretly have known all these years, but I hid it in the far regions of my sponge brain. 

I am like many of my friends, diabetic or not, that find consuming breakfast in the AM to be a chore at times.  It's been something that was always difficult for me and as a child I did eat breakfast, but leaving home, that all disappeared. 

So, my goal this year, is to try my best to eat something in the AM, rather then just a cup of coffee until I "find" the time to eat later in the afternoon (bad, bad, bad).  Take for exampe yesterday, I didn't have much of an appetite, but I managed to get 1/2 cup of cottage cheese into me, besides my regular java.  Amazingly enough, with grazing every 2-3 hours - my blood glucose (BG) averaged 5.0 (90).  That was even with eating a blonde brownie in the afternoon at break time.  Of course, giving the correct amount of insulin to cover the carbs as well as my basal rate I have set up on my insulin pump helps out alot.

I'm also trying out an "at home" A1C test and posting the results on my Facebook page called the Roller Coaster Ride of Diabetes and also Twitter .  I lucked in on getting the 10th edition of the book entitled "Diabetes Mellitus - A Practical Handbook" by Sue K. Milchovich and Barbara Dunn-Long.  In the chapter on Labratory Tests - they tell you to do an at home eAG (or A1c).  Not that I'm not going to have a lab test done anymore, but the instructions which I'm following by testing my BG before and 2 hours after a meal using your glucose meter will give me a bit of a heads up I feel.  I always thought that by averaging out ALL your BG results from your glucose meter would reveal similar lab results - but apparently not according to the authors of this book.  The main thing is, I really recommend this book for any newly diagnosed diabetic - or old fart one like myself - since I always am learning new ways to improve the control of my diabetes.  Check out your library - you never know - they might have it - if not - ask them!

Happy New Year!!!!

My healthy breakfast
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Posted: Mar 11, 2009

    Next time you see your diabetic health care team - you may be hearing a new term called "estimated average glucose (eAG)".   I came across this article online dated February 18, 2009 that Cynthia Kahn had posted on Twitter.

    If I understand correctly from what I have read  - eAG is similar to the readings you see when you have your A1c, but with a simple calculation using the following link  Estimated Average Glucose, eAG it will allow you and your health care team to convert your A1C reading to the same unit of measurement that you see on your blood meter.  For example, my last A1c which was 5.9 % becomes 123 mg/dl or 6.8 mmol/l eAG when using this calculation.  

    Sob, here I was thinking that my 5.9% A1c from last October was really good - when in actual fact - it wasn't!! Even worse,  before when my endo just a year ago was telling me that my 7.0% A1c was excellent -  but with the conversion to eAG - it makes me cringe with shame that he could say that to me.  I'll be printing up the article below for him to read (I have educated him in some areas of diabetes over the years - he says I know more then he does at times ).

    To read more on this subject  go to the following link A New Term In Diabetes Control.


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