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Posted: May 15, 2011

Before I started blogging or getting involved in the D-OC (diabetes online community) - diabetes to me was just part of my persona - just like the gap in my front teeth (sorry orthodontists out there – I’m a Lauren Hutton wanna be). I didn't think much about the daily rituals that most of us diabetics go through until I started to "meet" up with others that shared similar experiences. This week proved why my online "friends" helps many of us cope with the roller coaster ride of diabetes. 

                           The D-OC all grown up :)

I found this week that there are SOOOOOO many fantastic D-bloggers out there. Everyone has varied opinions on the subject that we were asked to blog about. I found it difficult following some of the topics that we asked to write about - despite the wild card options.  With being sick and my desktop acting up on me - it made things abit tough at times (technology - that love/hate relationship - e.g. again today my desktop is acting up). For myself, it was almost like being at school, BUT in the end I accomplished the task at hand! I'm still trying to catch up with reading of the great posts done each day this week which were averaging about 100+ individual posts (Thursdays - topped the charts with almost 150 posts on "Ten Things I Hate Diabetes" – which for myself – was hard to write about – because I don’t really hate diabetes – it’s like my side partner in life).

Here's to all the great Super D-Troopers out there and hopefully more to come in the near future! To check out all the blogs posted this week head on over to the Bitter~Sweet website. 

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Posted: May 14, 2011

Well today's topic of discussion is "snap shots".  From what I've seen today of other uploads - they are pretty darn good and it will be taking me abit of time to check them all out (it's a rainy day here in Montreal today)!   I have the pictures below also posted at my Flickr account with more detailed description  - just look for me under the name of  FatCatAnna or at the following link -  (cut/paste this link in order to view it or try it directly thru' whichever is easier for you).
            Meeting up with D-friends !

The Waiting Room

 The D-OC

  The D-Bat Smart Mobile (in my dreams)

World Diabetes Day     - November 14th

    Insulution - Daily Dose syringe

            My Dancing Shoes for D-Prom :)

Half Century Treat with my BFF

D-Stuff !!
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Posted: May 9, 2011

I’m one of many folks that are taking part in the 2nd Annual D-Blog Week that Karen Graffeo at Bitter Sweet is so kindly hosting on her website this week.  If you haven’t heard of it – check it out - see what we’re all doing – and perhaps get involved – come on don’t be shy!

The topic today is about  “ admiring our differences “ – and at first I was stumped by this topic (I never did well with assignments at school) and then I realised that I had written something similar a few weeks ago (Dear Parents of Diabetic Children) without even knowing that I’d be writing a similar story again this week.  My mind was aflame with ideas of who I admired the most out of the many diabetics that I have met over the years since I discovered the D-OC.  There are so many, but I think what has struck me the most over the year is the parents of diabetic children that I had come to admire the most .  Why?  Well, my parents (mainly my Mum – as my Dad was working) that did the best that they could with what information was available when I was diagnosed with diabetes in the 60’s.  They were pretty well in the dark with no online groups for them to join up to like we have today, so they did the best they could that was provided by CDA/ADA and the hospital that took care of my diabetes in Ottawa.   Personally, I think they did pretty well even when they tried to hide away the sweets from me in the top cupboard (I took my shoes off before getting on the counter tops to retrieve those goodies – me who is afraid of heights – the call of the “unforbidden” won over my fear).

Nowadays, parents of diabetic children have so many tools at their disposal – so I sometimes think it is more scary for the parents seeing their children’s blood sugars (BG) going up and down like a roller coaster ride and the fear that because of that horrible things will befall them (loss of eyesight, kidney, etc).  I wonder if sometimes having too much information isn’t a good thing.  I mean, my parents didn’t have all those tools, but in the end, I’ve turned out okay.  Yes, maybe I’m abit of a screw ball with my fantasy of wearing a cape/mask – but it works for me.

So, to all you D-parents out there – and you know who you are – I raise a toast to you in your everyday challenge to ensure your little one(s) are living the most out of their life.  If you love them and let them be who they are without stifling them, they will turn out fine.   I still wonder if my Dad was happy with my spending the CSB’s  he’d saved for my “further education” on a motorcycle instead – I know I was pleased as a little kitten <lol> – and I’m still alive despite a few miscalculations on a sharp turn in the road at “x” amount of speed!



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Posted: May 17, 2010

For the last blog assignment for the week of the Diabetic Blog Week we were asked to write about what we would do if a cure for diabetes was found, a *magic* pill was swallowed and we didn't have diabetes - how are lives would be changed. 
Do I believe that there will be a cure found for diabetes? It's nice to think that there will maybe one day, but I guess because I've been diabetic since a young age, it's never really bothered me that I've had it this long.  I know many who are very bitter about this disease, and it sometimes saddens me that they feel that way.  Yes, diabetes does bugger things up for me sometimes, but the main thing is - I AM ALIVE - WE ARE ALIVE!!! 

A good friend of mine, Darlene last year lost her 17 year old daughter Jenna to cancer (I wrote a blog about it last September).  Actually, her birthday is this week, and she would have been 18.  It was very hard to hear the news last year and at the time we were looking for our latest sailboat (which is named Jenna's Journey).  What sent me into a slump at that point was if Jenna had diabetes instead of cancer, she would be alive today and I'd be helping her!

That is the cure I would rather hear of - a cure for cancer as well as diabetes.  I know many parents of diabetic children will be very upset by my saying this, but I grew up with diabetes in what my friend Brigitte from France calls the "Stone Age" in her recent blog here at  We are both still alive even with a few complications of diabetes despite being diagnosed at such a young age.  Diabetes can be managed much better then it was back when we were first diagnosed.  If we can take of ourselves we can lead a very healthy and productive life.  I have met many diabetics of over 50 years still vibrant and alive, and for me, they are my role models of being able to be the same way as I get older.


Jenna the butterfly

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Posted: May 16, 2010

Karen (Bitter-Sweet Diabetes Blog) is the brains behind "Diabetes Blog" week.  I am trying to play catch up because life sometimes grabs me by the pancreas, turns my world upside down and then I lose my thought process.  So, here is the subject for Day 6 of diabetes blog week: 

Inspired by the Diabetes 365 project, lets snap a few d-related pictures to share today. Post as many or as few as you'd like. Be creative! Please feel free to blog your thoughts on or explanations of your pictures. Our leave out the written words and let the pictures speak for themselves. 


Diabetes brought many changes in my life. 


My first TuDiabetes meet-up


site change gone wrong...GUSHER!!!




Be Blessed


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