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Posted: Nov 2, 2013

Well, here's my entry for today's topic of CHECK -  for more of the topics for each day this month during National Diabetes Awareness Month or NDAM - see Kerri Sparling's link for all the details (e.g. use the hash tag of #dmpad in your posts in various areas the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) post in)

UPDATE for my posts/pictures - they are going to be scattered due to amount of time I have on my hands - it all depends on my story behind the picture (I like to sometimes put explicit details in my picture posts LOL). won't allow me to use the hyperlinks for Twitter/Facebook/G+ - but just search for me under FatCatAnna you will ALWAYS be able to find my contributions at these places if it's not posted here at this website! 


I woke up with a low blood sugar (#BGnow) this morning - this was even after PIGGING out on some of the leftover candy bars we had from Halloween (so much for buying a large box of chocolates - when only 10 Trick or Treaters came by on Halloween).

I am terrible when I'm around sweet things - I swear - REALLY I DO - they talk to me.  I cannot resist them.  I do justify the amount of insulin to eat them - but with my latest weight issue - hmmm - not good.

Here's my blood sugar 4 hours later (10.1 mmol/l or 180 mg/dl) - I hadn't given any insulin coverage (bolus - for meals - my basal insulin still does it' job in the background on my pump) - so not bad for what I'd nibbled on for breakfast ...

NB:  DH has now hidden the chocolate bars safely away from me - even if I'm foaming at the mouth angry/spitting/screaming - unless he feels I should have one - he is to resist my pleas for CANDY!!!  I am not the Tazmanian devil (the picture below is what was on my door Halloween night).

Also, you can find my entry for Day 1 - PAST - at this link - and it's abit of a shocker (it was for me) - a hint - my A1C number back in '94.

Taz screaming I WANT MY CANDY (really - I'm not THAT bad - or am I?)

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Posted: Aug 5, 2009

Well, last time I wrote I was hoping to go on a motorcycle trip to Mount Washington. In the end, we left abit late, decided to just cruise closer to home in the Adirondacks.  We had intentions of going to Whiteface Mountain - but ended up in a Saranac Lake, a quaint little town.

One thing I noticed on this ride (was in the saddle for almost 6 hours) - either the tires, which  are designed for on/off road riding - cause a lot of vibration - or my buttocks are getting older - and can't handle sitting in the saddle for as long as  I used to .  Ohhh, my aching cheeks (I now TOTALLY can relate what my friend Jaimie went thru' on a trip from Seneca Falls, NY to Montreal)!!!  There were a few times when I thought I was going to have to turn my head aside and hurl - it was that uncomfortable.  Now, I don't get this when I'm the driver - but as a passenger it's another story.

The scenery though made up for a lot of the discomfort, plus the stop off for lunch at this little restaurant that makes up wood fire pizzas.  Being on the bike, you don't get much of a chance to a) hear you pump beeping to tell you to test blood sugars (BG); b) get a chance to shout to the driver that "I have to test my BG's NOW!"  I didn't want to be a pain in the "you know what" to Mike (my hubby) - so I just hung on, nausea and all.

Pizza and beer

It turned out, 3 hours later when we stopped, that my BG's were good despite my thirst making me feel I was high.  I was amazed that for sitting still for that length of time, I was reading 4.2 mmol/l (75 mg/dl)!  Obviously basal settings are good - pat on the back to moi.  I was so hungry, so decided to splurge on a good dark ale from Lake Placid along with a few slices of pizza, followed up by a sinful dark chocolate dessert.  I did a guesstimate on the amount of carbs for everything - and managed to come out pretty good when testing my BG 5 hours later with a small correction to bring me back to what I like my BG's to hover around (long wait at the border to come back into Canada - Ovey - my aching buttocks).

We've now decided that a) we need to get my other motorcycle up and running as I'm fed up with being a passenger; and b) take a break at least every hour.  When I think about it - motorcycling is abit like sailing, something that can't be rushed, just take your time and enjoy the scenery!

Motorcycle FatCatAnna

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Posted: Apr 10, 2009

I think I'm going to be blogging with the word "evil" in the title over the next few days.  Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate is everywhere - cute bunnies are tripping me up (oh wait - those are my cats wanting food ... again).  So what is a gal without a functioning pancreas supposed to do? Run and hide away from the evils of the high sugared treats at this time of the year?  Never - just cope as best as I can do.   Warning - this is a long read!

It was my birthday yesterday - I don't really make a big thing out of it.  It's just another year gone by since I made my Mum scream with pain as I popped out of her.  I was a 10 lb baby - born at home - and my Mum being a small women - had to deal with my tonnage coming out of her - sorry Mum.  I'm thankful for having good health, a zest for life and a sense of humour. Now, what more can someone want?  Well, I've had this bee in my bonnet lately  - about wanting a birthday treat yesterday at DQ.  I had made up a nice dinner of scallops in a mango/lime/tequila sauce over a bed of pasta / side salad/ glass of wine - fine and dandy - doing alright there.  Then it was off to DQ - something we haven't done in awhile.  They've been advertising on TV an ice cream treat called the Midnight Truffle Blizzard - it requires no description just from the title.  I had a small one - and figured - ahhh - must be about 40g of carbs - so in went the insulin - and in went my spoon into this very SWEET concoction.  I managed to get through it - while a little girl nearby me - literally inhaled a LARGE one like mine! 

When we got back home - feeling like stuffed pigs, Mike looked up on the Internet as to what the actual carb count was and it was probably somewhere between 80-120 grams of carbs (it's not listed on their website - but we "guesstimated")!!!  I was totally floored - not only by the carbs - but that it basically was about 1/2 the amount of my daily food intake calories wise.  So, with that in mind it explained why my BG was hovering around the 14 mmol/L (252 mg/dL) for the rest of the evening - even with correction bolus(s). Yikeroos!!!

I woke up in this morning still at the same level .  Therefore, no breakfast, just an espresso with another correction bolus.  Now 3 hours later - I'm back to normal (or am I ??) -  BG is at 4.5 mmol/L (81 mg/dL) - had some food to eat (was abit peckish) - and have now decided next time we will share a Blizzard - in perhaps 2-3 years from now when I feel less bloated.  

Can't wait for Easter Sunday now ....



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