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Posted: Mar 30, 2013

Gotta love Mr. Bean

UPDATE -** NOVEMBER 18TH 2013 ** - I HAVE FINALLY BEEN APPROVED TO USE THE I-PORT! Why it took my insurance company so long is beyond my comprehension - but now I'm so excited - especially when I take my next holiday  - where I can't risk having my out of warranty insulin pump go wonky on me - this will make my MDI (multiple dose injection) regime so much easier!!!!


I posted this blog the other day at Blogger - and thought I'd share it here with you at! 

Picture of an upset

Okay, okay, don't get your nose out of joint - my fellow insulin pumping peeps - that I'm saying that the i-port is a mini-me insulin pump - but in away - when you look at it "logically" without any anger from my statement - I AM the "mini-me" pump - I am the brains behind what goes into my body - via the i-port - I AM IN CONTROL - not a machine - that I've programmed with best intentions to keep my diabetes health in control.


Yes, I still have to give a separate shot for my "basal" rate with long acting insulin  - I do this twice a day - 12 hours part seems to work best for me.   The basal rate is basically what your pancreas - if it's working - squirts out all the time - in order to keep your blood sugar in a normal range when your not eating, etc.   With diabetes - your pancreas can be abit on the wonky side and either work when it feels like (e.g. Type 2) or like myself as a Type 1 - where my pancreas is dead as a door nail. 

The recommendations of the i-port website is that only ONE type of insulin being put thru' the port via either a pen needle (no shorter than 5mm) or syringe (28 gauge is the thickest - otherwise you could ).  I'm fine with that that I can only use the port for one insulin.  With a "real" insulin pump which has an insulin cartridge that stores insulin (the i-port doesn't - you INJECT the insulin thru' the port) - we all know it's programmed to squirt out ""X amount" of  rapid acting insulin - for your basal rate as well as your bolus rate (aka - if you have to correct a higher than normal blood sugar (BG) or for when you are eating a meal).  If this has got you abit confused about the types of insulin - check out the link from that explains how injected insulins work in our bodies.  

My messy diary along with box from i-port

The thing I loved about my six day experiment with the i-port (I was only given 2 samples - boo! hoo!) - is that instead of my having to do the human dart board practise on my stomach for my bolus shots 5-8 times a day - I just did my insulin injections through the port in my skin.  It really is like an infusion set that we use with an insulin pump - except it has no tubing - or connections to a little machine that goes ping.   The port is changed EVERY 3 days - which is the recommendation for most infusion sets.  Usually in the past, I've had issues with the teflon coated plastic cannula that remains in my body for that length of time.  Luckily, with the i-port I had no such issues, removing the port left barely a mark in my skin. 

The good thing about the i-port - less expensive then the alternative of an insulin pump (I can purchase the i-ports at Diabetes Express for $149.99 CAD for a box of 10).  This is bit less expensive then what I was paying for my infusion sets with my insulin pump - but the even bigger saving for me?  I'm not having to pay for a pump which ranges from $5-7K depending on where you live - along with the other supplies that go along with the pump (insulin cartridges, batteries, replacement caps, etc.). 

i-port put in place (really easy)

One thing I did find was that I didn't cringe at having to give another shot of rapid insulin for a little sinful snack or a correction shot.  It reminded me so much of the insulin pump I used to use - where a simple touch of the key pad - squirted insulin into my body via the infusion set - except with the i-port - you are the brains behind what insulin you are injecting with.

I have submitted a predetermination form thru' my husbands workplace insurance in the hopes that these ports will be covered - hopefully at 100%.  So wish me luck - since I'm really REALLY missing my little i-port right now - I felt very spoiled using the two I was sent. It's almost how I felt when I first disconnected from my pump - and went back onto multiple daily injection (MDI).  After almost a month of learning how to stay in the BG zone with MDI - I can now say - that ANYONE can do it - if they put their mind to it - and now I'm not missing my pump as I go into my 4th month of being pump free.

It stands out about 1/2" or abit less

My conclusion?  For anyone without insurance coverage - dislikes injecting to the point of not wanting to inject (not good - tisk - tisk - who hasn't done that in their life time with diabetes?) - I really think this is the route to go - to keep a diabetic from suffering the effects of poorly controlled diabetes.  


:  The i-port Advance has regulatory clearance in Canada, US and the European Union.  In the EU they currently have distributors in Germany, Italy and the Nordic Region and are in conversations to add some additional countries in the near future. India and Australia will be further down the road. 

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Posted: Aug 20, 2012

Okay – you’re wondering – what the heck is the “YOYIS club”?  Well, in my wonky sponge brain, it stands for “ Yank Out Your Infusion Set ” .  I joined this valiant club about an hour ago - I bow to you all that have been worthy members of this club years before me!

Yuppers, I have yet, in my over 4 years since starting to use an insulin pump, had my first infusion set ripped out of my body.  Now it sounds probably worse than it is, depending on if you’re a hairy person, or the ripping out of your infusion set occurs when you have no spare supplies.  It really isn’t, it’s just downright annoying is all I can say.   Yes, I’ve hung up my tubing on door knobs when I first began pumping, but luckily, no infusion set was ripped off, just a door wanting to get in my way.  Also, since going to the Contact Detach, which is made up of two sticky parts (one is the actual infusion set and then you have a separate disconnect site – all in a loop configuration) – if I do snag – all that gets pulled off is the disconnect site – infusion set remains in place).  So, yes, in away, I am a late bloomer to the club, as I’ve only pulled off the disconnect site – but never the actual infusion set until today!

Here I was, changing my infusion set, can do this in seconds flat (okay - maybe a minute as I contemplate life).  I do a change every 3 days … religiously – no infections at site since going over to the Contact Detach.  When I used the all-in-one infusion sets with the flexible plastic cannula and whomp ass introducer needle that always grossed me out (sorry, I'm a whimp with needles after almost 50 years of being a human dart board).  Whether these sets were inserted manually or semi-hidden (so less introducer needle is revealed) – I had issues with infections, lumps, due to Teflon allergy from the cannula inserted under my skin.  That cannula is much thicker than the 29 gauge needle on the current infusion set I use.  Let’s just say – that cannula was like a glass-shard lollipop stuck in my body compared to what I use now.

So on with my dribble here ... infusion set has been put in place, and next comes the loopy de loop bit of the disconnect section.  Well, next second, as Mia is meowing thru’ the bedroom window (she’s a peeping Tom ) – I hear George Michael hit the floor, with a mess of tubing.  I then realise that with him taking the plunge, with no safety harness on the usual disconnect section glued on me, the infusion set has been pulled out.  Did it hurt?  Nope, but it was just the shock of having it happen so quickly.  Sadly, the needle portion was bent, along with the adhesive bits on both pieces ruined.  So, $10.00, gone down the drain with the infusion set being yanked out.  Ahhh, so young, it only had a life of about 1-2 minutes, and then was yanked out of it’s life.  Sooooo cruel!!!!!!

BTW,  if you can come up with a better name for the “club” – or perhaps there is already a “club” out there – let me know here – maybe they’ll be able to send me a certificate to pin up on my bulletin board.

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Posted: Jan 27, 2010

The Scream by Edvard Munch

Last week was interesting as far as my blood sugars (BG’s) went.  I was fighting to keep them below 10 mmol/l (180 mg/dl) and at the same time trying not to let the high BG readings worry me more then I should let them. 

When we diabetics go through these types of episodes (feels like an ongoing soap opera of our lives sometimes) – we try to figure out what is causing the problems.  In my case, it was a few things.  Could it be due to the steel cannula’s I’m now using instead of the Teflon cannula? Could it be that I had the infusion set in a bad area of my thigh (have been using that area lately, rotating an inch every 3 days)?  I’ve  also been using this detox green stuff that is supposed to rid your body of impurities? Could my carb to insulin ratio be changing?  I spent a whole week with these questions going through my head … SCREAM!!!  

In the end, I still can’t figure it out!  I’ve now got my infusion set in my stomach.  My BG briefly did go to 3.5 mmol/l (63 mg/dl) after the infusion change.  Yes, hypo state for some of you but for me it meant something was working right (and I also ate a nice meal).  Except that’s been it for anything that is a normal BG for me (now am averaging in the 8 mmol/l (144 mg/dl) range)!  What I can't figure out is that my stomach area is pretty well virgin territory because I’ve not worn an infusion set there since the summer time.  SCREAM!!!

Oh, to be able to sit down and eat a proper meal, as I tend to not eat when I’m over 8 mmol/l (144 mg/dl) is not fun at all!  That nagging worry in the back of your mind, even though you try to not think about it – doesn’t seem to go away with a press of the EASY buttonn (thanks to Ninjabetic at Diabetes365 for posting that picture).  Oh, and don’t worry,  I’m not starving myself, but I am very careful of what I’m making up for meals these days, but it’s not something I’m used to having to do.  I mean, I’m the Daredevil Demented Diabetic to the world out there who has  no cares in the world with the D.  When it comes to having haywire BG’s like this with no explanation, no way, I’m not at all comfortable with flashing my horns to the world.

So, in a few hours I will test my BG to see where I am.  I am trying to resist the urge to test my BG’s every ½ hour.  Wish me luck.  

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Posted: May 13, 2009

Even though I've had diabetes for so long - I still feel like I am learning new ways of handling my diabetes at times.  Especially since going onto the insulin pump. For example, on the weekend I experienced an interesting scare of high blood sugars - only for a period of 8 hours mind you - but it wasn't something that I'm used to - as I tend to keep my blood sugars pretty stable with or without an insulin pump.

I had changed my infusion set on Saturday - to me - it went in smoothly - I was using the Animas Inset II - which is an all in one automated 90 degree infusion set.  Like I always do - before bedtime - I tested my BG to see how I was doing - as I'd had abit of rhubarb/strawberry pie in the evening and figured I'd maybe not given enough insulin to cover the pie.  Well, I hit the jackpot in reading with 25 mmol/l (450 mg/dl) - and I was trying to figure out how much sugar this pie I'd made contained (damn it tasted really good).  So, a correction bolus of 6 units was needed - the biggest amount of insulin I've ever bolused so far since pumping.  I set the alarm on my pump to go off in a few hours - yes - disrupted sleep - but not having had this type of high in about 10 years sort of freaked me out a bit - as I'm sure it would any diabetic. 

Two o'clock in the morning - half asleep here - yawn - BG is now at 20 mmol/l (360 mg/dl) - something isn't right here I'm thinking - as Manouchka winds herself around my legs thinking it's feeding time (scat cat!).  Time to use the pen needle rather then the pump. I'm starting to worry about stacking my insulin at this point in time - as I've given the amount of insulin I usually use in ONE day.  I figure now things should be back to normal - so set alarm on pump for 3 hours. 

Vibrate, vibrate, vibrate, 3 hours later - it's now nine o'clock - go test my BG - it's at 18 mmol/l (324 mg/dl)!  I'm starting to really get concerned here - I want my morning coffee - but it'll just spike up my BG's - so I have to hold off.  I decide at this point that perhaps the vial of rapid insulin in my pen needle is not working - so change vial - inject again to correct my BG (usually at breakfast I'm reading between 4 mmol/l to 6 mmol/l - 72 mg/dl to 108 mg/dl).  I consult my bible of insulin pumping by John Walsh called Pumping Insulin - and do what I know I should have done earlier - take out the infusion set that I just put in the day before.  So, throw $25 CDN ($21.40 USD) into the garbage and put in another infusion set - tho' I almost felt like going back to MDI at this point in time.  I mean, I know I've been told off by other pumpers when I've said this - but heck - pumping is a LUXURY - if it wasn't we'd all be on one - right?

The results of taking this infusion set out - if you care to take a look it is HERE (it's just my chubby tummy  - site isn't irritated as it appears in photo).  As you can tell - the cannula was never in my body - bent sideways on TOP of the skin - no insulin was being infused (wierd tho' that I wasn't leaking insulin - area was dry).  Urrrhhhh!!!!  The strange thing is - the inserter needle that places the canula into the skin - had come out straight - so either in the factory where the infusion set is produced - the needle had gone poked thru' the side of the cannula. That's the only thing that Mike and I can figure happened with the bend in this one.  For comparison of what the Inset II infusion set looks like when it is in properly - take a gander at this picture

Anyway, I'm hoping this doesn't happen to often - as it could get a wee bit expensive along with being annoying and destructive to my health!

NB: Harold - hope you get your BG's sorted out soon - if not - I'll do the 2 hour drive to your house to put in the infusion sets!!

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