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Posted: Nov 10, 2012
I always wear ID to inform others of my medical condition which happens to so far just be diabetes.   I wrote back in August about picking up some silcone bracelets from a company based in Australia - which I'm wearing as I type this out to you.  Up until today, I didn't realise that there is also a company closer to home, here in North America called American Medical ID and has been around since the 90's.  It has created a new goal: Ten thousand Diabetes Medical IDs given away on November 14, aka World Diabetes Day (#WDD in Twitter)! 

Since November 1st, to help raise awareness and show support to the diabetes community (#DOC) during Diabetes Awareness Month, American Medical ID started giving away diabetes medical IDs to anyone in need. This absolutely **FREE** program has been a huge success and has delivered thousands of diabetes medical IDs to people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

The good thing - when filling out the order form (very easy to do online) - many countries around the world are listed - not just the United States.  I was abit worried that it would be like some of the American companies I deal with for medical stuff - that they will not ship to Canada.  Also, this company doesn't only sell medical ID but other items related to health issues (e.g. stickers for allergic reactions).  I know I'll probably be back there again - buying something either for myself or my family/friends.

So, what is stopping you - click on this ** LINK ** and order up your bracelet before it's too late (they come in 2 sizes - either black or white as shown in the picture below). 

Remember, this ID bracelet could save your life or someone you care about one day!! Any ID is better then no ID in my humble opinion.

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Posted: Aug 30, 2012

Since being diagnosed back in the 60's – my parents  had me wearing an ID bracelet (wondering was this due to my being a happy wanderer??? ).  Back in those days, the only ones available were from Canadian Medic Alert .  I stopped wearing them (I wore both necklace and bracelets over almost 40 years) when my last one just about took my arm out of its socket – when coming under sail to a dock.  We’d run out of fuel – and rather then call for help from our yacht club to help bring us in – I whipped out a great sailing instruction book – read up quickly as how to come under sail – and in we went – full speed ahead.  Only problem – we came in abit fast – didn’t bring in the head sail early enough – so off I leapt the boat as we came to the dock – to snag a link around a dock cleat.  Yank, snag, off went the ID bracelet into the “drink” – gone to the depths aka  Davy Jones locker!


After that point, I did wear my necklace a few times, but I’m not a necklace gal (this one was clunky) – and started to not wear anything to identifying my having diabetes, until I called up the CMA and discovered there was now a yearly fee, and without paying that I couldn’t get a new bracelet.  I’m abit of a stickler for paying out money for certain things – and I found the charge abit too steep at the time.  Though the packages they sell now vary from $60/1-year to $180/3-year – which actually has become abit cheaper than when I inquired about 8 years ago.   The other thing that bothered me was that due to my activity level – I wasn’t sure how many more times my bracelet would get ripped off of me – and then I’d have to fork out for another bracelet – which averages about $50 a pop.

Along came a company in the USA called Rescue Me ID’s with very affordable medical ID.  I was a faithful user recommending to others (especially kids).  Sadly – they no longer do business outside of the USA – due to paperwork, etc. as they are a small home-run business.  I was extremely disappointed when the owner, Rachel Kasper told me this when I tried to order up some replacement bracelets earlier this year and she couldn’t process my order when I contacted her by phone.  I then started to do research for something else that would suit my life style and shipped to Canada.

Now, drum roll please, comes my latest love of ID bracelets from Mediband based in Australia.  They are made of a “good grade silicone, easily sterilised and 100% hypo-allergenic” (I have an allergy to Teflon in my infusion sets I use – so now have to use stainless steel sets).  They come in cool designs, you can make up your own if you are artistically inclined, you can even write your own info on them.  They actually stand out from the bracelets I’ve worn before even better since I get a lot of comments about them and where did I get them, from both diabetics and folks with a health problem.  What is even better, they ship WORLD WIDE – unlike some of the American companies that I’ve dealt with in the past.  I placed my order for a few designs – and within 1 week – yes – 1 week – all the way from Down Under – they arrived at my doorstep.

Currently they’re offering a great deal – when purchasing a gift voucher (good for a stocking stuffer, or little pick me up pressie) – they’re taking 20% off.  So, if you buy a $50 voucher – you actually only pay $40.  Not a bad deal – when it may save your life – or someone you care about (I’m sending one to my god-son Aaron who is a T1D like myself – and thinks they’re COOL).   

Now what better incentive is there then that – to have your child / adult wear a life saving bracelet or what?

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