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Posted: Aug 16, 2010

Lee Ann Thill is like myself, diagnosed at an early age and is an art therapist specializing in treating people with diabetes as well as a blog writer extraordinaire.  She came up with this brillant idea when putting her head together with a few other PWD's (people with diabetes)  and posted her thoughts at her blog site called The Butter Compartment. 

UPDATE **  (June 29, 2011):  To see the artwork that was submitted - please cut/paste the following link in a new browser window incase the one below does not work  - this may be due to Lee Ann not allowing outside websites such as to access her web page -  I realise this is an extra step - but you won't be disappoointed - you'll get to see my creation I made which is the 1st one shown !!  For now, when posting the above link - it does work - but it may change once she realises we are accessing her website!

I'm presently collecting diabetic supplies that I've been using - and waiting for that light bulb to pop off in my head - I've got some great ideas ... but guess what??? You can't copy me (I'll let you use my markers if you need them).  You'll have to think of one yourself (feel like I'm back in Grade school hunched over my artwork so no one copies from me ... ONLY KIDDING). 
Who knows maybe you'll be the next Salvador Dali???

If you have a blog site, you can post your artwork there, if not, do not fret, you can  post it here at  Even better Lee Ann doesn't mind you sending it directly to her, where she will post it at The Butter Compartment (see link above as to how to contact her)!  Main thing is, whatever works for you - don't be shy - come and get involved and be part of a community art project that welcomes anyone to join in and have some fun and create!

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Posted: May 10, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week May 10-16

Well, I'm one of about 130 PWD (people with diabetes) bloggers that are particpating in Karen's project at her website Bitter-Sweet (appropriate name for what we go through - don't you think?).  I'm abit late in the game as I don't Twitter as much as I'd like to and only noticed this today when I went online.  I saw a few people putting #DiabetesBlogWeek in their Tweet's and I discovered what it was all about.  I wrote to Karen saying I wish I'd known earlier, and that I had a few nonUS friends who blog that I thought might be interested at contributing to her cause.  Karen tweeted back to me saying "You can still join #DiabetesBlogWeek if you want to - it's not too late! Just let me know and I'll add you to the list. :)". 

So, come on, what are you (we/I) waiting for - let's all get blogging.   Never blogged before?  It's simple, just let your thoughts flow out of your fingertips.  Check out Karen's simple instructions at her website in the link I've posted above. 

Happy blogging!  Off I go to see what sprouts from my BG (blood glucose) pricked fingertips (it's not really that bad - remember - always prick with the vampire lancet on the SIDES of your fingertips - less nerve endings on the sides).


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