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Posted: May 14, 2010

I’ve got last week’s Glee going through my mind with “Let’s Get Physical”.  The day I watched that my body was twitching away to the music/video on the couch in the basement entertainment room.  Yuppers, I was literally dancing my buttocks on my soft comfy couch. How utterly pathetic is that for exercise?

I am TERRIBLE at sticking to an exercise routine.  I have to be honest here with you.  I am always complaining about having to shed those extra pounds (in the old days – I called it baby fat).  I’m just a darn good procrastinator (I should have become a lawyer).  Now, a few years ago my husband bought this fancy free standing exercise bike, similar to one you’d find in a posh gym.  The day he came home with that, after our rowing machine  (inexpensive Sears catalogue one) bit the dust, I thought to myself … “I’m going to use this bike“.  In reality, it’s hardly been used by myself (I do dust it - using upper arm muscles - right?).  I hate biking, I hate being hunched over, sitting down on a hard seat (unlike my brother John who cycles every day to Washington, D.C. from McLean, VA on a graphite frame bike).  Alas, preference for exercise has always been using my 2 feet.  I love to walk.  I can walk for miles, and often have made my friends cry for me to stop, as they develop leg cramps and blisters on their feet.

Okay, that was about 20+ years ago – snap out of it Anna – but I still do prefer walking over any form of exercise (does parking my car as far away from the store front count?) – at my own pace of course and depending on when my hip doesn’t lock up.  My preference would have been an elliptical trainer, and if I’d known hubby dearest was going to slam dunk the big bucks on an exercise bike  (if only you’d been a fly on the wall - I wasn’t too pleased with the “no money back” deal he got) - maybe today I would be using that machine and in better shape then I should be for my 50th year of being on this big blue marble.

Me thinkest I’ve really got to read some of the other PWD’s (130 of us) blogs today, and get motivated to “Get Physical” and join in with the other #sweatbetes (thanks Lizmari).

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