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Posted: Apr 12, 2012

My morning blood sugars (BG) lately haven't been making me happy.  It's probably due to many factors in my life right now - hormonal changes due to perimenopause, weight gain due to probably the happy pills that I'll soon be weaning myself off (with my doctors blessing of course - never EVER just suddenly go off of them like a friend of mine did last month - they've turned into a bit of a fruit cake in my books - and usually I love fruit cake).

So, yesterday I decided, enough is enough.  Have to do the basal test overnight - which means - having a good BG to start off with before proceeding with it - not having given any insulin within the last 5 hours prior to starting the test.  Along with every 1-2 hour - you wake up to test your BG to see how the basal rate is doing that you currently use (this works for both MDI (multile dosage injections) and folks who can afford the fancy gadget of an insulin pump.  I'm a pumper, for now, until it dies as I no longer have a warranty on my pump, and cannot afford to shell oout $8K for a brand new one.

So, here I am, all set to go, have read up on how to do it in ten easy steps from John Walsh's book - Pumping Insulin - and I hit a brick wall.  I had just taken insulin for my evening coffee earlier as well as a correction (was 7.2 mmol/l / 130 mg/dl at the time).  Well, as I'm about to start the test and my BG is in the "good range" (not over 8.0 mmol/l / 144 mg/dl) - I realise that darn bolus a few hours has now cancelled my plans - as you have to be free of residual insulin in your body for 5 hours to do the test.  SCREAM!!!!  The one free day where if I have to lose sleep due to the basal test is now not possible.

Instead, what did I do you are asking?  Since I am getting fed up with waking to 10 mmol/l / 180 mg/dl plus highs in the morning.  I skimmed through a few more pages of John Walsh's book - and decided to bite the bullet - and raise my overnight basal rate by 10%.  He suggests 5% - but due to my laziness - and not wanting to go into the few settings I have set up for overnight basals and change them manually (I have a total of six different basal settings believe it or not) - I just decided to wing it like I usually do and set a temporary basal on George Michael and had to start off at 10% as he doesn't allow anything lower then that.  The good thing is that I did wake up this morning with a reading of 4.5 mmol/l / 81 mg/dl.

You have to remember, I'm self taught on how to use my pump - with only a 4 hour training course in the Fall of 2008 - where the CDE said - "you know how to do it since you've been doing the same thing with MDI".  Great - I'm a wanna be CDE - NOT - but at this point in time - I wish the endo that I saw last year would have taken me on as her patient.  She understood insulin pumping unlike my current endo who just sees me for my A1C and info that I give to him in the diabetes area due to the work I do.  This endo had a team that you can call up - instead of seeing her in person via a long awaited appointment (it took 6 months to see her).  She said she wouldn't take me as a new patient - since I'm in such good control (though at the time she said my A1C of 6% was dangerously low - that comment from her made me wonder about her at the time). So, it's just me, myself and Irene and the rest of the D-OC (diabetic online community) that I go to for advise - which really - isn't that bad - but sometimes it would be nice to have a doctor who understood insulin pumping.

So, now, after licking my lips and consuming a frozen Michelina's dinner (I was having a low - maybe due to the basal change - who knows?).  I am silently feeling guilty at the 48 grams of carbs this small frozen dinner (Parmesan Bacon Linguine).  I never eat that many carbs in one sitting - and it's only lunch time!!  So, now is the time I would love to post some things about feeling guilty - since that was the topic of the DSMA discussion last night on Twitter! LOL

Alright, off to test my BG - see where I stand (my pump prior to eating said not to bolus due to low BG reading).  I will do my best to correct the spike(s) that maybe occurring with this guilty meal I consumed (and thankfully - there are no more frozen meals in the freezer - where this one came from - I'll never know - but it was there - pleading with me to eat it).

Basal testing, carb ratio, insulin on board, low blood sugars .... all these things that "normal" folks don't have to think about when they have a functioning pancreas that didn't decide to pack it's bag for a long holiday 45 years ago - without filling me in on the details of what blow up water floaty to pack in my bag - so I could join them!!!

Ahhh the roller coaster ride of diabetes!
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