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Posted: Jun 3, 2011

I think I've become young again - when I sign up for some of the projects I do with the D-OC (diabetes online community).  To think, when I was in actual attendance at school - I HATED assignments.  Now, these are fun!

So, what's the latest project going on you are asking?  Well, You Can Do This is a growing community of
videos, by folks that are affected by diabetes.  Nope - you don't have to be a diabetic - but perhaps you care for someone with diabetes or know someone with it and want to say something! Don't be shy (I was in the beginning - I'm abit camera shy).  The good thing is - if you aren't keen on doing a vlog - then you can write a blog - the instructions which are simple are all at Kim's website - Texting My Pancreas .  Just remember though, prior to posting, as Kim states - " please share at your own risk - these videos divulge health information, and much like toothpaste from a tube, once it's out... it's out for good".  

I personally went head first into my vlog - not really reading the instructions (did the same thing when starting on my pump) and it turned out alright despite being a very windy day and my still not feeling 100% from having viral pneumonia and some major depression that has made me into a Cave Woman (so unlike me as others in the D-OC have said).  I'm coming around slowly but surely but due to bad stuff happening last November from what I considered good friends and nasty emails, along with family stuff, Manouchka my cat dying suddenly, things got out of hand and dragged me down. 

Yuppers, d-E-p-R-e-S-s-I-o-N  not diabetes related at all - though in the past it may have been - but my vlog reveals my cure for that - like cinnamon cures diabetes!  I don't think my depression has ever been related to that - just life in general - I mean - we diabetics are normal human beings - we just happen to like to be human dart boards 24/7 along with other things we have to always be thinking of (will I go low in the night time and wake up alive?).  Coming out in the open like this is difficult - as it may expose me to more emails (nasty) from this gang of so called "friends" - but I think this is part of my recovery - and understanding of what has caused this problem.  So if you evil gals are reading this - and you know who you are - take that with your karma crap - 'cause I'm way better then you - and my D-OC gang will back me up on that !!!

By clicking on the mug shot of me below - it will whisk you to my vlog that is posted at Youtube!

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Posted: May 16, 2011

Mike Lawson from What Some Would Call Lies got a few of the d-bloggers from last week to put together a fantastic vlog of mucho gracious to Karen Graffeo at Bitter~Sweet.  Watching it, brought little happy tears to my eyes. 

Thanks to Kelly Booth from
Trials & Tribulations of Being a Type 1 Diabetic who used to blog here at for sending this on to me today - since I'm still trying to catch up on all the the blogs from last week - but this one from Mike I think ROCKS (and the tune is very appropriate for us diabetics )!

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