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Posted: Mar 2, 2011
Exciting news for Canadians was released today about Omnipod a tubeless-pump.  I'm abit excited about this - as it gives Canadian diabetics who currently use pumps with tubing to also try a "pump" that has no tubing (that can get caught around door knobs ). Some of my American diabetic friends have told me that this pumping system is cheaper then purchasing a regular insulin pump.  I am very curious to see what Canadians will be charged for the pump, as pump users here in Canada do pay abit more for their supplies then their American counterparts (despite our dollar being almost at par).  That will be the big selling point for myself if I decide to switch over to a tubeless-pump once my Animas warranty ends next year. Though my one little beef about the Omnipod is the amount of battery waste with the remote and pods / discarded pods made of plastic.

I'd already written about  the Solo pump a few years ago in the forums here at which is another tubeless-pump to be manufactured by Roche  (and more sleek then Omnipod as well as the user has the ability to refill the insulin cartridge which you can't do at present with the Omnipod). I had received a dummy sample of it a few years ago - but it's still not on the market - due to corporate restructuring I believe.   Perhaps with the Omnipod being allowed into Canada now - there will also be less of a wait time for any other tubeless-pump on the market.

You can check out the news release at this link - there is a Canadian website link shown in that article - but it's not up and running yet (tried it out - went to no where land) - according to the article - launch of the Omnipod will be sometime in mid-March.

Anticipation ....

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