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Posted: Mar 4, 2011

Okay - so most of you have seen my profile picture - in my tight black leather suit - reaching with my hand out for the global symbol of diabetes - the blue circle  . That picture is a LIE - it is not my body (though maybe 20+ years ago I "could" have looked like that). That picture is a dolled up "moi" courtesy of Face in a HoleYuppers, my face, not my body (it's actually Halle Berry's aka - used to be a diabetic Type 1 and is now a Type 2 - all abit confusing for me to fathom).

Well, I felt like having a bagel for a lunch today. I rarely eat lunch - I rarely eat breakfast. I know - going totally against the ADA / CDA way of eating - but that's always been my way of eating for many years as a Type 1 diabetic. I'm very fortunate that I can eat when I'm hungry and not "forced" to eat when insulin tells me to.

Usually I weigh my bagel, breads, etc. on a Salter scale that has the ability to tell me the carbs and other nutritional facts (though I think I've overused it - as lately keys aren't functioning - luckily has a 10-year warranty - hope so at the price it cost me). Today, I decided, nope. Going to go based on the values shown on the kosher bagels I up and the fact that I've been wanting to open up a Christmas treat of naturally wild smoked salmon from British Columbia.

Let's just say I was totally BLOWN away by how much a whole bagel weighed - 102 grams in weight. Based on the nutritional label - 28 gram weight of their bagel equals 80 calories and 15 grams of carbs. Usually I eat 1/2 a bagel due to carb count, today I felt like a WHOLE bagel - I was hungry - but my bubble was burst with the actual weight of the whole bagel. Sigh, diabetic brain goes into action for figuring out the healthier choice to go. Who says we diabetics wil get dementia as they forecast we can eventually get? We keep the cogs in our brain well oiled all the time with calculations, calculations and MORE calculations in almost every move we make in our daily lives!

My little 1/2 bagel calculated in at 28 grams of carbs - if I'd eaten the WHOLE thing - double that figure - as well as calories. How many of us actually take a look at the label and realise the truth behind it? Do many of us know the weight of what we are eating and reconsider our options of what our lustful brain is wanting us to show into your mouth?


So, as I sip on my Americano with abit of raw sugar in it - 8 grams of carbs - insulin to follow shortly once I retest my blood sugar as I was reading 5.2 mmol/l ( 94 mg/dl ) before eating - something as simple as eating can sometimes take on a whole story of it's own for a diabetic!

Is it dinner time yet?

UPDATE: 2 1/2 hours later - blood sugar is 6.9 mmol/l (124 mg/dl) - not bad - considering I didn't take insulin for the Americano.  My calculating turned out well :)

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