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Posted: Jul 18, 2013

When I first started to wear an insulin pump back in 2008, I didn’t realise that wearing one would restrict some of my clothing options.  Living in Montreal, the fashionista capital of Canada (okay – there’s Toronto – aka mini-me USA – but they just don’t have that French flair like we do ).

It was sort of nice since January, when I took a pump break, not to have to spend the extra time to pick out clothing that would not reveal a bulge of George Michael aka GM (pun intended there – remember – I grew up with Benny Hill) my insulin pump.  Now that I’ve been back on the pump for over a month now, I realise that I have to take extra time to figure out what to wear that will allow me easy access to George Michael.   Hmmm, should have I had added that time factor into my application for DTC?

I did the stint for almost a month of wearing the infusion set in my arms.  That was kind of neat – almost like I wasn’t wearing an infusion set except when I’d hit a muscle or nerve ending in my arm with the stainless steel infusion needle (found Contact Detach/Sure-T does this more than the Inset 2 sets). One thing I am going to try out if I can get some samples of shorter needle/cannula length for the infusion sets - just like I have done with the shorter 4mm pen needles I started to use back in April.  My absortion with the shorter pen needle created no change in my BG's - which I thought it would due to my not being a slim gal (as I had told the RN when she gave me some samples of the BD 4mm pen needles said skin depths for absortipon of insulin doesn't change in the human body).  Anyway, back to old GM, here  I was tucking him into a sports bra – where I couldn’t believe that despite how hot it gets inbetween the girls – the insulin would keep on performing 100%.  My fear, like other diabetics is that heat will deteriote our insulin – but after 3 days of using the same insulin in the cartridge – my blood sugars (BG) stayed stable.

Actually, stable isn’t the word I should be using here.  I’ve been experiencing hypos (low BG) more often - that almost reminded me of my days when I was MDI prior to going onto the pump (one of the reasons I went onto the pump in the first place was due to having frequent hypos.  I sort of didn't understand how to use my combinations of insulin properly pre-2008, I was trying to learn how to do the poor man's pump method - but not quite doing it correctly.  As I keep on telling pumpers who’ve never gone back to MDI since starting on the pump - being on the pump has taught me how to fine tune with ONE insulin and that with that knowledge - you can easily transferred over to using TWO insulins when doing MDI.  It really isn't that difficult - honest - you've just got to know how to use your insulin(s) - and their little quirks.

So, with the hypos I’ve been having – sometimes a few a day – the things I have planned to do – that usually involve some activity (even simple grocery shopping believe it or not) – have to be shelved.  I do NOT like to have my diabetes rule what I can or cannot do.  My poor DH has to put up with my having to tell him that I can’t do this / that – and he’s so far not really sad much – as I go “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry” or “Get me some quick acting sugar NOW!!!”.  What a range of emotional outburst I put him through – that is so not me – that it makes me cringe if a fly is on a wall witnessing this (thank goodness they don’t have the ability to hold a video camera).

My basal rate has now been reduced by almost 20% - but I’m still needing to tweak it abit with some more basal testing since now I am going low in the afternoon (very rare for me).  If that doesn’t work and I’m still experiencing low blood sugars (hypos), then it’s looking at my carb ratio (I:C) – which I have slightly changed since I’m now understanding I’m insulin sensitive.  The other thing to look at is my Insulin Sensitivity Factor (ISF) - which to me is a trial and error type of test - since there are a few different formula's out there to deterimne what is best for "you".  

Ahh isn't diabetes control a fun puzzle or what?
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Posted: Jun 26, 2009

I left the laptop behind on my recent trip to Washington, D.C. and then when we came back home for repacking for sailing - still did not touch the PC. I actually thought I would be foaming at the mouth wanting to switch on my computer - but just being away from all the technology that is involved in our lives these days was oh so nice. Except, when I think about it - I was still hooked up to Antonio (my pump) - so I guess I wasn't on 100% cut off - though no Twitter, no Facebook, no Tudiabetes, or Diabetes1 - accchhhh!!!

I never got the chance to meet up with Cynthia Kahn - due to a 24 car pile up on the highway coming thru' Maryland that took 2 hours to get by - even on a 4-lane highway. I took a picture of my BG reading at the time - as we were stuck in an unairconditioned car (Smart behaved otherwise mechanically very well averaging 60 miles to the gallon). I'll post that picture and others later (it read 7.7 - not bad for being stuck in a car for 8 hours).

During our stay in Washington, where we walked and walked and walked (I love to walk - unfortunately I think my in-laws needed some R&R after being with us). I had to reduce my basal rate on my pump to 60% - and am curious if this has happened to anyone else where your carb ratio changes. Instead of my usual 1:13 - it changed to 1:20! I realised something was up when I was starting on my 3rd container of Dex4 (and starting to panic that I didn't pack enough for the trip) - and having bolused for food prior to that - that something wasn't quite right. After that I ignored the suggested amount and shaved off abit to stop any further hypos. To be on holidays - and trying to appear "normal" around people as you are fighting with your brain/body is so embarrassing (sort of like being drunk on alcohol as I'm sure you are all nodding away at this remark).

What was the highlight of our trip was going to the National Museum of Natural History to see "Night At The Museum - Battle of the Smithsonian" on the IMAX screen - and experiencing yet another hypo - while the little singing cherubs in the movie that I realised quite suddenly, even in the state of mind that I was, were the Jonas Brothers singing away. How funny is that? Having an insulin pumping cherub staring/singing down at you - while you fiddle with a juice box in the dark (managed to get that thru' security) - and then tweak your insulin pump basal settings!

Overall, great place to visit - just disappointed I never met up with the president!


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Posted: May 30, 2009

Well, I have finally had to start using my forearms full time for testing my BG's this week.  I find now since I've started taking my diabetes abit more seriously after having it for so long - that I've become slightly addictive to blood testing. Okay, not to the point like one of my fellow bloggers here does (Doris Dickson) - but let's just say a wee bit more then I used to do when I was multiple injecting.

Porky Pig

I average about 8 times a day for testing - and lately have been finding that my sausage fingers (aka Porky Pig fingers) - are getting abit thick skinned.  I actually had to adjust my vampire blood letting contraption to a deeper depth.  Sometimes that didn't get enough blood out of my finger tip for my blood meter that uses the teeniest tiniest droplet of blood.  I think  pricking my finger is worse then needles - as I'm sure some of you can vouch for!

A few nights ago I was up every hour - testing my basal settings on my pump as I was experiencing unusual high BG's when I woke up (15 mmol/l  -  270 mg/dl).  Anyway, discovered where the adjusting of my basal settings needed to be changed on my pump - and so far - I'm back to having BG's in the morning that allow me to at least have a breakfast.  I tend to not eat when my BG's are high in the morning as I don't usually feel like eating when I'm that high.  To have to bolus/inject with not just insulin to cover my elevated BG but also my meal I'm consuming freaks me out - as I average about 2-3 units per meal when my BG's are normal (4.5 mmol/l - 81 mg/dl).  To bolus/inject anymore freaks me out when I'm high.  To think that much insulin is pooling up under my skin - shudder.  So far, I'm very lucky that my carb ratio to insulin is still relatively good (I average 1 unit of insulin to 13 grams of carb) - but have friends that that are 1:5.  Ouch, I can't imagine the amount of insulin that I'd be taking to cover both a carb and BG correction!

I don't think it helps that I'm doing alot of gardening - and loath wearing gardening gloves.  Therefore, the earth really dries out my skin on my finger tips (clay based soil where I live -  mini-hand facial ). So, I'll continue testing on my forearms until my finger tips become abit more soft and pliable. 

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